Did you read about that crazy rumor that says the iPhone 6S is going to be the most amazeballs “S” upgrade ever? With the RAM finally jumping to 2 GB, camera to 12 MP and maybe even Force Touch on the iPhone. Force Touch! On the iPhone! Crazy rumors man (I try to stay away from rumors and not to read too much into them, but boy do I want this one to be true).

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Anyway, we’re here to get you excited about some other, slightly more tangible things – apps. This week, we’re going to talk about a really fun arcade game, getting a burner phone number using an app (The Wire would be so much different in 2015) and an iPad app update that will make Banksys out of art noobs. Let’s get started.

1. App Store’s Free App of the Week: Quetzalcoatl

The weirdly named Quetzalcoatl is this week’s free app of the week. It’s a really simple puzzle game where you need to drag the “snake” by its head and get it to the block with matching colors (“Snake” in quotation marks because of course it’s a modern minimal game where the subject looks nothing like an actual snake. I mean, even the old Nokia game tried to differentiate the head).

2. TechPP’s Game of the Week: KANO

KANO is a really fun arcade game where you’re given a spinning board with four colors while a ball bounces on top of it. Each time it bounces, the ball changes color. All you have to do is match the ball’s color with the base and you get a point. Fail to do so and you lose a quarter of the board. When you lose the entire board, it’s game over. With tribal music background and fire-y, colorful UI, KANO makes for a fun game.

3. Stats – for Twitter

stats for twitter

Stats is an analytics app for Twitter. It’s a great app for social media managers who want to quickly glance important data without investing in a big tracking system. The app will give you details for the last week to last year and you for comparison, you can also track stats for a competitor. The app will also show followers, unfollowers, retweets and favorites.

4. Babio


Babio is a baby tracking app where you can track all kinds of baby stuff for upto 4 babies (if you need baby tracking for more, an iPhone app isn’t the solution you’re looking for). The app will let you track the baby’s sleep, the diaper change, their food (breastfeeding time) and more.

5. Horizon 3 – Calendar + Weather

Horizon 3 mixes up calendar with weather. It’s a cleverly designed app that integrates maps and weather data with every event on your calendar. If you live in a place where the weather is heavily unreliable, check out Horizon 3. The app is free but comes with a $4.99 pro upgrade.



NINE is a visual to-do app. The app’s premise is that just the act of creating to-dos is too hard. You need to type things in just right, select a list, or add a tag. If you’ve got a lot of to-dos, it can be confusing to know what goes where.

So NINE makes it simple for you. You start by taking a photo and adding a label. Then you’re presented with 9 categories that are non-editable but are broad enough. Just select on of the categories and you’re done.

7. Shuffle


Shuffle is a disposable email and phone number service currently only available in US and Canada. Shuffle lets you create multiple phone numbers and the use them for normal things like calling, text messaging and you also get a voicemail box. If you’re a businessman who contacts a lot of people or just someone who believes in a bit of privacy, this app might be for you.

8. Bleep


Bleep is a really simple app for censoring any video. Just load up the video and start playing it. Tap the screen and hold it for the duration where you want to mute the audio.

9. App Update: Paper by 53

Paper by FiftyThree is one of my favorite iPad apps. It’s great for drawing on the iPad. Now, the app has released Think Kit which includes Diagram, Fill and Cut tools. Basically, it converts your sloppy drawings into smooth, sharp geometrical shapes. It makes drawing flow charts, graphs and mind maps easy and incredibly fun.

10. Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker

jurassic park

NBC has released a companion Jurassic World app that lets you “realistically” add dinosaurs to your photos and videos. It’s silly, but also jolly good fun.

App Deals for Monday, May 18th

– Drawing with Carl ($2.99 -> Free)

DrumKick ($4.99 -> Free)

– Bugs, shapes and robots face paint for toddler ($2.99 – Free)

– Paul Ball ($0.99 -> Free)

File Manager – Folder Plus ($4.99 -> Free)

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