Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of a particular service. Plugins are additional code that can be installed on the software to improve its functions and provide new possibilities. Many popular services use plugins to extend their functionality. These include WordPress plugins, Google Chrome extensions, Photoshop plugins, and many more.

best chatgpt plugins

Now OpenAI’s ChatGPT supports plugins, and anyone with a ChatGPT plus subscription can access the Plugin Store and install plugins for ChatGPT. Until now, ChatGPT is limited to the data and only gives your answers to the questions. With the introduction of plugins, ChatGPT can now search the web and interact with other web series and act as an interface for all kinds of services.

Now you can use ChatGPT to book a table at the restaurant, create a video based on the text prompt, convert text to speech, find the recipe and order the necessary ingredients from Instacart and have them delivered to your home, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many plugins already available in the ChatGPT plugin store. We have tested some of them and found the 20+ best ChatGPT plugins and listed them for you below. All of these plugins have unique capabilities and are meant for different tasks. The plugin list is not in a specific order. You can choose the plugins according to your specific needs and preferences.

Best ChatGPT Plugins


linkreader chatgpt plugin

If you want to summarize web pages, documents, PDFs, PPTs, and more, LinkReader can be a great plugin to summarize and quickly analyze content without having to go through the entire file. It will save you more time.

As a student, I personally find it very helpful. I used LinkReader to summarize the PDFs we collected for our mini-project at my college. You can simply paste the link into the ChatGPT prompt and activate the LinkReader plugin. The plugin quickly parses the content and creates an outline for you. You can expand the conversation by asking specific questions.

The LinkReader plugin can only process the content that is accessible via the URL. This includes web pages, PDF documents, PPTs, Word files, images, and modes. You cannot upload the file directly.

use of linkreader plugin

If you have a file on your local device that you want to analyze with the LinkReader plugin, you can upload the file to the cloud storage and specify a URL. Make sure that these files are hosted online and are publicly accessible.

Overall, LinkReader is a great plugin if you want to summarize and analyze long documents without having to sift through them. Not only does it save you time in finding and analyzing content, but it also gives you a quick overview of certain topics. Alternatively, you can also use AskyourPDF, another great ChatGPT plugin for analyzing PDFs and other documents.


chatwithvideo plugin

If you want to summarize videos and analyze video content, ChatWithVideo is the plugin for you. You can specify a URL, and ChatGPT will then use the ChatWithVideo plugin to parse and analyze the content of the video. It quickly breaks down the conversation into different sections. For testing, I used a recent video from MKBHD where he gives details about the latest Google Project Startline.

The plugin divides the video into different sections within a very short time: What is Project Starline, how does it work, first impressions, possible applications, future, and more. I am really impressed with the content and summary of the video. You can also extend the conversation by asking more questions about the same video, like when Project Starline will launch and more.

To find out how this plugin can be used in practice, I used a comparison video between the Samsung Galaxy S23 and the iPhone 13 to find out which device is faster when watching the video. It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S23 is the winner. I watched the video myself and found out that the Samsung Galaxy S23 is the winner. The plugin also provides a detailed explanation that mentions every point in the video.

Based on the tester’s observations, the Samsung Galaxy S23 feels faster in everyday use due to its faster animations and smoother 120Hz display. It also performed better in the app speed test and had a higher score in the 3D Mark Wildlife Extreme test, indicating better graphics performance.

However, the iPhone 13 booted up faster, performed better in certain app speed tests, and had higher single-core and multi-core scores in Geekbench 6. In conclusion, the reviewer concludes that the Samsung Galaxy S23 can be considered the “winner” in terms of overall speed and smooth operation. However, he also emphasizes that the choice between the two phones should be based on the user’s individual preferences and needs. Both phones have their strengths and are good in different areas.

This can be especially helpful if you are a student or need to find an answer quickly without having to watch long videos. The accuracy may not always be great, but it is still a great addition.


open table

Open Table is one of the first companies to utilize the capabilities of ChatGPT and introduce the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin. With this plugin, you can easily book a table in the restaurant without needing to visit the website. The ChatGPT itself acts as an interface, and you can easily book the table of your choice with simple text prompts.

You can enter the details like Palce, number of people, time, day and more. The plugin automatically fetches the best tables for you and comes with the link to book a table. You can tap on the link and go to the open table website and instantly book the table.

OpenTable ChatGPT plugin can be very helpful in reducing the time of finding the right table for you. With the simple text prompts, you can find the right table match for your meal. Additionally, you can even expand the conversations, like the number of tables available, more time slots, and more.



Instacart is an online grocery delivery and pickup service that allows customers to order groceries and other household items from local stores through a mobile app or website. With the new Instacart ChatGPT plugin, you can now order groceries directly without leaving the ChatGPT site. Just enter the ingredients, and the ChatGPT Instamart plugin will automatically find the ingredients on Instacart and add them to the cart. You can simply visit the page and order directly.

