In the past year, Paytm has earned a permanent place on the homescreens of many Indians’ smartphones. Along with sustaining a radical growth, the app has also been updated with a slew of new features. However, not everyone has gone past the usual peer-to-peer payments bit. Hence, in this article, we discuss a couple of lesser-known tips and traits for improving your Paytm experience.

Fingerprint Authentication

lesser-known tips for the paytm app you should know about - paytm fingerprint

Paytm’s mobile app comes with a native option for enabling fingerprint authentication to protect your wallet from misuse. Once turned on, the app will ask for your biometrics or a PIN whenever you or someone else tries to access the passbook. The option is available under the ‘security and settings’ and then, ‘App lock password’.

Automatic Reload

lesser-known tips for the paytm app you should know about - paytm automatic reload

Tired of constantly Paytm wallet top ups? Well, you’re in luck as the company recently added something called “Automatic Reload”. As the name suggests, it automatically adds balance to your account whenever it falls below a specified threshold value. The app connects to your credit/debit card to achieve this functionality. To set it up, head into the “add money” tab and you should see a banner for automatic reload. Tap it, mention the required values, and you’re good to go.

Automatic Payments

Similarly, you can configure automatic payments for recharging your mobile or DTH or pay any other bill at the end of a cycle. The procedure is quite straightforward – recharge normally and on the success page, you’ll find an option for setting up automatic payments for the next time. Click on the drop-down for selecting the duration and then, the payment method.

Stores Nearby

In case you’re running low on cash and want to visit a store that accepts Paytm transactions, you can take a look at a map that marks all the nearby compatible landmarks. The “Nearby” option is available on the extreme right of the top blue bar menu. Moreover, it allows you to filter out various categories such as food, home services and so on.

Paytm Gold

A few months before, Paytm partnered with MMTC-PAMP to launch a service – Paytm Gold through which anyone can purchase 24K 999.9 pure gold online. It essentially lets you invest in digital Gold and store it in a secure facility. However, you can also get this gold delivered at your home in the form of minted coins or sell it back whenever you need.


lesser-known tips for the paytm app you should know about - paytm postcards

Gone are the days when the elders used to gift you money in little postcards. It’s the era of digital payments and with that, also comes digital postcards. On the Paytm app, you can create virtual postcards with Paytm cash and send it across to other people on any occasion. To do so, fire up the app and a “Lifafa” option will be present in the top blue menu bar. Click that, then “send a Lucky Lifafa” and enter the details such as the recipient’s contact information, amount, message and even specify the background of the greeting. Once you are done, press the send button located on the top.


Paytm added support for UPI payments as well a few weeks back. The option is located at the bottom of the “complete your payment” page. Enter your Virtual Payment Address (VPA), approve the transaction, and you are good to go.

Those were some of the tips and lesser-known Paytm features you should know about. Let us know in the comments section if we missed any good ones.

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