Smartphones. If you buy one, you are unlikely to switch to a new one for some time. And let’s be honest, looking at the same screen day in, day out can become a little boring. But you know what? It does not have to be that way. We are not talking about just changing the wallpaper or downloading different themes.

how to customize icons in realmeui and coloros 7 - customise icons realme

You can actually customize the way icons appear on your phone, giving it a fresh look or just giving yourself an “I can make iconic changes” power rush. And if you have a smartphone running RealmeUI or ColorOS7, customizing becomes really easy. This does not even require any downloading or going online. You can customize icons right from the Settings app on your smartphone.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Steps to customize icons on Realme UI and ColorOS 7

Step 1: Open Settings

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First things first, you have to have a RealmeUI or ColorOS 7 running smartphone (the Realme 6 Pro and the Oppo Reno 3 Pro, for instance) to follow these steps. Just update them to be on the safe side. Now on that smartphone, find the Settings app and open it.

Step 2: Select Home Screen and Lock Screen Magazine

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Once you are in the Settings, find the “Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine” option and open it.

Step 3: Get into Personalization

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Scroll down (you will have to scroll quite a bit) and find the Personalization section. In this section, you will find three different options, all that help you change the look of your smartphone. You get “Set Theme” and “Set Wallpaper,” but the one that matters here is “Set Icon Style,” which will allow you to customize icons on your smartphone.

Step 4: Choose and customize

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When you open the Set Icon Style window, you will four different options for changing the look of your icons:

  1. Default: In this style, the icons of the apps are pretty much the ones you get out of the box, mostly circular. Ignore if you are looking for a change (which is why you are reading, isn’t it?).
  2. how to customize icons in realmeui and coloros 7 - step4b

  3. Material style: As the name indicates, this seems inspired by Google’s material design. Most icons get placed in square boxes and you will also see different icons for some apps camera (the icon will look like a camera, music and well, Settings itself. It is a slightly flatter but
  4. how to customize icons in realmeui and coloros 7 - step4c

  5. Pebble: Pebble sort of blends the first two styles. The icons are different from the first two and are fenced with a squoval (square with oval corners) shape. Once again, some apps gets different icons – Settings gets very basic with two sliders rather than the gear wheels and while the camera icon remains, its lens becomes much bigger.
  6. Custom: This is where you can actually unleash all your creativity. Select the Custom option (remember to turn on the “Use Art+ icons” option in the upper part) and it will take you to another window with three new different customisation options :
    • Shape: The first option is where you can select the shape that you like for your icons. You have four different options to choose from, and they are arranged next to each other. Square, Octagon, Squoval and what we like to call “Square-ish leaf” (look at the image – it looks like a square with two opposite corners that are slightly extended). Select the shape you like the most and move to the next option. Incidentally, if you select the square, you also get an option to round off its corners if you so wish.
    • Foreground: This is a slider. This will help you change the size of the foreground, which is most of the time, is the logo of the app. Sliding from left to right increases the size of the foreground. You can slide and see different sizes and select what suits you best.
    • how to customize icons in realmeui and coloros 7 - customisation icon

    • Icon: This option works like the one prior to this. It has a slider and alters the size in the same way as the previous option. Only this alters the size of the complete icon and not just the foreground. This means with this option you can change the size of the icon and keep it as big or small as you like.

That’s it. That’s all you need you to give your phone a different look in terms of icons at least. Yes, there are more comprehensive solutions out there, but this one takes the cake for its sheer simplicity and the fact that it comes right in the phone itself.

(Note: this article is based on our experience on the Realme 6 Pro (Review) and the Oppo Reno 3 Pro (Review). Experiences and features might vary on other models.)

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