Youtube videos can be quite entertaining, but they also distract your from other productive things that you might be doing. But there’s a way to try and combine your work online and the next episode from your favorite Youtuber.

watch youtube videos side by side chrome

Sideplayer is as a free Chrome extension which is described as the background TV for your browser. So, whatever you’re doing on the web, you can use this really simple tool to watch videos in the same time, as well. You can see in the above screenshot how will the video appear.

The Chrome extension comes with a size of around 35 KB, so it’s really lightweight. Its official page on the Chrome store says it is currently at version 0.0.3, which means the product is still in beta. Thus, if you encounter various glitches, you should know that this is more or less a normal behavior.

After you will have installed the extension, you need to restart Chrome for it to work. And once that is complete, you will have a new button in the top right corner of your Chrome browser, as you can see in the screenshot from below.


In order to have an YouTube video playing outside your current tab, you need to click the Sideplayer button under any YouTube video or video thumbnail or past the link to the Youtube video. The window is easily resizable and you can drag where you want it. It also comes with autoplay, so you don’t have to worry about that. And yes, of course, Sideplayer works when changing tabs, as that is actually its main feature.

I’ve used the extension for a couple of videos, and found that at times, YouTube videos were slightly lagging. However, this might’ve happened on account of the huge number of tabs that I had opened. But other than that, it pretty much works flawlessly and I recommend it to anyone looking for such an utility.

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