At the ongoing Tech World event in Beijing, China, Lenovo announced it has partnered with Microsoft to bring Cortana and REACHit software across Windows 10 PCs and tablets to offer an improved search capability to its users.

cortana and reachit

Looking up for information and files stored in our computers can get tedious at times, and with Microsoft releasing Cortana digital assistant to desktop and Lenovo’s REACHit software, the two companies are trying to improve the search experience for once and all for the users. The software in question from the Chinese computer manufacturer allows users to search for content across any connected Lenovo PC or tablet device. Furthermore, it also supports many major cloud services.

This deep, exclusive platform integration gives Cortana a much larger inventory of information to search, opening up an entirely new level of contextual search and giving users the most comprehensive, seamless and natural way to find their personal digital content,” the company notes on a blog post. 

This is an interesting feature as with the advent of so many new devices, and the option for users to store their files in an ever increasing storage services, it has become ever so difficult to locate important files when you need them. With REACHit, a user, for example with a ThinkPad X1 Carbon will be able to check out the files stored in it from a ThinkPad 10 tablet.

Microsoft is brining its digital voice assistant Cortana to the desktop Windows 10 operating system. Cortana will help users manage their schedule, and ask for assistance in looking for information and files. With Cortana and REACHit working in conjunction, a user will be able to ask Cortana to look for a file stored in a different Lenovo machine, and Cortana will be able to pull that information up. REACHit will work with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box cloud storage services as well.

We are living in a world where technology has made it easy to amass unprecedented amounts of personal digital content,” said Mark Cohen, Vice President, Ecosystem and Cloud Services, Lenovo. “So much information that it can be extremely difficult to remember where it is stored. What you need is an assistant – a friend – who is always at the ready to help. That is where Cortana and REACHit comes in, enabling people to find their personal content in an incredibly natural way – by asking a friend for help.”

Disclosure: The editor of this blog was flown in by Lenovo to Beijing to cover the Lenovo TechWorld event.

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