We can all agree that poor cable management makes working at your desk an unpleasant experience and all your RGB coolness goes to waste. However, a keyboard is one of the most used and integral parts of any desk setup and has been dominated by traditional wired keyboards over the years.

But the world is changing fast; gone are the days of drilling holes in your desk for good cable management. Instead, portability has become a necessity for many users, and that’s where wireless keyboards come in.

best wireless keyboards

Wireless sovereignty is undeniable, and every piece of technology around us is slowly moving toward wireless. For example, we have already seen the shift from traditional wired headphones to wireless headphones. Likewise, many users are replacing their ancient TVS Gold with modern CosmicBytes, Razers, and others.

If you are not a gamer and have a choice between a wired and wireless keyboard, we think you should opt for a wireless keyboard in a heartbeat.

But with so many wireless keyboards on the market, the question is which one is best? Membrane or mechanical? If mechanical, which key switch is the best? Do not worry; we will answer all your questions and help you take your setup to the next level.

How to choose the Best Bluetooth Keyboard?

When buying a Bluetooth keyboard, there are many things to consider, such as the keyboard type, key switches, features, multi-device support, and more.

However, it would be best to decide whether you are looking for a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, depending on your budget and requirements.

If you choose a mechanical keyboard, you also need to select the correct type of keyboard switch. Finally, the keyboard should offer good battery life, low latency, macro keys, and more.

Types of Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards

There are two types of Bluetooth wireless keyboards: membrane and mechanical. But what is the difference between them? Let us find out.

i. Membrane Keyboards

If you are on a tight budget, you are better off with a membrane keyboard as they are cheaper than mechanical keyboards.

The keys on a membrane keyboard are covered with a soft, thin rubber-like layer and are generally lighter than their mechanical counterparts. They also operate much more quietly than mechanical keyboards. However, membrane keyboards also have their pitfalls.

For one, they can easily get dusty, and cleaning them is comparatively more time-consuming. In addition, the lifespan of membrane keyboards is generally shorter than that of mechanical keyboards. The only outstanding advantage of membrane keyboards is their affordability, as they are comparatively cheaper than mechanical keyboards.

ii. Mechanical Keyboards

If you ask me personally, I would prefer a mechanical keyboard to a membrane keyboard any day. But why?

Mechanical keyboards offer better tactile and clicky feedback compared to membrane keyboards. Also, the keys are easily removable and can be cleaned relatively easily if dust or dirt gets into the keys.

If you are someone who gets bored quickly looking at the same keyboard every day, then you have come to the right place. With mechanical keyboards, you can customize an infinite number of things, including the keycaps.

In addition, most mechanical keyboards have RGB lighting per key, which means you can change the color of each key to your taste.

Choice is the perfect word to describe a mechanical keyboard because there are so many options on the market. Essentially, there are three different types of key switches in a mechanical keyboard; let us look at each of them in detail.

1. Linear switches

Linear key switches are the simplest type of key switch. These keys generally function like other keys and have little tactile feedback or noise compared to other switches.

2. Tactile switches

As the name suggests, Tactile is designed for gamers who love tactile feedback to their keystrokes. You’ll get tactile feedback confirming that the keystroke was successfully registered when you press the key.

3. Clicky switches

These types of switches make a clicking sound when you hit the actuation point. The main advantage of such buttons is that you do not have to press the button all the way down and can release it as soon as you get feedback.

But what if I told you that a mechanical keyboard has even more to offer? Yes, you read that right: There are different types of key switches like red, brown, blue, and black. If you want to learn more about them, please click here.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Membrane)

1. Logitech K380 – Best Bluetooth Keyboard Overall

logitech k380

If you are looking for a no-frills wireless Bluetooth keyboard with multi-device support, the Logitech K380 is one of the best in that regard.

The brand is known for making phenomenal wireless keyboards, and the K380 is no different. With this keyboard, you can easily switch between 3 devices by using the dedicated Bluetooth keys, and compatibility is not a problem as the keyboard works with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and more.

Are you worried about the battery life? If yes, is two years enough for you? Yes, you read that right: Logitech claims that the K380 will last two years on a single charge, which is a bold claim by the company.

Also, the keyboard supports both Windows and Mac layouts, so you should not have any problems switching between these operating systems. However, the keyboard is relatively compact and therefore does not have a number pad.

The keyboard is available in Dark Gray, Graphite, White, Line-Friends Brown, Line-Friends Cony, Off White, and Rose colors and costs $29.99. At this price, it is a very good offer from Logitech that deserves your attention.

Buy Logitech K380 on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

2. Arteck HB030B – Best Affordable Bluetooth Keyboard

arteck hb030b

Want a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that works without fuss but does not want to spend a fortune? If so, then the Arteck HB030B might be just what you need.

This best-selling keyboard from Amazon costs just $19.99, making it highly affordable for a keyboard of its kind with support for 7-color backlighting. Plus, the keyboard weighs only 0.37 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and portable, so you can put it in a backpack and carry it around.

