Telegram is one of the most popular social media apps and has a variety of useful features that people use in their everyday lives. One of these features is sharing your live location on Telegram, a great little add-on for Telegram that is extremely useful in an emergency or for other safety reasons. While other apps like WhatsApp and Google Maps offer the same functionality, if you’re someone whose default messaging app is Telegram, it’s not worth switching to other apps for almost the same features.

how to enable live location on telegram

If you use Telegram regularly and aren’t yet familiar with these features, here’s our article on 11 great Telegram features you should start using right away. And if you’re not yet familiar with sharing live locations on Telegram, don’t worry because we’ll explain everything you need to know about sharing live locations on Telegram.

Things you need to know before enabling live location on Telegram

Before you activate the live location on Telegram, there are a few things you should consider,

  • To share a live location on Telegram with someone, you need to give Telegram access to your location, at least for the time you share your location with someone.
  • The built-in map on Android, where you can see your location in the app, is powered by Google Maps, while on iPhones, it is powered by Apple Maps.
  • Even though Telegram uses different services for its maps on different platforms, the range of features and functionality remain the same.
  • You can share your live location in personal chats or in private groups you are a member of if you have access to shared messages.

With all that out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can share your live location in Telegram on iOS and Android.

How to enable live location on Telegram (Android)

Activating the live location on Telegram is a very simple process, even easier than creating a channel on Telegram. To activate the live location on Android, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Open the group or chat you want to share your live location with.
  • If you are in a chat, simply click on the clip icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Then click on the Location icon.
  • From here, you need to select Share My Live Location for…
  • Telegram will then ask you for access to your location. Allow it by selecting Only this time or While using the app.
    how to enable live location sharing and giving location access to telegram
  • Here, you have to choose from these 3 options how long you want to share your live location.
  • That’s it. You have successfully shared your live location.

Once you have shared your live location, you can see how much time is left until your live location is visible to the person you shared your live location with.
slect time interval and use the mini map

You can also open the mini-map by tapping on the relevant message. The map will then expand for you, and you can also change the map view to map or satellite mode by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

When you have reached your destination, you can stop sharing your location by clicking Stop sharing location at the bottom.

map view and stop sharing live location

The history of your location sharing is saved in the chat itself and can also be deleted if required.

How to enable live location on Telegram (iOS)

Enabling live location on Telegram on iOS devices is similar to enabling live location on Android devices. The difference is in the user interface. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Telegram app on your iPhone.
  • Now open the chat or group you want to send your live location to.
  • Now click on the clip icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Now, click on the location icon.
  • Telegram will ask you for location permission.
  • Here, you need to select either Allow Once or Allow While using the location and give location access
  • You can also select to choose to give it a precise location or not.
  • Once you give Telegram location access, click on Share my Live location for…
  • Now, select the particular time interval for how much time you want to share your live location. (Choose from 3 options).share live location and select time interval
  • Once you have done this, you will see a mini-map with your live location.

You can also click on the mini-map to expand it and on the I button in the top right corner to change the view from map view to satellite view. In the right-hand corner of your screen, you will also see a timer that shows you how much time is left until your live location is visible to the other person.

how to stop live location sharing and expand the min map

If you click on the timer, you leave the map, and your live location sharing is finished. The location history is saved in the chat itself, and you can delete it if you wish.

Live location sharing on Telegram vs. WhatsApp

If you use both Telegram and WhatsApp and wonder if you ever need to share your live location in an emergency or for security reasons, which app is better? The answer is pretty simple: sharing a live location on Telegram and sharing a live location on WhatsApp depends on one specific reason: the other person you want to share a live location with is available on the Telegram or WhatsApp app.

If the other person is available on both apps and you are not sure which app is more accurate and shares your live location more precisely, you don’t need to worry because both apps are very accurate and give you precise location information. If you want to know how these two apps work in terms of location sharing, here is the link for Telegram live location sharing and Whatsapp live location sharing. You can read them in detail.

FAQs about Telegram Live Location Sharing

1. How to enable live location on Telegram without a SIM?

You don’t need a SIM card for a live location in Telegram; you just need to be connected to the internet, and your location services should be activated. However, Telegram cannot activate live location without internet

2. Are there any other apps that enable us to share live location with someone?

Yes, several apps share the same function to share live locations with others. It is not mandatory to use Telegram. You could also use WhatsApp and Google Maps, as these are the two most popular services that offer the same function.

3. Do we need to enable our location services to share locations on Telegram?

Yes, enabling location services in Telegram is mandatory because, without the proper location permissions, you will not be able to share your live location with others.

4. Can I share the location with someone whose contact is not saved on my device?

No, in order to chat with someone, you must first save their contact. Without saving this contact, it is not possible to share your location with them in Telegram, even if this is possible in other apps like WhatsApp but not in Telegram.

5. Is it possible to share my live location on Telegram through Windows and Mac OS?

Yes, it is possible to share your live location in Telegram via Mac OS. But unfortunately, there is no way to share your live location in Telegram via Windows because Windows does not currently allow you to share your live location in Telegram, which we think is a shame.

6. Is it possible to share your live location with someone through Telegram Web?

No, at the moment, it is not possible to share your live location with someone via Telegram Web, but you can use the Telegram desktop or mobile app to share your live location.

7. Will there be any difference in accuracy in iOS and Android while sharing my live location?

Although both the Telegram iOS app and the Telegram Android app use different map APIs – one uses Apple Maps and the other Google Maps – there should be no difference in accuracy. Both apps work flawlessly and without any problems.

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