[How to] Download Videos from Youtube, Myspace & Google Video

by: - Last updated on: August 30th, 2021

There are umpteen number of software applications available on the internet to download from Youtube, to download from Myspace, to download from Google video and so on. But only some of them can download from all these sites at once and only few amongst them are safe and certified to be free from spyware/adware.

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Check out FlashLynx Video Download Software. It is a very practical download manager, specialized for downloading video clips from YouTube, MySpace and Google Video. To download a video, you just have to enter the URL for the video in “ADD Url” box. If not, you can check “Search related video” option, which is very useful, especially if the video has several parts. FlashLynx will find all the parts and show them in the main window.

When you enter the URL or select the video from search, the user interface of FlashLynx shows the name of the clip, the duration, size, and there is even a thumb picture and its text description. Now, select one of the eight output format, set the compression settings and start the download. FlashLynx also has “Video” and “Categories” options. These option show Featured, Most discussed, Most Recent, Most responded, Most viewed, Top Favorites and Top Rated videos sorted by categories.


It is completely a Freeware and works on Windows only. This small utility is hardly 230kb but surely deserves a try.

Download FlashLynx Video Downloader

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    1. @Stratos,
      Yeah! But not just for those who download frequently, even for those who rarely download videos, this will be useful since its so small and 1 click install.

  1. THANKS! Seriously. U r making my life and my work so much easier!Totally in love with you!!!
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  2. Beside software, You can also convert youtube video by using web based downloader and converter. It’s simple, fast, and great quality,,,