Just like we’ve hinted in our post with technology predictions for 2013, a new breed of smaller, intelligent and niche-oriented clouds will appear. Perhaps, one of the first services to adhere to this prediction is Everpix, a smart but beautifully conceived cloud, optimized for storing and sharing pictures with style.

Created by a handful of visionary people, Everpix aims to become the portable hard-drive for anyone looking for the perfect place to store images. Thanks to an intelligent algorithm of analyzing pictures and to the beautiful interface, users will no longer have to stroll through thousands of captures before finding the perfect background to share it with their friends.

Everpix: sharing pictures on another level

everpix ui

In some ways, Everpix is a lady with flowers in her hair and books on the table. Both beautiful and intelligent, this service can analyze every picture uploaded and sort it according to pre-made patterns, while matching its “description” with others of its kind.

Once installed on the device, Everpix will optimize all the pictures allowed by the administrator and reveal collections under a wonderful interface. Compatible with a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets and computers of most kinds) and even more online services, Everpix can hold an unlimited amount of data and make it available across all platforms.

Blending beauty with brains

everpix on iphoneEverpix relies on a thumbnail-based interface, which many relate it to Apple’s own looks and guides, especially those integrated in iPhoto. Within the service, pictures are shown as collections of similar photos or, when the user wishes so, in a Highlights view.

Created for those who tend to take pictures at each occasion, Highlights show only the most important images in a window similar to Pinterest, where each image has a different size and the best ones are brought up-front.

Each image uploaded on Everpix is carefully analyzed and understand, using a wide range of factors that include the picture’s own content, the date it was taken and the people present within. Thanks to this method, Everpix can detect similar pictures, arrange them in the appropriate catalog and bring up-front only the best.

Advanced functions can also see when an image is of poor quality (when someone has their eyes closed, blur is present, image is out of focus etc.) and detect the perfect amount of crop needed, using a smart cropping technique.

Functionality and advantages

everpix logo
Everpix can blend to most desires and be used with pleasure on various devices. All the user has to do is install a tiny client on the device and tell the service which pictures should be analyzed. Folders are not the only one included in this category, with several popular services being included:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Email
  • Aperture
  • Lightroom

After photos are imported, Everpix uses assistive curating to create albums known as Moments, without any user intervention at all. In this sorting sequence bad photos are detected and hidden from your eyes automatically, but you can choose to reveal them if desired.

After the initial steps are concluded, users will no longer have to tweak settings or mess with parameters. The service will work by itself, and pictures from all around will be gathered under the same roof.

browse by likeness

Speaking of gatherings, another interesting thing about Everpix is the browsing method. Once again, thanks to its smart nature, this image cloud allows browsing by likeness, meaning that users can see images of the same nature from different moments. This is done simply by clicking on the arrow located in the bottom right corner of a picture, which will make Everpix lock the image and search for patterns. A random view is also supported, for those who wish to be surprised, and even more:

  • Sharing – Moments can be shared with other people by the use of Photo Mail, Facebook, Twitter or Photo Page. While the first option gives the ability to send high-resolution pictures using email, the last three can be used to directly publish content on social media networks or through the use of multiple messaging services. Speaking of social, Everpix can connect one user to another and allow friends to check out photos immediately, without requiring the uploader to explicitly share a link.
  • Fast syncing – advanced syncing is accomplished onto host devices, Everpix making a copy of the original picture and optimizing its size to serve it faster on any interface used. All of these, without touching the original resolution.
  • Duplicate free – it’s meaningless to say that pictures stored on the computer may also be seen on Facebook. Thanks to all those algorithms mentioned above, Everpix can detect duplicates from different places and of different sizes, which are automatically flushed from the system.
  • Privacy and Security – all pictures are stored in a private matter (unless told otherwise) and encrypted using HTTPS protocols during transmission.

Everpix can be enjoyed free for 30 days, after-which a one-time fee of $40 has to be paid.

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