Compatibility is not an issue either, as the keyboard supports all major operating systems like macOS and Windows. Speaking about the battery life, the keyboard can last up to 6 months on a single charge, which is pretty good, and kudos to the brand for offering two years warranty on the keyboard while most brands only offer one year warranty.

Buy Arteck HB030B on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

3. Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard – Best Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

microsoft bluetooth keyboard

Want a keyboard from the tech giant itself? Well, as the name suggests, the following keyboard is from the brand that needs no introduction – Microsoft.

In traditional Microsoft fashion, the keyboard is a simple but elegant-looking Bluetooth keyboard that just works, with no modern bells and whistles like other Bluetooth keyboards on the list.

Unlike the other keyboards on the list, this one is a full-featured keyboard, which means you also have a number pad to help you perform your calculations more easily.

Since it’s a Microsoft keyboard, there are also some Windows feel-good features, like a dedicated key to launch the Office 365 app and an emoji key. Like the Logitech K380, this keyboard will last up to 2 years on a single charge, so battery life should be your last concern with this keyboard.

However, we would have liked Microsoft to offer more color options for the keyboard, as some might find the plain black color a bit boring and unconvincing. And if you are wondering if the keyboard will work with macOS, do not worry; it supports macOS.

Buy Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

4. iClever BK10 – Best Built Bluetooth Keyboard

iclever bk10

The iClever is one of the few keyboards on the list that supports the Bluetooth 5.1 standard, which gives it the upper hand over other keyboards in terms of latency. Besides that, while other affordable keyboards are made of plastic, this one is made entirely of stainless steel. Therefore, we do not recommend just throwing it at someone.

You can pair the keyboard with three devices at once and switch between them effortlessly when needed. Battery life seems pretty decent as well, as the keyboard only lasts up to 90 hours on a continuous charge, which should realistically last about four months if you type for 8-10 hours a day.

Like the Microsoft keyboard, this is also a full-sized keyboard with its own number pad if you desire. The keyboard is available in black, gray-black, rose gold, silver, black, and white and looks very classy for its price.

With a retail price of $32, the keyboard is a bit more expensive than its competitors, but it offers Bluetooth 5.1 support and a stainless steel case. You can also use a 10% discount coupon on Amazon to lower the price further.

Buy iClever BK10 on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

Best Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards (Mechanical)

1. Pauroty Wireless Keyboard – Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard on a Budget

pauroty wireless keyboard

Are you looking for a mechanical keyboard but not want to tear a hole in your pocket? If so, then the Pauroty could be just the keyboard you are looking for.

This 60-key keyboard features clicky blue switches for the ultimate typing experience and can also be used for casual gaming. But what does a 60% keyboard actually mean? A standard full-size keyboard usually has 120 keys, while this keyboard only has 60 keys. Many brands do this to make their keyboards extremely compact and handy, forgoing a number pad and a few other keys.

If the keyboard ever runs out of charge, you can also use it in wired mode for uninterrupted typing. The keyboard also features 16 RGB backlighting modes that let you take your desk decor to the next level without spending a lot of money.

The keyboard costs $29.99 on Amazon, making it an attractive deal for those looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard.

Buy Pauroty Wireless Keyboard

2. RK Royal Kludge RK61 – Best Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

rk royal kludge rk61

Thanks to its stunning looks, the RK Royal Kludge RK61 is one of our favorite keyboards on this list. It’s also the most popular compact keyboard on Amazon with over 8,500 positive reviews, and that’s saying something.

This RGB backlit keyboard can connect to your PC via Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, or even traditionally wired via a Type-C cable. What’s more, the keyboard is available with red, blue, or brown switches, giving its users the ultimate flexibility.

But you know what the best part is? The key switches are hot-swappable, which means you can easily change the key switches to suit your needs. For example, you can swap the blue switch under the space bar for a red switch while keeping the blue switches on all other keys.

As for color options, the keyboard is officially sold in two color options – black and white – and costs $49.99 on Amazon.

Buy RK Royal Kludge RK61 on Amazon.comAmazon.in

3. Logitech G613 Lightspeed – Best Affordable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Gaming

logitech g613 lightspeed

Logitech is one of the most popular brands when it comes to making excellent PC accessories, and the G613 Lightspeed is a wireless mechanical offering from the brand.

The integrated wrist rest is unique to this keyboard, which makes for a more ergonomic desk experience when working from home or using it as a gaming keyboard.

The Logitech G613 features noiseless Roger G switches with a 70 million keystroke life, making it very durable. Also, the keyboard lasts up to 18 months on a single charge when using two AA batteries, which is terrific.

It is also one of the few keyboards on the list that has macro keys. What are macro keys? Macro keys are basically extra keys on a keyboard that can be assigned custom actions in games to provide the ultimate experience.

And the good things about the keyboard go further: you get dedicated volume buttons alongside physical Bluetooth and WiFi connection switches.

