Despite available resources, Google has been always grumpy about allowing YouTube videos to play in the background on smartphones. After all, who watches a lengthy clip without concurrently working or chatting with someone? There are a series of third-party solutions present on the store, however, the good ones are limited to rooted devices which obviously most users don’t possess. Fortunately, there’s a new application in town and it’s called “Flytube”.


Flytube is a free app for Android phones which as the name suggests, allows you to view YouTube clips in movable and independent windows. You can lay it over any other application without any interruptions whatsoever. The pop-up window, additionally, can be moved and resized according to your preferences, and it also holds tiny little playback controls including a seek bar, play/pause and more for quick access. Unfortunately, you still can’t play them while keeping the phone locked due to Google’s restrictive guidelines. Of course, that’s mainly to protect their paid subscription service – YouTube Red.


Once you fire up the app, it will greet with the same red-accented interface you get on the regular YouTube application with three tabs for Trending, Subscriptions, and Playlists. To play a video in the background, you can either tap on a video on the Flytube app itself or hit the “share” button if you’re using something else. Flytube even works for videos embedded in web pages as long as there’s a sharing option. Furthermore, there a bunch of assisting settings available in the app including switches for autoplay, snapping location and whether the window should be resizable. Although, you will need to spend an extra $1.20 (~Rs 75) for removing advertisements and the ability to resize. One thing to note is, while playing high definition content on budget phones, Flytube did cause some minimal stutters.


The app is definitely a must-have utility specially for phones rocking huge displays, shedding the extra dollar for resizing windows is surely worth it. There’s another app titled “Stream” but that doesn’t dynamically allow resizing and you can’t directly share videos from any other app or web page.

Update: Flytube has been removed from the Play store (our guess is as good as yours), however, you can get the APK file from APKMirror and it’ll work without any hassles.

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