How to Enable and Use Google Chrome’s Picture-in-Picture Mode

by: - Last updated on: June 10th, 2018

In this fast-paced world, multitasking experience is central both in the real life and in the computer world. The potential of doing various tasks simultaneously is one of the most desiderated in order to accomplish the tasks in the limited amount of time. Since ages, it has been a fantasy of many techno users to have a multi-window mode in the desktop system that would let the user multitask, for instance watching a video while navigating between apps.

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This very advantage of multitasking is included in the mode called Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on Google Chrome and this feature was introduced earlier in smartphone sector for Android Oreo that would allow its users to watch a video in a small window. This small window playing your favorite video could be dragged around the screen, pinned to the screen corner while navigating between apps or browsing the content on the main screen. This Chrome browser PiP feature was well received by the smartphone users and ever since its launch, PiP feature is pretty sought after on laptops and desktops.

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Google Chrome

Well, the most sought-after feature is now being added to the Google Chrome desktop version. Google has officially launched the specific flags in Google Chrome to support PiP. In order to avail the feature, you need to use an extension. In this segment, we will explain step by step on how to enable and use Picture-in-Picture(PiP) mode on Google Chrome desktop.

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  • In order to have a desktop with PiP mode enabled, you need to first install the Google Chrome Canary on your Windows device. Download it here.
  • Once installed, you need to enable some experimental features.
  • To enable them, go to the URL and type Chrome://flags. Now enable the following flags by selecting the Enabled option from the menu for each of the flags:


Chrome pip 1

  • Restart Google Chrome Canary by clicking on “Relaunch Now” button.

Chrome Pip 2

  • Now download and extract the Picture-in-Picture files from the Github package and extract the files to any folder of your device.
  • Now open Google Chrome Canary and click on the URL to type “chrome://extensions”
  • In the top right corner of the page, toggle the Developer mode button to “On”.

Chrome PIP 3

  • Search and locate Load unpacked option in the top left corner of the page and click on it.
  • In the new window that appears, browse for the folder named src and select the src folder in the unzipped Github file.

Chrome Pip 4

  • Click on Ok to enable the Picture-in-Picture mode extension. This will load thePiP extension to Chrome and will add the PiP icon to the Chrome toolbar near the address bar.

Chrome PIP 5

That’s all.  With PiP mode enabled in desktop, you can watch a video in the small window popped out while you browse through multiple windows with not just restricted to Chrome.

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