Ad-aware has been one of the most popular anti-spyware software for a long time now, especially Ad-Aware Free, the free version is a hot favorite amongst the masses. As with the Free version, Ad-Aware Plus also scans for spyware, in addition to viruses. In addition, it now includes the powerful Avira antivirus engine, and a complete rootkit detection and removal system, for maximum protection against the widest possible range of threats.

It gives you the power to: Stay secure with real-time protection against the latest cyber threats, including viruses, spyware, password stealers, keyloggers, Trojans, dialers, and other potential identity thieves. Version 8.2 adds real-time file protection, genotype detection, behavior-based heuristics detection, e-mail scanner, rootkit removal: level 2 advanced, the neutralizer, download guard for Internet Explorer, simple mode/advanced mode, custom skins and community-driven translations.



Ad-Aware Plus Features

  • Complete Malware Protection, Including Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
  • Ad-Watch Live! Advanced Real-time Protection
  • Genotype Detection Technology
  • Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection
  • Advanced Level Rootkit Removal System
  • The Neutralizer Malware Removal Tool
  • Minimal Strain on System Resources
  • Download Guard for Internet Explorer
  • E-mail Scanner
  • Customizable Profile Scans
  • Pin-Point Scanning
  • Automatic Pulse Updates & Free Technical Support
  • Full Integration with Windows Security Center

Ad-Aware Plus 8.2 – Free Download for 24 hours

According to our friends at 4Free,

From midday GMT, Friday 26th of March 2010 through to midday GMT, Saturday 27th of March 2010, we’re giving you the chance to download the full current version of Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Plus v8.2, along with a years worth of updates. This commercial anti-spyware and anti-virus tool would normally cost $26.95, but it’s yours, for free.

Keep a tab on V3 Downloads link between Friday and Saturday to download Ad-aware Plus for free!

Update: Download page
Note that you need to open an account and to be logged in, if you want to see the download link.

The serial code is built-in to the software. You only need to activate within the 24 hour period whilst the promotion is available. Please activate during the period of this promotion. The promotion runs between midday GMT Friday 26 March through to midday GMT Saturday 27 March..

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22 thoughts on “Download Ad-Aware Plus 8.2 for Free [March 26th Only]

  1. The linked-to website apparently has no d/l link available for that software. If it’s there, it’s well-disguised.

    Other things, yes, the AA+ 8.2, no. 🙁

    • @Steve,
      As per the reports, it is from midday GMT of 26th March to midday GMT of 27th March. Midday GMT is like 1.5 hours from now. So let us wait n see

  2. I used for some time the free version and according to internet it is installed on over 300 million pc in the world.

  3. @Raju , link is not working. when i click on download, it says

    The webpage at…9723b7e3f5ee60 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    i tried on different web browswers. Can ANY one please provide an alternative link ? before offer gets expire.

  4. I have updated the details. You need to create an account and logged in for the download to work. You might have to try a few times for the download to start, looks like heavy load on the server right now.

  5. @Raju: I have installed Adware Plus. it says that Real Time Protection is ON. but i have see the comparative chart on ad-aware website with Adaware Plust VS Adaware Pro.
    in that chart, Ad-aware Plus wasn’t having Real Time Protection.
    Do you think it has ?

  6. Hi thanks for the hint didnt seem workin for me ive try under 2 different account and no one want to log in. Said wrong user/pass .. a bit special anyway hope it will works for other TP fans.

  7. I registered and it said I would get an email to activate it. I never got an email. Then I tried to login and got the same thing the above user got. Oh well.

  8. have confirmed unprecedented load on their servers which is causing all these issues. They have got special permissions from Lavasoft to extend the offer till Sunday noon. There are already few of us who got it working, others can try now.

  9. Everyone gave up,just like I am now that I see it was a farce. All this was done for publicity. How sad is that…….. No more Lavasoft for me or any of my employees….

  10. worked great for me. No need to put any serial key. Download, install and restart, great software to have for free. Thanks TP

  11. No workie- their server is so hammered that the password login apparently times out, and my reply from them to re-set e-mail has yet to arrive, after a (so far) 14 hour wait.

    I also see that I’m not the only one who created a second account, to no avail.

    Thanks for trying, but next time:

    1) Please be a lot more specific as to WHEN the offer is enabled: GMT or UT works better than simply announcing a date on the calendar. We shouldn’t have to dig beyond the title for such details.

    2) It would have been nice to know about the need to create an account there BEFORE the mob arrived. Had I been aware of that, I’d have signed up ahead of time, chosen the “stay logged in” option, and not have had any issues other than a bit of a wait.

    Better luck next time…

    • @Steve,
      assuming those 2 points are for us,
      1. exact time (including GMT) has been mentioned in the post. Having it in title makes the title look like spam.
      2. as bloggers, we also get to know finer details only at a later point, and we try our best to provide the updates at the earliest.

      On a side note, I wonder how few readers (definitely not all) look at the blogger-reader relationship like a service-client relationship!!

  12. Edit : finally one day later i have it on … user/pass time-out seems back on track.. ty TP not a easy one but now it work hehe 🙂

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