While the Redmi K20 has been receiving a lot of flak for being priced higher than what was expected, there’s no denying the fact that it still provides a comprehensive package and if you are looking for a premium mid-range smartphone, the K20 should be one of your primary options. If you are planning to get one for yourself and want a few questions to be answered before you make the final call, here’s a list of doubts that we try to clarify. Let’s begin with the question the whole country is asking.

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Do you think the Redmi K20 is overpriced?

The Redmi K20 has the latest Snapdragon 730 chip which provides great performance and if benchmarks are something to go by, it’s just third in terms of rankings after Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 845. This means performance is right up there with the flagships. Not just the chipset, but there’s a beautiful AMOLED display with bare minimal bezels, a pop-up camera, triple rear cameras, In-display fingerprint scanner, and a glass body. All of them put together form a premium package which justifies the Rs. 21,999 price tag, depending on the end user’s perception of value.

What’s the USP of the Redmi K20?

As mentioned in the answer above, right from the best premium mid-range chip to a gorgeous display, the K20 has most aspects covered. The design and build quality, performance and battery life are its biggest strengths.

What are some negatives of the Redmi K20?

The triple rear camera setup on the rear, while being versatile, is inconsistent. The primary shooter has muted colors in the image output, and the overall camera experience is slightly underwhelming when compared to the competition in this price segment.

Are there ads in the UI on the Redmi K20?

While Xiaomi’s official statement does specify no “display ads”, default apps like the browser, music player and video player send push notifications frequently which can get annoying. You can disable them by following this guide.

How powerful is the Snapdragon 730 SoC?

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The ‘7’ series chipsets from Qualcomm were introduced to bridge the gap between mid-range and flagship smartphones and the Snapdragon 730 is the most premium SoC belonging to that category at the time of writing. There’s no task that bothers this chipset too much, be it editing your photos or playing PUBG. Going by benchmarks, it’s ranked right below the SD 855 and SD 845, both of which are flagship chips.

Will the Redmi K20 get the Android Q update?

Yes, the Redmi K20 should definitely get the Android Q update once it is out in the mainstream. It generally takes a while for a new Android version upgrade on MIUI, so you will have to wait for a bit.

What kind of storage does the Redmi K20 have?

The Redmi K20 has UFS 2.1 storage which results in faster read and write speeds. Only two phones in the market right now have faster UFS 3 storage – the OnePlus 7 series and Asus ROG Phone 2.

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What are the different variants in which the Redmi K20 will be sold?

In terms of RAM/Storage, the Redmi K20 is available in the base variant with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage for Rs. 21,999 and a higher 128GB variant with the same amount of RAM for Rs. 23,999. It will also be available in 3 colour options – Carbon Black, Flame Red and Glacier Blue.

Can you consume HDR content on the Redmi K20?

Yes, Redmi K20 does support playback of HDR content on apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Does the Redmi K20 have Widevine L1 support?

Yes, there is support for Widevine L1 and you can playback HD content through Netflix or any streaming service.

Is there a headphone jack on the Redmi K20?

Thankfully, the much-loved headphone jack is retained and there is a dedicated DAC which enhances the overall music experience.

Does the Redmi K20 have support for FM radio?

There is support for FM radio on the Redmi K20 as with other Redmi smartphones we have seen in the past.

Does the Redmi K20 have Gorilla Glass protection?

Yes, both the display and the back are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

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Does the Redmi K20 support Dual 4G VoLTE?

Yes, you can use 4G LTE on both SIM cards right out of the box.

How many Android Version Updates will the Redmi K20 get?

While there’s no official statement regarding this, it is safe to say that Xiaomi should roll out two major Android version updates for the Redmi K20, given that it is a premium offering.

Does the Redmi K20 support Google Camera or G Cam Mod?

Yes, there is support for camera2api right out of the box. You can install G Cam mod and as with every phone, the Redmi K20 does produce improved pictures while using the Google Camera app instead of the stock camera app.

Can you record 4K videos on the Redmi K20?

Yes, you can record videos in up to 4K at 30fps.

What is the difference between the IMX 582 sensor on the Redmi K20 and the IMX 586 on the K20 Pro?

The only difference between the two camera sensors is the fact that the IM 582 touting Redmi K20 cannot shoot videos in 4K at 60fps while the IMX 586 on the K20 Pro allows for it. Both are 48MP shooters and there is no difference between the two apart from this.

Can you record slow-motion videos on the Redmi K20?

The Redmi K20 can record in super slow-motion in HD resolution at a frame rate of 960fps.

