The 1970s saw the rise of a technology and of a concept that later would be known as the World Wide Web. And since then, the Internet has come into being, and, with time, the threat of the online environment has become a serious concern. Nowadays, the stakes are bigger than ever, because the web has evolved into an almost living being, connecting people around the world, handling bank transfers and defense systems, the possibility of unwanted access is a real threat.

Shielding us from thousands of viruses on the web are our trusted antivirus software. But now, the question rises: What is the best Antivirus software? I’ll try to answer this question, based on reviews, on statistics and on my own personal opinions about these software. Before we move on, keep in mind that any antivirus is good as long as you update it regularly and help it do its job, just like a car that you refurbish and clean regularly.

Top 10 Premium Antivirus Software in 2012

1. BitDefender Antivirus


BitDefender started life as an unimpressive antivirus, but over time has become one of best antivirus software available. Its simple interface and good protection make it a smash hit with internet users. It offers all you could ever wanted in an antivirus: protection, ease of use and it doesn’t need a NASA computer to run. Some of the new 2012 features are: email and net scan (it permanently scans your computer and alerts you if anything is wrong), it scans instant messenger programs, so you won’t be affected by boots and viruses sent my IM. If you are undecided, this antivirus is a great idea.

2. Norton Antivirus


We’ve all heard about Norton Antivirus, this antivirus is an excellent internet security suite that everyone can enjoy. The only downside of Norton is the resources it eats up, so you have to have a pretty good computer for Norton to work properly. On the other hand, if you do install it, you benefit from protection from almost all known viruses and malware. Norton also scans all your downloads.

3. ESET Nod32 Antivirus 5


Another antivirus software that caught a lot of ground in the past couple of years. The new version of ESET Nod32 is one of the best antivirus software I’ve tested so far. It doesn’t require lots of resources and it lives up to the best expectations. It works excellent and the user interface is great! If you are looking for an antivirus that works quietly in your background, ESET Nod32 Antivirus 5 is the best for you.

4. Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky is one of the “old-school” antiviruses that had a face-lift and can still do its job really good. It features real time scanning of web pages and the self protection feature assures a constant protection from internet hijackers. This software is good for your laptop all the way to business and enterprises and lots of internet safety experts recommend Kaspersky Antivirus.

5. ZoneAlarm Antivirus


I have to admit it, ZoneAlarm is probably my favorite antivirus software, I’ve used for a very long period and I don’t have anything bad to say about it. The firewall is one of the best I’ve ever seen and the protection features assure you a virus free computer, but all this protection comes at a price, ZoneAlarm is hungry for computer resources, so you have to have a pretty decent computer to run and enjoy the protection it offers.

6. McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012


If you have been interested in internet safety in the past, you most certainly heard about McAfee Antivirus. It’s one of the oldest antiviruses on the market. Putting their knowledge to work, the guys over at McAfee have come up with a pretty good antivirus for their 2012 release. Offering a pretty good protection for its users, McAfee Antivirus 2012 is a good choice.

7. Panda Antivirus Pro


Yet another great comeback from one of the best known antiviruses, and this version of the old antivirus is really great. It seems this is a perfect example of the perfect balance between functionality, protection and resources. I must admit, I didn’t think much of this antivirus, but after testing it, I must recommend it to anyone who wants a good antivirus that gets the job done quick and good.

8. AVG Anti-Virus


You might know this antivirus very well from its free version, and if you do, you know it’s a really good antivirus that takes care of most of viruses and malware. It provides excellent protection, lots of features and the Shield prevents you from opening infected files. After trying this version, it seems this old timer still has plenty to say.

9. Avast! Pro Antivirus


Another premium version of a free antivirus, and might I say, Avast! Pro is a really good antivirus, sure, it doesn’t provide the same level of security than other, bigger antiviruses, but then again, it costs next to nothing when it comes to resources. The first question I asked was: Why upgrade to premium on a free antivirus? But, after seeing what the premium version has to offer and the amount of infected files it can discover I was really impressed.

10. CA Antivirus 2012


Computer Associates Antivirus 2012, to call it on its full name, is a new name in the internet security business but still, they have created a powerful antivirus that would satisfy any normal user. CA Antivirus keeps you computer clean and with its simple interface you won’t have any hustle using it.

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Antivirus Software for Windows

  1. I hope you could provide some more information on the basis of these recommendations. The comparison results I see at other websites like and are somewhat different.

    A good thing to evaluate also would be recommendations on products that have not only good anti-virus but also good firewall. Matousec website ( gives detailed comparison of firewalls based solely on their robustness, but no comparison of anti-virus, and also no comparison for aspects other than robustness.

  2. Thanks for the list of top Anti-Virus Softwares. Although I am a fan of Norton but these days it is not working as per my expectations so I have shifted to Avast. I think Avast is one of the best Anti-Virus. It deserves top 1st position.

  3. You did not mention “Windows Security Essential” which is by Microsoft itself and works very good with windows. ZoneAlarm is a kind of bugging anti virus. It pops out every time for every settings. Bit Defender and Kaspersky are very good anti virus.

  4. cmon dude, how do you have Norton at number 2 and McAfee at 6. Norton should probably be around 10 while McAfee should be like 35th. McAfee sucks, norton takes too much resources (and costs alot).

  5. Re: ”
    I’ll try to answer this question, based on reviews, on statistics and on my own personal opinions.”
    You certainly give us your opinion. But you back it up with… nothing. Where are the reviews and statistics you talk about?
    Furthermore, you conclude by recommending — get this — ALL of them!
    The only reason I can see for this is the commission you get for sending buyers to the companies’ websites.
    This is shilling masquerading as “journalism.”

    • “The only reason I can see for this is the commission you get for sending buyers to the companies’ websites.”
      Show me ONE single referral/affiliate link in the whole article above #troll

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