This is especially useful if you want to try recipes directly from ChatGPT. The plugin automatically uses the Instacart plugin to find and order the ingredients you need on Instacart and add them to your cart. This saves you the trouble of manually searching for and ordering the ingredients. If you are a foodie or someone who likes to try different recipes at home, the ChatGPT Instacart plugin can be a great option to find new recipes and order them online for you.

Playlist AI

playlist ai plugin

Do not worry. You are tired of creating your own Spotify playlist manually. Now a new ChatGPT plugin called Playlist AI can create a Spotify playlist for you with just simple instructions. Just install the plugin. We have shared how to install the ChatGPT plugins with detailed steps in a separate article and also below this article.

After you have installed the plugin, connect your Spotify account. Now enter the prompt of the playlist you want to create. For example: create a Spotify playlist of Dua Lipa. The plugin will automatically create a Spotify playlist that contains all of Dua Lipa’s songs. You can even customize the number of songs, the time and even the length of the songs, the genre, the type, and much more. The controls are all in your hand.

The plugin might also get support for other popular music streaming services. But for now, you can only create Spotify playlists. If you are someone who is looking for an easy way to create playlists, this plugin is for you.


ambition plugin

If you are a student or a professional looking for a job, the Ambition ChatGPT plugin can help you find the right job for you within a few minutes. With this plugin, you can easily find jobs based on location, job title, experience level, and more.

It uses relevant details to find the right job for you. Once the list of jobs is created, the plugin provides detailed information about the job description, company, location, how to apply, and more. You can also further expand the conversation to get more detailed suggestions. In addition to these features, the plugin also offers a resume helper that helps you with resume questions, gives advice and suggestions on how to improve your resume, and more.

list of jobs generated by ambition chatgpt plugin

Jobs are displayed both in list form and with links to apply. You can request more information about each job and click on the links to visit the job posting page. Overall, Ambition can be very helpful for someone who is looking for a job and needs help finding relevant jobs without having to go through multiple job postings.


wolfram plugin

Wolfram Alpha is a computerized knowledge search engine that provides answers to a wide range of questions on topics such as math, science, technology, engineering, economics, geography, linguistics, and more. It is popular with students, researchers, professionals, and anyone looking for quality answers with detailed step-by-step answers.

Wolfram Alpha is one of the first ChatGPT plugins. Now you can use ChatGPT directly to get answers from Wolfram Alpha. With the plugin, you can get answers to most questions in a detailed conversational format. You can even ask ChatGPT for specific terms and expand the answers, which can be much more helpful than the traditional search method we usually use on the Wolfram website.

If you use Wolfram Alpha frequently and are looking for answers in conversation format and detailed explanations, the Wolfram Alpha ChatGPT plugin can be a great addition to your knowledge.


zapier plugin

Zapier is a popular web-based automation tool that connects various web applications and allows users to automate tasks and create workflows, popularly known as zaps. Zapier lets you integrate popular web apps like Gmail, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and more.

For example, you can create a Zap (workflow) that automatically saves attachments you receive in Gmail to Dropbox. Zapier is easy to use, and you can automate most common tasks without any programming knowledge.

With the special ChatGPT Zapier plugin, it’s even easier by simply giving text instructions. For example, if you use ChatGPT, you can simply ask to create an email with the content to quickly complete the survey and send it to and send the same message as a notification in the Slack group.

With the Zapier plugin, ChatGPT analyzes the request and creates automation for you. You can even extend the automation by adding more details and tasks by simply providing the text prompts. I personally love using this plugin as it makes automation even easier and more fun. You need to sign in with your Zapier account to use it in ChatGPT.


20+ best chatgpt plugins for everyone [2023] - kayak

If you travel a lot, you may already be familiar with Kayak, a travel search engine and aggregator website that allows users to find flights, hotels, and more. The site is one of the most popular in the travel community and is considered the best option for finding the best deals. It aggregates information from hundreds of travel websites, and you can find the right deals for you.

Now, with the help of the ChatGPT Kayak plugin, you can find even better and more personalized deals with simple text forms. For example, you can ask ChatGPT for the best flights on Monday from origin to destination without stops, and the plugin will find the flights without stops. It’s more like adding more specified filters, something you can’t do on a website.

You can also expand the conversation, save the flight details and generate links along the way. Kayak ChatGPT can be a great addition to add conversation filters that can become more personalized and detailed.



Web scraping is a popular technique to extract data from websites. This technique is commonly used to extract data and organize it in a specific format for market research, computerized analysis, trend monitoring, marketing campaigns, sentiment analysis, and more. There are special tools and scripts that can be used for web scraping.

