7 Google Chrome Extensions You Need for a Better YouTube Experience

by: - Last updated on: October 13th, 2020

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most widely used internet browsers due to a variety of features like chrome apps, the ability to theme browser elements, and of course, extensions. While there are a ton of extensions for various purposes on the Chrome Store, we decided to cherry-pick the ones that would be most helpful to each one of you who love watching YouTube videos but want some extra customizations or features that are not natively supported on the YouTube website.

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Do note that all the extensions mentioned henceforth are free to download from the Chrome Web Store and have been tested to work on Chrome for Windows 10. Some extensions may require special permissions or a browser restart to function.



Invideo is a pretty handy chrome extension especially if you’re watching an educational or explanatory video and you wish to skip to a certain topic within the video. It lets you search for a particular word or phrase uttered in a video and uses YouTube’s Closed Captions to search for the timestamp when that word/phrase features in the video. For example, if you were to be watching a smartphone review and wish to know more about the cameras, in particular, searching for the word “camera” will take you straight to the timestamp where the camera section of the review begins, so it’s convenient and saves you time. Get it here.

Improve YouTube!


As the name suggests, Improve YouTube lets you improve your YouTube viewing experience by providing a ton of customization options ranging right from changing the background color of the webpage to resizing the player window, creating your own playlists and assign custom keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, volume up/down, etc. You can also fix a certain resolution that you want every video to play in, remove annotations and suggested content on the video page and even disable the comments section. This is the ultimate tool for YouTube customization. Get it here.

Looper for YouTube


Again, the name itself is self-explanatory of the functionality of the extension. It adds a simple “loop” button below each video which when enabled, continuously loops the playback of that particular video. Handy when you’re listening to your favorite songs. Get it here.

Audio Only YouTube


Another extension specifically for users who listen to a lot of songs on YouTube. This YouTube chrome extension lets you disable video and stream on audio on YouTube which helps you save some bandwidth. If you listen to a lot of songs or repeatedly listen to songs on loop while using a hotspot from your capped mobile data connection, this can help you save a lot of data. Get it here.

Picture in Picture


PiP or Picture in Picture lets you minimize the YouTube window into a small frame that can be moved around the screen. And can be placed on top of other windows as well. Thus enabling you to perform other tasks while running the video parallelly in a smaller window. Useful if you multitask a lot, or to watch the latest TechPP videos while finishing your homework! Get it here.

Skipper for YouTube


This is an extension we had featured previously as a part of our Chromeville section sometime back and it still remains to be a useful extension for a lot of audio lovers. What it essentially does, is skip to the beginning of the actual music in a soundtrack rather than playing the intro and unnecessary parts of a song at the beginning. Helpful if you want to skip the prelude and get straight to the song. Get it here.

Video Adblocker for YouTube


There’s no explanation required for this extension. Does exactly what the name suggests. Use it with caution, however, as content creators depend on ads for revenue, and using this extension will deny them of a monetized playback from your end. Get it here.

These were our favorite picks for the best Chrome extensions to use in order to enhance your YouTube viewing experience. If you wish to see more such compilations of Chrome extensions for various purposes, make sure to let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

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