At the Build 2014 conference, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1, the new version of the Windows operating system. Among the dozens of things this operating system brings on board, two prominent ones are the voice assistant, Cortana, and the notification center. Microsoft is touting that Cortana is the first true digital assistant, while the swype keyboard it has added is the fastest on any phone.


Windows Phone 8.1 will hit your existing Windows Phone 8 handset sometime later this month or early May. The developer preview of the new operating system is now available, for developers, of course. However, if you want you can have it on your phone too. While developing codes has never been this easy, pretending to be a developer is certainly easier. Scroll on and you’ll find all the new features of Windows Phone 8 and a simple guide on how to get it on your phone today.

How to get Windows Phone 8.1 on your handset right now?

Following these three steps, you can also get the update on your phone.

    • Step 1. Register yourself as a developer: Go to the App Studio page, and sign-in with your Microsoft account (Outlook/Live/Hotmail). This is a Microsoft website that provides you web-interface to build apps.
    • Step 2. Download Preview for Developer: Once you have logged-in on App Studio, hover over to Windows Phone Store and acquire this app called “Preview for Developer”. It takes just one megabyte, and is completely free. Once you have downloaded it, fire that app on your phone and tick against, “Enable Preview for Developers”.
    • Step 3. Check for update: Go to the Settings > Phone update and click on “Check for updates”. Now that the update has started seeding out, you will see it appear on your phone within the next few minutes, if it isn’t there already.

Downside of getting this update

As awesome as getting an early access to the update could be, it can land your phone in trouble. First of all, since it is the developer preview, there could still be some bugs in the build of the update you are downloading. In the case your handset run into some trouble, your carrier and phone manufacturer might back away from providing any support to you.

Secondly, this is not an update from your device manufacturer such as Nokia, HTC or Samsung. Nokia handset owners should not expect to see any Lumia exclusive features with this developer preview. Nokia has confirmed that it will be pushing Lumia Cyan update to Windows Phone later next month. It will bundle both Lumia exclusive features as well as Windows Phone 8.1 update.

Third, and the most important one, there is no going back. Once you have made the update, you can’t possibly revert back to the previous version of Windows Phone.

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