ps4 tear downThe PlayStation 4 has been commercially launched today at midnight, and there were some lineups this morning already across some retail locations in the United States. If you have looked at some early reviews to see what the general impressions are for the Sony’s latest gaming console, now it’s time to see what the PS4 teardown performed by the team over at iFixit in collaboration with Chipworks reveals.

The repair experts from iFixit have made some new discoveries and also confirmed some rumors and assumptions that users were making. The purpose of all the teardowns performed by iFixit is actually to provide a repairability score, but just like it was with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, the process of disassembling the PS4 is bound to bring up some surprises. Let’s have a look at what’s inside the PlayStation 4.

Watch for a bent or a damaged HDMI port

ps 4 teardown 4There were some early reports with the PlayStation 4 malfunctioning when outputting a video signal to the display. As it was later on explained by Sony itself, the issue was caused by a bent or damaged HDMI port, which was reported only in a few PS4 units and is considered to be normal, if you look at the whole picture. While iFixit’s PS4 unit hasn’t had its HDMI port damaged, they are kind enough to remind you to be careful when unboxing your PS4 for the first time.

The hard drive can be replaced

ps 4 teardown 2

Some of the PS4 early reviewers noticed that its storage space gets quickly filled, so gamers who want a much bigger drive or even a SSD will be glad to know this is indeed possible. As iFixit nicely puts it, “all that stands between you and hard drive nirvana is a plastic cover and some screws“. Furthermore, taking out the hard drive was really easy and it is also a standard, laptop-sized 2.5” model, which means you can replace or upgrade it with any off-the-shelf drive you like which meets these standards: no thicker than 9.5 mm, and no smaller than 160 GB.

No external USB storage

The fact that you can easily replace your hard drive is an awesome feature, but what’s a real letdown is that the PS4 will not support external USB storage. This seriously limits the console’s utility as a media center as well as the option to save to an external drive anything that you might desire.

The power supply of the PS4 is universal

ps 4 teardown 5If you plan on relocating to another continent, then you can take your PS4 with you as it comes with an universal power supply that is rated at an AC Input of 100-240 volts. Just don’t forget to grab with you the socket adaptors.

PS4 doesn’t read past-generation PS discs

Just like it was previously assumed, the PS4 is not backwards-compatible with any of its past brethren. iFixit now confirms that the Blu-Ray/DVD drive in the Play Station doesn’t ead PS3/PS2/PS1 discs. Even more, it doesn’t read CD-ROMs, but Sony plans to fix in a later update.

The fan is a notable improvement over the PS3ps 4 teardown 3

For all of you machine geeks out there, the iFixit team says that PS4’s fan has “curves” and it is actually beautiful, even if it stays hidden inside, and let’s hope, it is quite. PS4’s big fan is designed to “run smarter and quieter than the old PS3’s wheezy windmill“. Hopefully, this means that the only sounds you’ll be hearing will be coming from the enemies you slay in your PS4 game or from the crowd cheering at the goals you score.

The PS4 wobbles if you push on it

This is a minor drawback but one that can annoy the perfectionists out there. As reported by multiple websites, if you push the PS4 while it lays on its back, it will wobble a little bit, which means it’s not evenly situated. It might be a a small design flaw, but it still is a flaw. There’s no workaround to this small problem, so you’ll just have to ignore it.

Sony is still against modders and tinkerers

sony ps4 teardown

Besides replacing your hard drive, Sony doesn’t approve of anything else and clearly mentioning it in the user manual that you are not allowed to disassemble or modify the system or accessories. Even more, powerful security screws are also there to make sure the “passage” to PS4’s innards is very difficult.

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