There is good news (or wait… rumour/speculation) for those of you who are missing the Essential phone in India, darlings. As per some of my sources (such loves, sweeties), the phone made by Andy Rubin and Co. is expected to be in India in the coming months (some say late March, some April). And bringing the phone to India will be Amazon. In fact, darlings, from what I have picked up from people, the phone is really going to be an Amazon initiative rather than an Essential one. No pun intended, dearies, essentially not.

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And it is because of this that my sources say that the phone could come at a surprisingly low price – well below Rs 30,000. Of course, it also means that the edition in India will be the one with the Alexa integration which was recently released in the US for USD 449 (what a come down from the launch price, darlings).

From what we can figure out, the problem essentially (oops!) is that with sales well below what was expected (not even six figures), the company is stuck with a lot of extra stock. And wants to clear the decks, so to speak, even as it starts work on the second phone – yes, there will be one, darlings, and more about that later. Of course, as the priority is to clear stocks, prices will take a cut – one of my friends even went so far as to suggest a Rs 24,999 price tag, which would be quite something for a device with flagship level specs (Snapdragon 835, 4 GB RAM and that 5.71-inch bezel-less display, with support for mods also).

Sounds like a geek fantasy? Well, right now it is, darlings. But judging by what our sources say, this fantasy might not be too distant from reality. We are keeping our fingers crossed and of course, our ears open. We will let you know what transpires.

PS: Thanks for refusing to accept my resignation, darlings. So touched.

PPS: Darlings, before you accuse me of giving ‘fake news’, do check the difference between news and rumour. There is a killer app called a dictionary, available online and offline that might help…

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