Survey pop-ups are one of the most annoying stuff on the web, specially while watching free tv episodes. The sad part is some of the popular sites are killing their visitors by adding CPAlead and other survey ads. These types of ads can only be skipped after completing a survey.

While most of the surveys are scams or requires money to complete, they are bound to get on your nerves. Sometimes, you might not have any alternative but to complete the survey. Not to worry, we have 2 simple hacks to bypass cpalead survey ads which are explained in detail below.

1. XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet

a) Go to Survey remover and install the bookmarklet. I have tested it on Chrome and Firefox.


b) When you come across a CPALead survey popup, just click on this installed bookmarklet and whoosh, the survey popup is now gone!


They also have a Firefox add-on which you can install. The bookmarkelt works on CPALead, adscendmedia, cpalock and many other survey pop-over ads.

Important: Though XJX Survey remover looks legit and clean, I cannot completely white-list them. They themselves have some pop-overs (which are not annoying, but still they do have them) and also have sections explaining how to make money via authentic surveys, which all looks greyish for me. If you are uncomfortable with using their bookmarklet, check out the manual way of bypassing surveys.

2. Block/Bypass and remove Survey Popups – Manual way

Note: This is much more complex and geeky.

Tools Needed

Steps to follow

1. Open the page and go to the Web-Developer tool bar and click “Disable” > “Disable Javascript” > “All Javascript


2. Next, right click on the CPA-Lead Survey box and click “Inspect element”.


You will then see something similar to this


3. Scroll up until you see an iframe element.


4. Click on it, so that it’s selected and then click on Delete key. Voila! the annoying popup is now gone!


Sometimes you might be required to delete few more elements which cover the entire page. Delete them as shown above and you must now be able to see and use the required content.

The best part about this trick is that you can use it to unblock/bypass “Join/Become a fan/Like, to view…” pages on Facebook. Right click on the page and click on “Inspect element” and look for “visibility:hidden”. Delete the word ‘hidden’ and replace it with anything you like.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • Siva

    even i did write a blog post about it.. But this one is superb ..

  • Anderson210

    this will work but a simpler way is to use surveyblock (

  • Srikar 115

    i should have seen this post a while ago, i just bought a premium account from as i wanted to down some stuff frm there but it was bugging me with these surveys ,anyways thanx raju ,nice share as always

  • Saket

    Cool! 1st solution looks easier. These surveys are very popular in some sites that i use regularly and its very annoying.

  • jingo

    Hey is this only for CPA lead?

    • Raju

      no, most of the surveys

  • mat hands

    hi, i saw this and tried it but it doesn’t have the ‘web developer’ button/tab
    can i just ask what internet server you use and which version? Thanks

  • someone

    when i do the second method it says access not authorized

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    thks for shareing

    its so use full

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    wat website is that?

  • zombie

    when i delete the element the site behind it appears as a picture ?!

  • Zombie

    in both methods when i remove the survey the site behind it is just a pic… is it broken after i cut the survey or the guys that made the site are liyng?!

    • Raju PP

      My money is on the latter: they are lying

  • Isaac

    It doesn’t allow me to right click on the survey. Nothing pops up…

  • Derp

    I think this doesn’t work anymore, outdated…. Damn =[…

    • Raju PP

      It does… for most cases

  • Bob Sagget

    Thanks man, i figured out you just have to delete a few more IDs like you said.

  • Cristiano does not work, i click to download files and the “cellphone” scam survey appears


  • daniel

    The surveys is gone, but you cant download the file :(

  • James

    XJZ survey remover works great, thanks :)

  • pat

    THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! This is one of the niftiest tricks. I can now truly watch my tv shows RIGHT after they come out instead of waiting a few hours.

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    thank a lot …………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it workssss

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    Thanks alot for this ! i should have found this article before :)

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      please hook me up with the key code

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    Whats the website for ms points ?

  • ayen

    Not working on Tumbletrain surveys anymore. :(

  • DionDeVille

    The bookmarklet is excellent. Thank you.

  • Rich

    I had the XJZ before the but when i try it on this survey it does not work for some reason and the java script thing, it says that in order to continue through the site JavaScript needs to be activated.

    • Al-Saoodiyah

      the problem u just stated of javascript activation. this according to me only works on chrome

  • Al-Saoodiyah

    second way is much easier on chrome coz it saves u 3 dollars. sadly i dont no how to disable javascript in (internet explorer)

  • :DDD

    o tyyyyy

  • Ricky

    2. Disabling java works way better

  • xedda

    I’m confused because I tried it in FireCash and just deletes the download button away?

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    No matter how much I press delete it won’t delete it!

  • Chinmay

    when i go to the there is no option like”get bookmarklet”

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    It doesn’t work. The survey removes but when I try to download the file, the survey appears again.

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    Plz post the images with better resolution. I cant see the elements to delete.

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    if i was in america i wouldn’t need for such…

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    i cant open the offer box with java disabled

  • dogus

    this works just as well as all the other bullshit thats out there: it doesnt

  • Love it but

    i wish you can use this to download stuff like for example a generator, you click it survey pops up so you click the the bookmark and complete the survey popup and and download the file automatically download the file for sites like file ice cleanfiles and sharecash but yeah this is an idea

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    where is the java for Mozilla version 30.0? thanks

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