Should I buy the Redmi K20 or the Realme X?

The answer to this question isn’t plainly based on the difference in price. The Realme X has a Snapdragon 710 SoC, a 48MP rear camera sensor, pop-up camera for selfies, an AMOLED display up front with an in-display fingerprint scanner, all for Rs. 16,999 for the base variant.

The Redmi K20, on the other hand, has a more powerful SD 730 SoC, triple cameras on the rear which offers more versatility, a higher-res pop-up camera, a higher capacity battery (4000mAh vs 3765mAh) and a similar AMOLED display (+HDR) with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

To make it more confusing, the Realme X does better in terms of rear camera performance while the K20 hits right back with better selfies. The K20 has better battery life, but the Realme X charges faster. The K20 has a better display, but the Realme X has faster fingerprint recognition. Performance is undoubtedly better on the K20 due to a better chipset and a more polished UI (MIUI vs ColorOS). However, the difference in performance alone does not warrant an additional Rs. 5,000 price, so looking at the larger scheme of things, the Realme X seems like a better deal. However, if you want the extra telephoto and wide-angle lenses, better selfies, larger battery, and smoother user experience, and most importantly, you are willing to spend Rs. 22,000, the Redmi K20 will surely not disappoint.

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Should I buy the Redmi K20 over the Poco F1?

The Poco F1 is selling for around Rs. 18,000 mark and it offers last year’s flagship SoC which is the Snapdragon 845 so in case performance is your sole priority, the Poco F1 would perform slightly better than the SD 730 on the Redmi K20. However, the K20 has a better design, build quality, more versatile cameras and with the uncertainty pertaining to Poco’s future, we feel the Redmi K20 is a more sensible option at this point in time.

If you play a lot of PUBG, is Redmi K20 the right choice?

As said earlier, the Snapdragon 730 is a powerful chipset and can handle PUBG well, albeit not at 60fps. The 4000mAh battery also means you can play for longer hours, so the Redmi K20 is a good choice if you play a lot of PUBG. If ONLY playing PUBG is your priority, you can consider the Poco F1 too which will perform better and even give you 60fps frame rates.

Does the Redmi K20 support Fast Charging?

The Redmi K20 comes with an 18W fast charger in the box which takes about an hour and 45 minutes for a full charge.

Does the 27W Mi adapter charge the Redmi K20 any faster?

No, the maximum wattage that is supported for charging the Redmi K20 is 18W, so the 27W adapter does not make any difference.

How fast is the in-display fingerprint scanner on the Redmi K20?

The in-display fingerprint scanner on the Redmi K20 isn’t the quickest but is quite accurate most of the time. Compared to similar phones like the Realme X, the Redmi K20 feels slightly slower in terms of unlocking speeds.

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Is there face unlock on the Redmi K20?

Yes, there is support for face unlock but given that the front-facing camera is housed in a pop-up mechanism, it takes a second more than usual, so we would suggest sticking to the fingerprint scanner.

Does the Redmi K20 have Stereo Speakers?

Unfortunately, there is just a single bottom-firing speaker on the Redmi K20. It’s pretty loud, nevertheless.

Is there a notification LED on the Redmi K20?

Yes! Xiaomi has done a smart job here by including a small ring on top of the pop-up mechanism which lights up each time you have a notification.

Is there support for USB OTG on the Redmi K20?

Yes, USB OTG is supported.

Does the Redmi K20 have external SD card support?

Unfortunately, they’ve completely done away with an SD card slot, including the hybrid slot we saw in Redmi Note devices, so you’re stuck with just the onboard memory.

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Is the Redmi K20 water-resistant?

While there’s no IP rating, the Redmi K20 does have a P2i nano-coating which makes it splash resistant and you can take it out occasionally in the rain, but don’t dunk it in the pool.

Are there any other alternatives to the Redmi K20?

The Realme X offers similar specifications and looks with the exception of a Snapdragon 710 SoC instead of the Snapdragon 730 on the Redmi K20. In case you are not a heavy gamer or you don’t perform intensive tasks on your phone, the Realme X will still perform really well, and will even produce better quality images from the rear shooter. If your budget permits, you can go for the Redmi K20, or else the Realme X is also a solid option.

Where can I buy the Redmi K20 in India?

The Redmi K20 is officially sold online on Flipkart and Mi.com and offline in Mi Homes and partner stores.

If there’s anything we’ve missed out, you can tweet to us @techpp and we’ll be glad to help! You can also find our full review here which you can go through in case you plan to buy the Redmi K20.

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