It seems that, nowadays, everyone is worried about their financial situation. And because of that, people have started turning to other means of getting out of debt, either by using Financial Apps (for Android owners), or taking the bus to work. But there are methods of saving some money and still enjoy some of you hard earned things, such as your car.

Believe it or not, you can save some money huge on that gas bill (which, by the way, keeps getting bigger and bigger) using a device so common and known to everyone, that you wouldn’t ever think of it: your smartphone. Yes, that is right, you can use your smartphone to save some money and still drive your personal car to work. And which better smartphone to help you save money on gas then then the trusty iPhone. A smartphone used and desired by millions.

Top 8 iPhone Gas Saving Apps

There are quite a few iPhone apps that can help you save some money on gas, from calculators to apps that show you all the nearest gas stations and the lowest prices at which you can find gas, in short: all the tools you need to get more mileage out of your buck. This list of apps will give you all the help you will need. However, the majority will work only for US, Canada residents. If some of you, from other countries, know reliable gas saving apps for the iPhone, do let us know in the comments section.

8. AAA TripTik Mobile


Members of the AAA know just how many benefits they have, but what about the others? Well, fear not, you too can benefit from a few of AAA’s services. One, for example is the official AAA iPhone app. This app allows users to see local gas stations and compare prices, but also hotels, repair facilities, attraction points and so on. AAA TripTik is a great app to have when going on the road.

7. Cheap Gas!

cheap gas!

If you live in the US or Canada, then this app will come right in hand. Cheap Gas! allows you to find the cheapest gas stations near you and tell you how far you have to go to get it. A great tool for vacations but also day to day commute. Using Cheap Gas! will let you find the best prices for gas and allow you to save money on your gas guzzler. Of course, a few cents may not make a difference at first, but after a few fills, it will start showing.

6. iGasUp


Finding the cheapest gas stations in your area has never been easier! Now, all you have to do is input your location and iGasUp will search for the cheapest gas stations near you. Also, if you are planning a trip, just input your destination and it automatically search for the cheapest gas stations near your destination.

5. Route4me


Common sense tells us that in order to save money on gas, you need to drive less. This intuitive thought is behind Route4me. This app is not just a GPS or an iPhone Map App, but a route planner that helps you find the quickest route from point A to point B. And given the fact that you have the fastest route, you drive less, and therefore consume less fuel. Clever, isn’t it? A great way to keep doing your work with your car, but still saving some money on gas.

4. Local Gas Prices

local gas prices

Simpler is always better, and this iPhone gas saving app has really taken advantage of this fact. It allows you to search for the cheapest gas stations near a location via the zip code and it will give you the lowest prices for any type of fuel. No hustle with hard to read interfaces or pointless features.

3. SmartFuel


Save your usual routes directly in this app and it will tell you all the nearest gas stations and their prices. One of the most user friendly iPhone gas saving apps that allow you save money on gas. With just a few clicks, you’re off. Also, you can see other user’s reviews on the gas stations and make your own reviews for others to read. Select your favorite gas stations and compare them to find the best price possible.

2. Fuel Finder

fuel finder

Get directions to all the nearest gas stations, and also, see the lowest prices possible. This $2.99 app can save you up to $300 a year, or let me put it this way: in one year you save the money you’ve spent on your iPhone. Now that is a great deal. And with Fuel Finder, you can get this deal and the added bonus of spending a lot less money on gas. A great app and a great companion for the road.

1. GasBuddy 

Join a community of people trying to find the best prices for gas. See all the gas stations near you and compare prices. Input your known gas stations and you have the possibility to win free gas cards if you find the cheapest in your area. A great app to have and one of the best out there that helps you to never overpay for gas. This app is available for people living in the US and Canada, so if you are from there, do give it a try! You won’t regret it.

Now, armed with these apps, you will definitely drive more efficient and save money on gas and you can transform your car into an“iCar”.

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