For $69.99, the Logitech G613 seems like an excellent mechanical Bluetooth keyboard that has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

Buy Logitech G613 Lightspeed on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

Keychron K8 – Best Professional Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

keychron k8

Every time we hear the brand name Keychron, we first think of mechanical keyboards, which shows that the products speak for themselves.

If you are a professional looking for a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and budget is not an issue, the Keychron k8 is our choice for the best professional Bluetooth keyboard for several reasons.

First, in the world of fancy RGB-enabled mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K8 has its own identity with its signature white and gray keycaps and a red ESC keycap. Second, many people prefer the tenkeyless layout for the added compactness and portability.

Also, the keyboard is a delight for Mac users because it has a special Mac layout that allows you to work efficiently on macOS. And if you are a Windows user, you do not have to worry as it supports Windows as well.

The keyboard is officially sold with three key switches – Gateron Brown, Gateron Blue, and Getron Red – and users can choose between them depending on their preference. And yes, it comes with a rechargeable battery.

In conclusion, Keychron K8 is an excellent professional keyboard that deserves your attention.

Are you a gamer and looking for the best Bluetooth keyboard? If yes, then the next keyboard is just for you.

Buy Keychron K8 on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro: Best Gaming Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

razer blackwidow

The Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro is our choice for the ultimate wireless gaming Bluetooth keyboard if budget is no object, as the keyboard costs a whopping $179.99.

For that price, you get a magnetic detachable palm rest, double-shot ABS keycaps, a 1.2mm pressure point, and more.

You have two options when it comes to the key switches: Green and Yellow. What’s the difference? If you want a clicky and tactile experience, get the model with green switches, and if you want something quieter and easier to press, get the model with yellow switches.

As for connectivity, you can connect via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz WiFi, and Razer says they have optimized latency for a smoother gaming experience, so that’s good. Unlike a regular Bluetooth keyboard which has a delay on its wireless connection, this one should be good enough for gaming.

Durability should not be an issue, as the keyboard can withstand up to 80 million clicks, and the top plate of the keyboard is made of military-grade metal. Other features include per-key RGB backlight support, a multifunction wheel for controlling media, and more.

All these things make it one of the best wireless Bluetooth keyboards on the market.

Buy Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro on Amazon.com | Amazon.in

FAQs about Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards

Since the keyboards we have featured in this article work via Bluetooth, you should have no trouble connecting them to your PC. Just put the keyboard in pairing mode and connect via the Bluetooth menu on your Mac/Windows PC.

Yes, you can actually connect your wireless keyboard to your smartphone. Just turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, select the keyboard, and you are ready to go.

Gaming keyboards often come with RGB lighting, which can be distracting to some people. The good news is that RGB lighting can be turned off depending on the keyboard model. Most keyboard manufacturers offer the option to disable the RGB lighting on their keyboards. Here is an example:

1) Press and hold Fn and home key together
2) Scroll down to the option "cooling mode" or "light effect."
3) Choose between "cooling mode" or "Light Effect."
4) Hold Fn and press any of the arrow keys up, down, left, right to turn your desired option on or off

Wireless keyboards are often recommended for gaming because they allow users to move around the keyboard more freely. The general opinion is that the Bluetooth keyboards have a delay in wireless connection but that's not always true. Some gamers find that wireless keyboards offer a better experience than wired keyboards because they don't have to worry about cables getting tangled up.

A wireless keyboard is a keyboard that transmits signals through radio waves and can connect to your computer without the use of a USB cord. It usually comes with a wireless receiver that connects to the USB port. A Bluetooth keyboard is one that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer.

Bluetooth keyboards are wireless keyboards that use Bluetooth technology to connect to devices. A wireless keyboard is a term for a type of computer input device which does not need any wires or cables, in contrast to a wired keyboard.

Bluetooth keyboards are a great way to work on the go, but they can sometimes be slow. This is because they have to connect wirelessly to your device, which can sometimes cause a lag in performance. However, there are a few ways to improve Bluetooth keyboard speed. For example, you can try different brands and models of keyboards until you find one that works best for you. Additionally, you can disable certain features on your device that may be slowing down the keyboard connection.

Bluetooth keyboards are safe to use and have a low risk of causing health problems. But if you are concerned about the safety of a Bluetooth keyboard, do not use it and instead switch to using a wired keyboard.

There are a number of different Bluetooth keyboards for iPad on the market. While they all have their own unique features, my favorite wireless keyboard for the iPad is the Logitech Combo Touch. It is a great choice for those looking for a versatile and user-friendly keyboard.

The Logitech MX Keys and the K780 are two popular Bluetooth keyboards. The MX Keys is more expensive and has backlighting, while the K780 is less expensive, more compact, and has longer battery life. Another option is the MX Keys Mini which takes up more desk space horizontally but it's much more ergonomic when it comes to mouse placement than full-size keyboards with number pads.

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