With the introduction of iOS 17, Apple introduced a new feature called Standby Mode, which turns the iPhone into a smart display with smart home controls. It displays information such as the clock, weather, images from the Photos app, and other information in a new full screen while the iPhone is charging in landscape mode.

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If you are an Android user and interested in this smart feature and want to have it on your device, this guide is for you. In this guide, you will learn different methods to enable standby mode on your Android device, similar to iOS. Without any delay, let us get started.

What Is Standby Mode?

Standby mode is a feature found in most devices, such as smartphones, computers, and televisions, where the device is put into a power-saving mode when not in use and is quickly woken up when needed. With the introduction of Always on Display, standby mode has been significantly improved and now displays useful information such as time, date, notifications, or other important details without the need to fully activate the screen.

With the introduction of the new standby mode on iOS, Apple has made the home screen more visually appealing and added useful widgets. Sooner or later, we may see this feature on Android as well. Until then, you can use these workarounds to enjoy standby mode on your Android smartphone.

How to Enable Standby Mode on Android

Turn On Standby Mode on Samsung Smartphones

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Standby mode has been available on Samsung smartphones for some time. If your smartphone is running a UI 5 or later version, you can enable standby mode directly in the settings. Samsung’s implementation of standby mode is usually not as responsive as the iPhone’s, but it can be used when the smartphone is not in use.

  • Open the settings on your smartphone
  • Locate and tap the lock screen and click “Always on.”
  • Tap on the screen orientation and select Landscape from the drop-down menu.
  • Now switch your smartphone to idle and wait until the screen is on. Double-tap on the screen and swipe up or down.
  • Now you should see various widgets like alarms, music, weather, clock, and more.

Install a Third-party App to Enable Standby Mode on Android

stand by mode on android

Another easy way to enable standby mode on your Android device is to install third-party apps. There are already numerous apps in the Google Play Store that you can use to activate standby mode on your Android smartphone.

These apps instantly display various widgets like a clock and calendar and also help you view photos from the Photos app. You can also customize the experience by changing colors, widget styles, and more.

Unlike standby mode on the iPhone, setting up standby mode with third-party apps is a manual process, and all widgets are displayed in the app as an overlay. This means that every time you want standby mode, you have to open the app and set it up manually, and your smartphone has to be unlocked and open for the app to work, which not only consumes more battery but also requires additional system resources to keep the app running, and most importantly, poses a privacy and security risk.

Using this method to set up standby mode is definitely not recommended unless you really need it.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone and search “iOS Standby mode.” There are a variety of apps, of which I prefer Standby iOS and Standby iOS: Always on Display.
  • Install any app on your smartphone depending on your preferences
  • Open the app, and immediately, you will see various widgets similar to iOS standby mode. You can swipe to change the widgets and click on the settings to customize the look.

Customise Always on Display to Make it Like StandBy Mode

always on display settings

Most Android smartphones nowadays offer Always on Display, which is very similar to standby mode. You can customize the Always On Display settings so that the appearance and information displayed when your device is ideal or when it is charging is similar to the iPhone’s standby mode.

How to enable always on display on your Android smartphone

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Find the Display option and tap on it.
  • Look for the Lock screen option and tap it.
  • In the lock screen menu, you will find a setting called Always show time and Info.
  • Check the box next to this option to enable it.
  • To customize, scroll down and select Customize to your liking. Some devices also give you the option to add widgets to the Always-on display, similar to standby mode.
  • These steps may vary slightly depending on your smartphone or the Android version you are using.

FAQs on Standy Mode on Android

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Yes, you can still receive notifications in standby mode on Android. You can even add notifications to standby mode, and all your notifications will be displayed in one place.

Standby mode is designed to improve battery life when your device is not in use. However, the standby mode introduced by Apple and the methods listed in this post is slightly different, and hence, it can affect battery life. Apple's standby mode can only be used when your iPhone is charging.

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