After a series of leaks and renders, OnePlus 6 has finally been announced. OnePlus has finally broken the $500 barrier by pricing the base variant of the OnePlus 6 at $529 as opposed to the $499 for its predecessor. That being said, the device seems to retain its USP of offering the best possible set of hardware for the given price bracket. OnePlus 6 will roll out globally starting from May 22nd, however, if you want to buy the Silk White variant, then it will be available only from June 5. The 256GB variant of the OnePlus 6 is available only in the Midnight Black color.

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We do understand that many might be waiting for the OnePlus 6 in order to upgrade from their current smartphones. It is for this very reason that we have curated a list of places from where you can buy/order the OnePlus 6.

Where can I buy the OnePlus 6?

The OnePlus 6 will be available starting from 22nd May 2018. In the U.S, you can directly buy from the OnePlus store since the device is sold directly without any carrier bundling. Want to be the first one to get a brand new OnePlus 6? Well, the company has opened up pop-up stores in New York and San Francisco. If you purchase the OnePlus 6 from these popup stores, you can get it a day before others. You can head over to this link and check the location of your nearest popup store.

OnePlus is also expected to host the OnePlus 6 unveiling event across other countries. For instance, in India, the OnePlus 6 will be exclusively available on online and the OnePlus experience stores in select cities. And the India price will be announced later today at an event in Mumbai.

Where can I buy the OnePlus Bullet Wireless headphone?

OnePlus surprised us all by unveiling a wireless headphone at the OnePlus 6 event. The Bullet wireless headphones will cost $69 and will be available starting from June 5. OnePlus has assured us of backward compatibility which means that the headphone will support OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T as well.

As always, OnePlus claims to have solved the perennial problems of owning and using a wireless headphone. The Bullet Wireless headphone will offer a 5-hours of playback after being charged for only 10 minutes. The earbuds on the Bullet headphones are magnetic and will be activated when separated and will switch off when held together. You can purchase the Bullet headphones on the OnePlus stores starting from June 5.

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