Emails have been around for a while and so have third-party services which attempt to reinvigorate the experience with their extensions and add-ons. However, the lack of a native execution always led to a crippled and incoherent platform for the user to work in. While Google has tried to improve its offering with a set of smarter features and a dedicated app like Inbox, their performance inadequacies and a restricted presence always tend to pull them back.

newton mail review: the best email client you probably won't buy - newton mail every device

To vanquish this conundrum, CloudMagic came up with an entirely new emailing platform. But it didn’t catch our eyes until recently when the app received a major facelift and was rebranded as Newton Mail. After spending a healthy amount of time with Newton Mail, I can safely say it’s possibly the most proficient email service out there but it comes at a price. Before delving into whether you should spend your dough on it, here’s what I think about the app.

Easy on the Eyes

Newton Mail is a thoughtfully designed platform. Everything from the buttons to the windows seem to be positioned exactly where they should be. Its persnickety nature and a modern set of interface elements are what will captivate you on first glance. There’s no doubt in the fact that this is the most aesthetically pleasing email client I’ve ever worked on and believe me, I’ve used a lot. Even if you’re swamped by a thousand emails every day, the UI won’t feel cluttered or distressing like others, especially when compared to the ones which are still stuck in 2014.

newton mail review: the best email client you probably won't buy - newton mail android

However, of course, you care more what’s inside the package and Newton Mail doesn’t disappoint there as well. The company calls it “supercharged emailing” and in a way, that isn’t an exaggeration at all. For starters, Newton Mail is compatible with almost every emailing platform there is and lets you juggle between multiple accounts without any hassles or annoying loading screens. The app features a series of supplementing utilities which you only see in third-party extensions. One of such is “Read Receipts” which as the name suggests, adds delivery and read marks beside each of your emails. You can use it on the desktop clients and your phone also.

newton mail review: the best email client you probably won't buy - newton mail read receipts

Another is the ability to schedule emails for later – again something you can achieve with other dedicated apps. But in addition to that, Newton Mail allows you to snooze messages and connect third-party services like Dropbox or Todoist if you’d like to sync data or attachments. Then there are follow-up reminders, undo send, and sender profiles which essentially display the recipient’s details in a more organized manner. You can obviously turn these off if it gets overwhelming at some point or if you think features like the read receipts make you paranoid.

newton mail review: the best email client you probably won't buy - newton mail sender profile

You can also customize toolbars and what actions it performs when you swipe in a particular direction. As you’d expect, there are shortcuts available as well for doing all kinds of stuff from creating a new email to opening the sidebar. Furthermore, the app comes with a Calendar view which remains updated with your email account. One of my favorite tools is the “unsubscribe now” link beneath promotional messages that redirects you directly to the respective service’s subscription page. There are also some more nifty options like sending an email as PDF, pop-out a particular message in a separate window, and a few others.

newton mail review: the best email client you probably won't buy - newton mail settings

Not flawless though

There are a couple of minor setbacks of Newton Mail as well such as it lacks any sort of dedicated template for tickets or payments like Google Inbox. Moreover, some might find the interface way too minimalistic and won’t particularly appreciate that a lot of advanced tools are tucked away somewhere on the sides. For instance, editing options while composing a new email isn’t permanently strapped to the bottom. You’ve to select the text for revealing them. Newton Mail should, in my opinion, add a setting for enabling a relatively more straightforward UI for users specifically looking for it.

newton mail review: the best email client you probably won't buy - newton mail all devices

This brings us to the price – $50 every year – which puts this app’s fate in an ugly predicament. On one hand, I can, without a doubt, crown it as the best email client available out there. But it’s incredibly pricey for general users whose life don’t really depend upon email productivity. Unless you are constantly frustrated by your email client or if third-party extensions have made your emailing experience miserable, $50 per year might seem a bit too much. There are a few comparable alternatives as well if you can live without cross-platform compatibilities such as Airmail for Apple devices or Mailbird or just the default apps installed on your computer and phone.

Nevertheless, Newton Mail is certainly worth trying out and thankfully, it does come with a 14-day trial. The app has support for Windows, Mac, iOS, WatchOS, Android Wear, and Android. I do wish they had a web app, though. You can download it from here.

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