If you’ve been reading Technology Personalized for a while, and we hope you have, then by now you have become accustomed with our weekly Android roundup of best new games and apps. And as this year is quickly nearing its end, we’ve decided to have a look back and compile top 25 new Android games that we consider to be among the best. Of course, there are many, many others that didn’t make the list, but we hope these will be good enough to end the year in style!

Despicable Me

Despicable Me is one of the best animation movies I have ever seen and Gameloft has made sure that the Android game is just as entertaining as the film.

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars has millions of fans across the world, and this new Android app is a worthy addition to the huge universe that George Lucas has built.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you’re into gaming, then you will definitely enjoy this new game that has been download by more than 2.5 million users and has a great rating.


If you love trivia games on your mobile device, then QuizUp is a must-have. Play it not only to have fun, but also to learn new things from multiple areas.

Batman Arkham Origins

My favorite superhero has always been Batman, so if you too share this passion, then I can gladly recommend this new game that looks superb on Android smartphones or tablets.

Shadow Fight 2

A game that looks very simple at first sight, Shadow Fight 2 will get you hooked in now time. So if you always wanted to be a ninja, this game might give you the chance.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

As a football fanatic, this has definitely been one of the best new Android games this year, and I can confess that I spent the most time playing Fifa 15 FUT more than any other game this year.

Clash of Clans

One of the most popular Android games of the year, Clash of Clans deserves to be on this list as it represents one of the best titles of its genre and a must-have for afficionados.

Rival Knights

Gameloft is one of the biggest Android developers and that’s why there are so many good games made by them. Rival Knights is an unusual game that lets you be a knight from medieval times.


As a little kid, RoboCop has been one of the movies that have mesmerized me, so obviously I went ahead and download the game from the Play Store. And I have not been disappointed.

Brain Wars

And because games are not meant to be just for entertainment, have a look at Brain Wars, as well, if you want to improve your memory, focus and other brain skills.

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is, without any doubt, one of the best indie games of the past year to play on your Android smartphone or tablet. For that speaks the good rating and the feedback.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

There’s no need to introduce cultural phenomenon Family Guy, as it has millions of fans all over the world. If you are one of them, then you definitely need to check out this game.

Angry Birds Epic

Who hasn’t hear about Angry Birds, right? But there are so many games out there, that it’s hard to keep track with all the sequels. Angry Birds Epic is one of the best of them and you need to check it out.

Smash Hit

Superbly designed, Smash Hit has been indeed a smash hit among millions of Android users, mainly thanks to its simplicity and nice visuals. A must-have, I say.

Real Boxing

Boxing is a dangerous sport, and that’s why it is better to play it on your mobile device. Real Boxing is one of the best boxing games for Android, with great visuals and easy controls.

Cut the Rope 2

Another super popular casual mobile game, Cut the Rope 2 is perfectly suitable for those moments when you’re waiting for the busy or just having a few spare moments to relax.

Hill Climb Racing

It still amazes me how many have downloaded Hill Climb Racing, a game that is based on simply physics laws. You have a few vehicles at your disposal and some annoying hills to overcome.


Lovers of the Final Fantasy saga will definitely rush to the Play Store and download the remastered version from Square Enix, if they haven’t done so already.

Hitman Go

The Hitman series of games has been one of the most successful for PC gamers and now a version has been made available for Android gamers, as well – Hitman Go.


I truly enjoy indie games, and was pleased to see Machinarium being developed specifically for Android users. Filled with impressive visuals, you will get instantly lured into its universe.

Surgeon Simulator

Not all of us become doctors or surgeons, but at least we have witty games at our disposal for some great relaxing moments. Surgeon Simulator is a really funny game where you are allowed to have shaky hands.

Monument Valley

With so many awards and positive reviews, Monument Valley simply deserves to be on such lists everywhere on the web. So, if you love beautifully designed games, don’t think twice about this one.

The Room Two

One of the best Android puzzle games of the year, The Room Two is a much anticipated, beautifully designed sequel to ‘The Room’, a recipient of a BAFTA award.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is an ingenious Android game that has been created with the purpose of educating the population regarding health risks.  Play 15 hilarious mini-games and learn how to protect yourself.

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