If you are using Gmail or Google Apps as your primary email you would be happy to know about the brand new feature introduced by Google – Gmail Priority Inbox. Managing the email inbox is an art by itself. No wonder we have seen lot of in-built and third party add-ons in recent times just to help you prioritize what’s important and what’s not. With loads of emails coming in every day, it becomes really messy and unbearable at times. For exactly that reason, Google is rolling out a new experimental feature to help you kill email overload.

What is Gmail Priority Inbox?


Priority Inbox is like your personal assistant, helping you focus on the messages that matter without requiring you to set up complex rules. Gmail has always been top notch when it comes to classifying certain messages as spam. But now, with this experimental feature, it will help you classify and prioritize the non-spam messages as well.

Priority Inbox splits your inbox into three sections: “Important and unread,” “Starred” and “Everything else”. As messages come in, Gmail automatically flags some of them as important. Gmail uses a variety of signals to predict which messages are important, including the people you email most and which messages you open and reply to. And as you use Gmail, it will get better at categorizing messages for you.


Users can help improve the feature by customizing it to their needs and it will learn with the time. Those who have been using the already available star message feature can now be sure that these important mails remain visible in your inbox and won’t get pushed to the next page and out of sight by new mail.

Can’t See Priority Inbox Feature yet?

Please note that GMail priority inbox is in beta right now and Google is slowly rolling it out and might take a week or so to reach everyone. Keep looking for “New! Priority Inbox” link in the top right corner of your Gmail account.

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