Google Opinion Rewards is a popular app that awards you with Google Play Credits when you answer short surveys relevant to your location history, browsing history, or any activity that you perform on the internet, mainly linked with Google’s services. While you may be accumulating a lot of these Google Play Credits, you might also be looking for the best possible way to redeem them.

five ways to use your google play credits - google play credits

While, of course, using them to buy paid apps from the Play Store is the most popular redemption method, there are five ways in which you can put your Google Play Credits to the best use and also end up saving some money. Here are five ways in which we spend our Google Play Credits for maximum benefits.

How to Use Google Play Balance

1. YouTube Premium Subscription

five ways to use your google play credits - yt premium

Who doesn’t enjoy an ad-free experience, right? Well, YouTube Premium offers you exactly that, along with a few other benefits. You no longer have to deal with ads while watching your favorite videos, you get background playback, YouTube Music, and some YouTube Original shows all at a price of just Rs. 129 per month in India. However, you can waive that off too if you use your Google Play Credits. While choosing a payment method for YouTube Premium, you can choose Google Play Credits if you have sufficient balance. You can answer surveys and gather enough Play Credits for the subsequent months too and you can effectively enjoy YouTube Premium for free!

2. Google One Subscription

five ways to use your google play credits - google one

For those of you who don’t know, Google One is a cloud storage solution offered by Google. It’s basically your Google Drive, but with a much higher storage cap that you can choose. While Drive is limited to 15GB free per user, Google One offers additional storage starting from 100GB up to 30TB per user starting at just Rs. 130 per month in India. Just as with YouTube Premium, Google One subscription can also be purchased with Google Play Credits so depending on your priorities, you can either opt for YouTube Premium or additional cloud storage or if you got lucky with more high-rewarding surveys or if you can get a student discount on YouTube Premium, you can enjoy both services for free with your Google Play Credits.

3. Buy/Rent Movies and Books

five ways to use your google play credits - play movies

The Google Play Store is home to millions of apps and games but there are also other sections that are less explored. We are talking about Google Play Movies and Google Play Books. These are two services that you can redeem your Google Play Credits for and they’re also very inexpensive so if you have very little Google Play Credits left and they’re expiring soon, this is the best place to use it. While buying Movies can be slightly expensive, the best part of Play Movies is that you can even rent a movie for a day or for a particular duration and doing so is very inexpensive. If you are not into movies, you can purchase e-books too.

4. In-app or In-game Purchases

Not a lot of people are aware that your Google Play Credits can be used to make in-app or in-game purchases and this is a really good way to save some money. If you want to unlock the full version of an app or want to get rid of ads in-app, you can use your Google Play Credits to do so by selecting it as the payment method. Another good use of Google Play Credits is if you play a lot of games, especially PUBG, you can use Google Play Credits to buy UC which you can then use inside the game to purchase skins and additional add-ons.

5. Use Google Pay Credits to buy Paid/Premium Apps

The last method and the most common one is purchasing paid/premium apps from the Play Store. You can either buy an app that is paid or purchase a key to unlock some premium or pro features inside a free app to get added benefits. We have included a few of our favorites from the Play Store which you can download using your Google Play Credits.

  • Tasker

    five ways to use your google play credits - tasker

    Tasker is one of the most powerful apps on the Play Store and has been our on favorites list ever since its inception. Tasker allows you to automate certain tasks on your phone based on specific scenarios that you can set. For example, you can set your phone to go to mute automatically once you reach work, or you can use Tasker in tandem with other apps and services like NFC tags or IFTTT applets to perform tasks. Once you get a hang of how it works, you’ll realize the true power of your smartphone! This has to be one of the best things you’ll spend your Google Play Credits on.

  • TouchRetouch

    five ways to use your google play credits - touchretouch

    If you click a lot of pictures and you also edit them on your smartphone, TouchRetouch is what you need. Unlike other photo editing apps though, TouchRetouch has just one function primarily – Healing. You might have across this tool in more popular and free apps like Snapseed or Lightroom, but the one on TouchRetouch is far superior and works like a charm every single time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the heal tool, it helps you remove unwanted objects from a photograph without affecting the rest of the picture or distorting the background in that particular area. You can remove blemishes from far off objects, people from a scene, or objects from a table and whatnot. Surely worth a try if you have sufficient Google Play Credits.

  • Nova Prime

    Nova Launcher needs to introduction. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular custom launchers on the Play Store and while it is free, Nova Prime unlocks a host of new features making it all the more powerful. You can assign custom swipe gestures, double-tap on the home screen to lock, etc. Plus, it’s on sale most of the time for just Rs. 10 so make sure you grab it then.

  • SD Maid Pro

    five ways to use your google play credits - sd maid pro

    The name has SD in it, so it has to do with SD cards and storage and it surely does. SD Maid Pro helps you clean up residual files from apps that have been uninstalled from your phone, and additional cache files or unwanted junk that an app may be storing on your internal memory. It can also find duplicate files and delete them for you to free up space. The app even analyzes your storage and neatly displays it in the form of a graph letting you know what folders are occupying a lot of storage. A good investment if you’re always running low on storage.

  • GTA San Andreas

    five ways to use your google play credits - gta sa
    There has to be a game in here for all you mobile gaming enthusiasts, right? GTA is one of the most popular gaming franchises and San Andreas is the best GTA game that’s available on the Play Store. If you’ve played the PC version of the game, you’ll find that everything about the mobile version is identical including the maps and missions. However, make sure your phone has a capable CPU and GPU before installing this game as it’s quite heavy.

Well, these were a few ways in which you can utilize your Google Play Credits in the best possible way. Personally, we prefer using it for YouTube Premium since you can basically enjoy the service for free! Let us know what you use your Google Play Credits for and if you’re going to change the way you use them after reading this article!

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