With the Web Scraper ChatGPT plugin, you can extract the content of a web page simply by specifying a URL. The plugin will automatically scan the website and collect the content for you. You can also analyze the content and ask more detailed questions about the information on the website. You can even merge multiple sources and analyze the content.

In most cases, the plugin works fine, but in a few cases, the plugin displays errors and is unable to scrape the web content. This can be annoying but can be easily fixed with a few troubleshooting methods. This plugin can be a great tool for someone who wants to mine web content, analyze it and generate insightful information. The plugin is available for free. You can easily activate the plugin and start scraping web content in simple steps.

Plan fit

planfit plugin

We recently wrote about the best home workout apps. These are the best workout apps if you want to try a workout at home, but they’re limited when it comes to personalization. Don’t get me wrong, you can get personalized recommendations but only choose from routines you already have.

You can get more personalized workout routines with the help of the ChatGPT Planfit plugin. You can ask the plugin to create a workout plan for a week for a 25-year-old man with a fitness level of 1 on a scale of 1-5 at home in English. The plugin generates a detailed workout plan for one week, along with the workout animations linked to the Plan-Fit website.

You can even extend the conversation by adding modifications and more personalization. The app also supports multiple languages, making it accessible to more users around the world. Just install and activate the plugin and type Text Prompt in the search. Don’t worry. If you forget something, the plugin will ask you again for the necessary information to plan your workouts.



The ABCmouse plugin provides simple and fun learning activities for children ages 2-8. You can simply enter the text prompt asking to generate fun learning content for kids along with the theme. With the help of the plugin, ChatGPT creates a list of activities that can be accessed through the ABC platform.

The ABCmouse platform is designed for children aged 2-8. It offers interactive learning activities such as educational games, books, songs, puzzles, and much more. It offers a complete online curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade in reading, math, science, social studies, art, and more. With the special plugin, you can now access all these activities in the ChatGPT workspace with simple text prompts.

All listed activities are redirected to the ABCmouse website and are usually free to view. If you want to teach children under 8, the ABCmouse plugin can be a good option if you are a ChatGPT plus user. You can customize the learning experience, request personalized recommendations, and more.

World news

worldnews chatgpt plugin

If you are someone who consumes news on a daily basis, World News might be the best ChatGPT plugin for you. The plugin uses the API to retrieve news from various sources and summarizes the latest headlines based on the user’s request.

The user can request the latest headlines from specific news sources or from specific topics, such as tech news or the latest updates on OpenAI, and also include specific topics like health news, sports news, and more. With the plugin, ChatGPT provides a summary of the latest headlines along with the link to the article. You can ask for more news, change the category and expand the conversation.


The summary that the plugin provides is very simple and only tells you what the article is about. The plugin cannot access the individual content of the article. However, you can use other plugins like the LinkReader ChatGPT plugin (listed above) to access the source and get a more detailed summary of the messages.

All in all, World News is a great plugin if you are someone who wants to retrieve the latest news articles based on a specific personalized query. Also, you can create detailed summary reports with the help of other plugins.



Noteable is a collaborative data notebook that enables data-driven teams to use and visualize data on the go. With advanced features and visualization tools, teams can collaborate, share and visualize data on a single platform. The Noteable plugin for ChatGPT allows you to visualize data with simple text prompts.

You will need to log in to your Noteable account before you can use it. Once you create the account, the plugin will be automatically installed on your ChatGPT, and you will be redirected to the home page. Here you can activate the plugin and start using the Noteable plugin.

You can only visualize the data of the project you have already created on the Noteable website. After the project is created and the data is added to the project, you can specify the link to the project. Now you can visualize the data using the simple text prompts. Also, you can create a new project, automatically retrieve data through the API, and create a visualization of the same data.


You must be familiar with the data and the Noteable app. I am able to create a data visualization of the Indian population. Also, based on the data and visualization, you can ask questions and find hidden patterns in the data. Overall, the Noteable plugin provides a simpler and easier way to visualize data with simple text prompts.


speak chatgpt plugin

Speak is a great plugin if you want to learn how to say something in another language. With the help of the AI-driven language tutor, the plugin generates how to say something in another language. Speak is already available as a standalone app in the Google and Apple app stores. With the help of the ChatGPT plugin, you can expand the conversations and get more details about how to say something in another language.

The disadvantage of this method is that it only generates the text output. You need external applications or websites that convert text to audio and provide audio pronunciation. Overall, Speak is a quick and easy plugin that allows you to say anything in another language quickly. You can use this plugin to convert conversations. The plugin also provides a conversation sample for better understanding.


Visla is a popular AI video generator that allows you to create videos from open-source images and videos (stock footage). Now, with the new dedicated plugin, you can quickly create AI-driven videos with simple text instructions. Here you can see a simple promotional video we created using the simple “Create a potato promotional video” feature. You can click the play button to play the video.

