Whether you call it home accounting or personal finance, this is one of the most important aspects of your financial life, and you definitely have to put some time aside to take care of it. Given how busy we are these days trying to make ends meet, how much time work takes us and how busy family life can lend us, it is sometimes useful to have someone there to help you.

That someone does not always have to be a person, but it can also be something. A special thing like an online tool, a mobile app or software that can make everything a lot easier for you! There are a few of them out there, and we took the time to analyze them and make the summary of what we discovered.



One of the most well-known tools for managing all financial activities is Mint – a tool that allows you to keep track of bank accounts, as well as investments and loans, bills that you have to pay, etc. It has been designed by Mint.com specifically for personal finance management and can be used on a computer, as well as on mobile devices.

In case you want to take it with you when you’re away, you can do so on an iOS 7.0 device, an Android 2.3 one or a WP 7/8/8.1. Apart from giving you an overview of your accounts, it also lets you see what you’ve been spending on more. Find out more about the great features it comes with from its website!



Also focused on helping you keep track of your bank accounts, moneyStrands main role is to remind you of all upcoming bills. By letting you set up a few reminders and brining all different accounts in one place, this tool is must-have for those who don’t have all of their incomes coming to one single bank account.

It is free to use on its official web page by simply creating an account, and you can also use it on a mobile device in case you’re an iOS user. Start controlling all of your spending right now with one of the few tools that care about your privacy and security!

Fresh Xpense

While most tools in this list require you to be connected to the internet when willing to take advantage of their features, Fresh Xpense lets you do whatever you want without having to be online. It is mainly focused on capturing all of your receipts and various other expenses and keeping them together.

Also known under the name Xpenser, this app can be used directly on your Mac or PC if you create an account. Similarly, you can also get the free mobile application on Android 2.2 or iOS 4.3 and start adding expenses and creating reports.



By allowing you to manage all of your expenses in one place, HomeBudget is one of the best apps to use for home accounting. It also lets you search expenses by month and category, upload photos of receipts and transform everything from one currency to another.

However, this tool is not only made for taking care of the money you’ve spent – it is perfectly suitable for managing your income or various incomes, in case you work with several clients. It is also a great way to manage bills by creating recurring ones, adding reminders and so on. You can currently get this one in quite a couple of languages if you have a device using iOS 7.0 or Android 2.3, and the unique fee to pay is $2.99.


MoneyWell is a budgeting software that hasn’t come up with any mobile applications just yet. It has been created specifically for the Mac operating system and lets you establish a budget for each category you add. Once this is done, you can know how much money you have left within each one of these categories, so you can temper yourself when you go shopping.

It also sends you reminders whenever necessary and adapts to all of your needs and requirements, so you can easily change a budget by adding more to it and taking more from the other. An iPad version has been recently created and another one for iPhones is about to come. For now, you will be requires to use iOS 7.0 for the first one, and you can get it all for free.



Similar to the previous one, BudgetPulse is another software that you can use directly on a Mac or PC. However, this one lacks the fancy features that you may have noticed in the case of another tool in this list. To summarize, it will let you important and export data, do all necessary calculations, manage all expenses and incomes in one place while you can set your saving goals and learn how to reach them.

The signup procedure is very easy to follow, comes with step-by-step indications and costs you absolutely no money. Once you’ve created an account, you can login from anywhere you want and your data will have been saved to the cloud.


Using a simple calendar, PocketSmith allows you to create a forecast of your budget for the upcoming month or year. It will let you see what you will be spending money on, how much you’ll be making and what you could do to save more.

It is very easy to personalize, so you can set your own goals and establish the way you will meet them. By importing transactions and creating financial reports for specific periods of time, this tool lets you keep track of everything that happens in your financial life or that of your entire family, in case you manage the whole home. It can be used on any PC and requires you to sign up – the fees can vary between 0 for the basic version and $20/month for the super one.

Grocery IQ


Going groceries shopping can be a lot of fun, but it can also cause a lot of damage to your budget. Grocery IQ is a free way to create groceries’ lists that actually work – and you can do so on your desktop PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

You can also add aisles to your lists, create favorites, view your shopping history and search for products using the Voice Search option. For all these and many more, you will only need iOS 6.0 or Android 2.3 on a functional smartphone or tablet.

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