Google has just announced support for ‘dynamic emails’ on Gmail for the desktop. The company first announced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for email last year, to provide users with a more interactive experience with messaging and email. The feature has already started rolling out for users, but might take some time, before being available for everyone. Currently, users can only experience the feature on desktop, however, Google says that it has plans to offer the same on mobile.

what's dynamic email in gmail and how to use it? - google dynamic email

What is Dynamic Email?

Dynamic Emails are essentially built on AMP standards to allow users to get updated messages on-the-fly, without having to refresh or go to another webpage. The embedded content present in email changes or updates itself automatically, as soon as it receives an update or requires a user to take an action.

what's dynamic email in gmail and how to use it? - dynamic email demo messages

Say, you are working on a document on Google Docs with your team, and you get a message from a team member. With dynamic emails, instead of receiving an individual email notification, you will instead get a thread updated with the latest messages. Here, you can respond to the message directly within the thread, without having to leave the tab.

To increase the privacy and security of dynamic emails, Google is making sure it is offering the same level of security that it offers to the rest of Gmail. Which is why to ensure maximum security, it is requiring anyone who wants to send dynamic emails, to get reviewed by Gmail before being able to send these emails.

Who is using Dynamic Email?

A lot of popular businesses have already started using dynamic emails to make their emails more actionable and in-turn make it easy for users to respond or take action in an easy manner. Some of the popular businesses, like, Despegar, Doodle, Ecwid, Freshworks, Nexxt, OYO Rooms, Pinterest and redBus have already started using dynamic emails.

For instance, with Oyo rooms, users can now easily look for hotels or rentals and make a booking, straight from within the email itself.

By doing so, users no longer have to click on a link that would then take them to another webpage, to allow them to perform any actions. Instead, everything can be done within the same email, with just a few clicks.

How to enable Dynamic Email?

Dynamic email is rolling out to masses and will be available to everyone very soon. In addition to that, the feature is also expected to be coming to mobile, as stated by the company.

The dynamic email feature is disabled by default and is available as an opt-in for G Suite customers. If you’re an admin and want to use the dynamic email for your organization, you need to navigate to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > User settings, and from there select the option to Enable dynamic email.

Lastly, in case a user is using any other mail client for the service, they will only get a static version for the same and will not be able to enjoy dynamic emails.

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