At long last, WhatsApp added the ability to send stickers on its messaging platform two weeks ago. However, even after months of testing, the marketplace is rather limited. You only have about a dozen packs of goofy creatures to mess around with. While there is an option to sideload third-party collections, the integration is a little buggy and doesn’t function half of the times I’ve tried it.

how to add your own custom stickers on whatsapp - stickers whatsapp

To overcome that deficiency, here’s how to build your own custom stickers and upload them to WhatsApp. In spite of what it may sound like, the process of sideloading stickers to WhatsApp is surprisingly simple and doesn’t require any graphic designing skills.

how to add your own custom stickers on whatsapp - custom stickers whatsapp

Add Custom Stickers on WhatsApp

  • First, you need to head over to the Play Store and download a free app called “Sticker maker for WhatsApp.”
  • Fire up the app and hit the “Create a new sticker pack” button.
  • Now, enter the pack’s name and its author. This is merely for descriptive purposes, your stickers won’t be accessible to every WhatsApp user.
  • Once that’s done, tap the new list entry and you will land on the page where you’ll be configuring all the stickers.
  • The thumbnail situated at the very top is your pack’s icon. This is how you will locate it on WhatsApp. Tapping the space will take you to the editor where you need to select the image and crop it by outlining its border.
  • Although do note that the image you crop for this won’t be a sticker, just the icon. Therefore, if you want that as a sticker as well, you will have to set it up again through the forthcoming steps.
  • Next up, follow the same editing process for the rest of the stickers. The maximum limit for a pack is thirty.
  • When you’re ready to proceed (knowing you cannot edit the pack once it’s published), tap the big, green “publish sticker pack” button and you’re all set.

The custom sticker pack should be available in WhatsApp now. If you need more help with stickers on WhatsApp, here’s a quick guide.

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