Picture this: late night at work, you are so tired you crash on the couch and you want to watch some TV, but you can’t find the remote (if you have a universal remote, the problem only gets bigger), or you are late for work, and like always, your keys are nowhere in sight. These scenarios happen all the time, and they have the power to drive us insane sometimes.

What would you say to a permanent solution for this problem? Some means to always know where your items are, or if you lose them, to find them quickly, without searching the entire house? This will definitely be a godsend. But how to do this?


Use StickNFind, of course!

This new project is something that will appeal to many of us because it will allow you to quickly find any item in your house (or around your house, because it has a range of 100 feet), quickly and efficiently. How does it do this, you ask? Well, it does this by using Bluetooth technology. The StickNFind is a tiny Bluetooth antenna that you can stick on just about anything and by using your smartphone, you will be able to find it.

The device is almost as big as your fingernail, and it can be attached to anything, from your keys, remote control to pets and kids. This way, you can monitor where things are and, in case you lose something, you can track it down using the dedicated TrackNfind app (both Android and iOS will be suported), that shows you how far a particular item is from you, via a simple radar interface.

Also, if you are wondering how many of these devices you can monitor at the same time, well, the recommended number is about 20, which is quite a lot, and you won’t probably need as many! Also, from your smartphone, you can select which one you need, and send it an instruction to emit a light signal and a noise signal. This is great for finding items in the dark. Here is a quick recap of what StickNFind can do:

  • Find any item that the sticker is attached to
  • 100 feet range
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Small size
  • Battery powered (battery has ~ 1 year autonomy)
  • Light and Noise notifications
  • Dedicated app with push notifications

Price and Availability

For the moment, the project is just about finished, and the developers are putting the last touches to the apps and devices. If you are eager to have them, you can pledge a small sum and have your StickNFind stickers earlier. The device is almost ready to be mass produced, and we can’t wait to get our hands on some of those little stickers!

StickNFind promises to bring a new era in home improvement, where you can see where your devices are at any time. This small little sticker is another step forward towards the smart house that we all want.

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