A number of new augmented reality applications for the Apple iPhone have launched in the Apple App Store over the past few days, thanks to the new firmware release (v3.1) which supports the augmented reality technology on iPhone 3GS phones. 3.1 firmware gives developers the ability to lay data over the camera viewer, and these apps can take full advantage of this new capability.

Below is a list of super cool Augmented reality apps for iPhone. Some of them are already available in the App store and some will be available in coming days.


10 Stuuning Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

1. Layar 2.0


Layar is a tool to browse the world. It enables exploration, more informed decisions, serendipity and fun. While looking through the phone’s camera lens, a user can see houses for sale popular bars and shops, touristic information of the area, play a live game, etc. Layar is crafted to act as a browser that allows for these different apps to be used, rather than being single purpose.

2. Bionic Eye


Bionic Eye makes use of the iPhone’s camera to bring alive the area you are in like never before. It helps you find your nearest fast-food chain, coffee shop or underground stop, all with 360-degree functionality. Currently it works all over US, UK, France and Tokyo.

3. Robotvision


Robotvision uses the power of Bing’s local search feature to show you nearby attractions in your vicinity, including ATMs, art galleries, bars and pubs, coffee shops, gas stations, gyms, hospitals, hotels and motels, movie theaters, restaurants, rest stops, schools and tourist attractions. Robotvision also shows you Twitter updates from people in your area, based on geotagging information embedded in the tweets; and Flickr photos of nearby attractions.

4. Fairy Trails


Fairy Trails from Freeverse, a game that invites users to activate a “fairy detector” by shaking their iPhone. The game then presents them with various fairies, fireflies and butterflies that are superimposed on their phone’s video screen, and that they must then tap in order to collect them in jars.

5. cAR Locator


cAR Locator is an iPhone 3GS app that shows you in the camera viewfinder where your car is located and how far away. Just press “Save Location” when you get out of your car, then point your iPhone camera in any direction and you’ll be reminded where your car is.

6. TAT Augmented ID


TAT Augmented ID utilizes the clever Flickr face recognition tech from the guys at Polar Rose to recognize a face and surround them with their social networking profiles from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm.

7. Wikitude


Wikitude is a cool augmented iPhone application that helps you explore your surroundings effectively on your phone. Point of Interests (POIs) are displayed on your screen, and you can find what you are looking for on your phone like never before. It’s free too.

8. Cyclopedia


Cyclopedia shows you information about nearby landmarks and historic locations in your iPhone’s viewfinder. Point your iPhone’s camera at the Statue of Liberty, for example, and it will overlay the Wikipedia entry for that landmark. Cyclopedia relies on the 65,000 entries on Wikipedia that are geotagged.

9. Worksnug


Worksnug uses the iPhone 3GS compass, camera and GPS to give you information about the best public places to park your laptop and work. The forthcoming app will overlay information about venues such as coffee houses, including a score based on availability of Wi-Fi, power sockets and even the quality of the coffee.

10. SREngine

SREngine is designed to recognize objects, such as the front of a house, shop or something on the street. The application can then offer you different actions depending on the type of object. For example, point the iPhone at a shop and it will tell you what it sells and give you its phone number. It is still in prototype stage though.

11. buUuk


buUuk is a free augmented reality app and if you are planning to go to Australia, New Zealand, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, or maybe Dubai, buUuk is the app you need. Uses your GPS to find locations all around you.

12. Nearest Tube


Nearest Tube is a UK only iPhone app that shows you train/tube stations in the vicinity. On loading the app, you will see the Tube lines displayed in their respective colours and holding the phone up will show you the distance to the station and what lines they serve.

13. Cheap Gas


The Cheap Gas iPhone app is a gas station locator for your iPhone 3GS with an Augmented Reality View that shows you icons of nearby gas stations and prices in the direction where you’ve pointed your iPhone’s camera.

14. AR Compass


AR Compass is a great app for travel, camping, and outdoor activities. Now this is what one could call a truly modern compass.

15. FirePower


FirePower is a very interesting augmented reality game for iPhone that lets you shoot at cars on your phone. Great for stress relief.

Although these augmented reality iPhone apps leave some things to be desired, they are the first wave of a new kind of app that that is bound to dramatically change the way we find information.

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