With YouTube Premium officially going live in India, along with YouTube Music Premium, you might be wondering whether the extra amount of money (Rs 129 per month) is worth putting in, just to enjoy your daily dose of music or video. Well, if you find yourself in such a situation, here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading to Premium.

five reasons you might want to upgrade to youtube premium - youtube premium
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1. Ad-free Experience

Ads can be annoying. And many people tend to agree with this. Until now, there was no (legal) way one could get rid of ads on YouTube, and people had to live with the ad implosion. However, with the launch of YouTube Premium in India, users can now opt for a Premium plan and get rid of the annoying ads that pop up every now and then.

Once you sign up for the Premium plan, you can enjoy ad-free music and video consumption across all your different platforms, with immediate playback as soon as you hit play and no interruptions during the playtime.

2. Saving Videos Offline

If you are someone with a limited data plan or you spend most of your time outside, you should definitely upgrade to the YouTube Premium plan. As with YouTube Premium, you can save your videos offline for access without an internet connection later. A use case would be where you can create a playlist of your favorite songs, download them offline, and access whenever and wherever you want. This is the most legal way to download YouTube videos.

3. Playing content in the background

There are a lot of times when you are listening to or watching some content on YouTube while simultaneously using some other app. In most such situations, when you go back to another app or go to your home screen, YouTube automatically stops playing the content in the background. To avoid this, with the new Premium plan, you can easily listen to or watch content on YouTube and, when you want, switch to a different app or go to the home screen and still enjoy the audio in the background. It works well if you are listening to either music or podcast in the background, as in most cases, a video requires visual context, in addition to audio, to comprehend.

4. Free access to YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music

five reasons you might want to upgrade to youtube premium - google play youtube music

If you are into Google’s ecosystem for music, videos, and whatnot, you will surely enjoy the plethora of options you get with the Premium. Upgrading to premium allows you free access to YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids. Not only that but with the Premium plan, you also get free access to Google Play Music. And in case you have an existing subscription on it, you are migrated to YouTube Music Premium without any issues. Similar to most other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, Google Play Music also offers a huge range of songs from different artists, genres, etc., in addition to the newest edition, podcasts.

5. Exclusive access to Original Content

five reasons you might want to upgrade to youtube premium - youtube originals

Similar to most streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, which put out their ‘special’ content for the audience, YouTube also has some similar games going on under its sleeve. However, to access the exclusive Original content, you need to pay a premium in order to upgrade to a Premium package, which will allow you access to the content.

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