Many people make the mistake of thinking that digital signature software and electronic signature software are the same, but there are some differences between them. While the second contains only an electronic image attached to the data, the digital signature software has a more complex technology, which makes it more suitable for safety.

Digital signatures are the result of the PKI (public-key infrastructure) cryptographic operation. Basically, it is a mathematical scheme used to demonstrate the authenticity of your message or document. In general, it has three components: a key generation algorithm, a signing algorithm, and a signature verifying algorithm.

The digital signature is a growing feature used more and more by big companies in order to be able to work faster, streamline their time, and to save the money spent on the couriers. Security is also very important, so the majority of companies are using a 256-bit SSL encryption. Moreover, the software uses your computer camera to take a photo and place it alongside the signature.

Best digital signature services

In this article, we will present some applications that offer you this security feature. You will save a lot of time by eliminating the need for printing, faxing, or scanning operations. Also, the paper-related costs for office activities are reduced to a minimum level.


cosign digital signature software

CoSign is a fast and stable digital signature software created by a company named Arx. It is available worldwide, and it is the leading standard digital signature solution used by very important companies, such as Coca-Cola, Herbalife, and even by the FBI. The digital signature from CoSign is compatible with a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, and so forth.

CoSign by Arx has a diversified offer of supporting services for small, mid-sized, and large businesses from 1 to 1000+ document senders. It is available online and only for the Windows platform. The prices may vary from one payment plan to another, and you can verify them here. For example, for a standard package for one signer, you will have to pay $15 monthly.



DocuSign is one of the best digital signature software available now on the market. They offer support to every kind of business, which makes this software one of your best choices, whether you are using it to sign your different papers for your own or if you are a transnational company.

In DocuSign, you can choose a signature from the default gallery, or you can create one of your own. In this manner, all of the costs associated with the paper-based contract will be eliminated, and, in addition, you will save a lot of time. DocuSign offers all their customers a cloud account where all the contracts signed are kept.

DocuSign is available online, on iOS devices and on Windows 8 tablets. For information about the pricing, check the official site of DocuSign here.

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RightSignature is a digital signature software that supports a lot of native formats (such as: PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT) and has FreshBooks, BatchBook and HighRise integrations. The interface of this software is nice and very easy to use, having a lot of automated process that will guide you through the signing process.

RightSignture offers support on all of major platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux, online and even on your phones making the signing process very easy. This company offers one of the cheapest prices from the market and for only $14 per month you will be able to send unlimited documents. For more information about the payment plans you can visit the official RightSignature website here.

Xyzmo Significant


Xyzmo Significant Signature Solutions by its whole name is a digital signature software that is made especially for the large businesses (1000+ document senders). It is available only in the United States and in Europe and has prices which start from $15 per month, for a document sender.

This software is used in banks (Intesa SanPaolo, BMG, Generali), telecom operators (T-Mobile), insurance agencies and much more. The security is very strong so that the handwritten signature will always be verified with a signature which was enrolled at the first use of the software to be sure it is not a fake. The signature can be made on a tablet, a phone or a signature pad which you can buy from here, from their site.

SIGNiX Digital Signature

signix digital signature

SIGNiX Digital Signature offers a digital signature service that allows you to sign documents, contracts and forms in a quick and very secure way. The process is very rapid and easy, which means that it is a good solution for credit companies and their borrowers to close loans. SIGNiX Digital Signature has two main categories of accounts: MyDox and EnterpriseDox.

While MyDox is for smaller businesses and the technology used is cloud-based, the EnterpriseDox is especially designed for high-volume transactions and needs integration of the product. An interesting feature is the ability of tracking documents as they move through the signing process. Practically, this allows you to check the status of your documents in real-time and sends automatically reminders to the signers if the document gets delayed.

Adobe EchoSign


Adobe EchoSign is the leading digital signature provider used by big companies, such as: QualComm, Twitter, Facebook, P&G and so forth. This Adobe product offers services from common users to global companies. They even have a free account that permits you only five signatures per month and compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF files.

Adobe EchoSign keeps all the papers organized in computer files allowing sending and receiving signed documents efficiently (with a tracking function also implemented). It is compatible with multiple platforms, such as all used by computers (Windows, Mac, Linux), browsers and even the mobile. Pricing starts from $14.95 per month for one user. For other payment plans visit the official Adobe EchoSign site here.



SigningHub replaces the paper-based processes needed for signing different documents. All files are kept in a private cloud. This is for any business or industry sector available only in Asia and Europe. The application is very easy to use because you do not need anything to install, you will only have to use your browser.

SigningHub will minimize the time for signing a contract by eliminating major processes, such as printing, faxing, couriers, postage, scanning and even storage. They have a very good security system because even a change of one character will render the digital signature as invalid. So, you can say that is even more secure than a paper-signed document. If you are interested about this application you can try it for free here.

Secured Signing

secured signing
Secured Signing is a digital signature application that enables you to keep all of your files in only one place. Using it you will save a lot of paper, a lot of time and money, while speeding up productivity and business efficiency. Secured Sign solution has multiple account types, such as: I Sign, We Sign, Form Filler and Form Direct.

The I sign account is for small business and is it used basically, for signing and sealing orders, reports, agreements or other types of documents. By contrast, the We Sign account is for large companies that are signing or obtaining signatures from different customers. You can try this service for free or you can choose a payment plan from here.


Thanks to our readers, we have found out about SignEasy and we were quite pleased with it. For those that are using Google services on a daily basis, you should know that it is also integrated with Google Drive. There are iOS, Android and even BlackBerry apps of these services, all of them being free. Sign Easy provides the hassle-free solution and allows your clients to sign using a smartphone or a tablet, saying goodbye to traditional methods.

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