Install the ChatGPT plugin and enter the prompt that includes the topic of the video, the tone, and mood of the video, the type of video, such as educational, commercial, or documentary, the title of the video, where you want to post the video (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter), the aspects of the video, and more for detailed video output.

After you give a prompt, the video is created in just a few moments. You can access the video on the Visla website. You can click on the link provided by ChatGPT. If you are new, you will need to create an account and enter the access code later to get the video. The access code is also generated by ChatGPT. Once you have access to the video, you can customize the video, make changes, cast your vote, and more.

Overall, Visla is a great ChatGPT plugin for creating AI videos with simple text prompts. With the plugin, you can create high-quality AI videos with stock footage.

There is an AI for That

there is an ai for that chatgpt plugin

AI is pretty much everywhere in 2023. Almost all popular websites and apps embed AI features into their services, and literally, there is an AI tool for almost anything you want to do online. If you want to generate text, audio, music, video, code, and more, AI tools can generate and simplify your work.

The biggest challenge is finding the right tool for your AI task. This is where AI tool finders can be really useful. ChatGPT’s ‘There is an AI For That’ plugin is one of the best when it comes to finding the best AI tools for you. You can simply enter the text prompt, and the plugin will automatically generate the best AI tools for you.

For example, you can type in “best music generation tools,” and the plugin will search its large AI tools database and find the best AI music generators for you. You can tap on the link and visit the tool. This saves users from manually searching for the best tools and comparing them with others.



If you want to convert your text into words, you can use the Speechki ChatGPT plugin to do it. You can simply type the text prompt and type the text something that says convert to speech. ChatGPT will automatically take over the input and convert the text to speech in just a few minutes.

There is no option to listen to the audio file directly on the ChatGPT page. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Speecjki website, where you can listen to or download the audio file. You can download the audio file in MP3 format and use it as a voice-over for videos, podcasts, or in any other useful way.

In our tests, there was no limit to the number of words you could convert to text. We asked ChatGPT to generate a closing speech with more than 500 words, and it was converted to voice. Currently, there are no options to edit the voice. The output currently only has a male robot voice. Overall, Speechki is the best and easiest option to convert your text to audio. Also, you can use ChatGPT to generate text automatically.


glowing plugin

I do not know how many of you will use this plugin. If you are someone who wants to schedule daily SMS and send it worldwide to any mobile number, the Glowing ChatGPT plugin is the best option for you. The plugin allows you to schedule and send messages to any valid phone number with simple text prompts.

I personally use this plugin to schedule daily motivational messages on my smartphone. You can schedule reminders and send greeting messages to your friends, family, and more. You can easily create the content using ChatGPT and enter details like name, valid mobile number with country code, local time zone, start and end date, message subject, and more. The plugin sends and schedules the messages automatically.

The mobile number is verified with an OTP sent to the mobile number you entered. After the OTP is successfully entered, the plugin automatically schedules a message based on the data you entered. To cancel, you can return to the same conversation and enter Cancel to cancel the messages.

Overall, Glowing is the best plugin if you want to schedule SMS reminders such as daily workouts, a reminder, and more. With ChatGPT, you can even personalize the messages you receive and make them more creative. Now you can send and schedule the messages for free.

Chess Games

chess game chatgpt plugin

With the help of plugins, you can now play games directly on ChatGPT. One of the most popular plugins is Chess. You can simply type the prompt “I want to play chess,” and ChatGPT will launch the Chess plugin and set up the game environment for you. You and just enter the level you want to play. You can choose beginner, advanced, and more. And choose the white or block.

The game experience is not quantitative, you can not drag and drop the pieces, and you have to move each piece using Standard Algebraic Notation (SAN). For example, you can type e4 in the search box and move a pawn to e4, which can be very time-consuming. If you have no problems with the controls, you can play the game as you like.

Overall, Chess is the first and most popular game in the plugin store. If you want, you can also try other games like Tic Tak Toe and more.

Other ChatGPT Plugins Worth Mentioning

Prompt Better

ChatGPT is a generative search engine that only gets better if you accurately describe the context of the question you want to ask. Many users are new to this type of tool and may not have experience with detailed context questions. To help new users get started, plugins like Prompt Better can be very useful.

The job of this plugin is to convert simple input from the user into a detailed prompt that chatGPT can understand. This helps chatGPT understand the context of your questions and gives you more informative answers. If you are new to chatGPT and have difficulty creating detailed prompts, Prompt Better can help you get things done for you.

Podcasts Search

Podcasts Search ChatGPT is the best plugin for people who want to find the latest and most popular podcasts on a specific topic. It uses the API to fetch the latest podcasts from the websites and displays them as a list. You can click on the link and listen to the podcasts you want.

You can extend the conversation by asking for more details about the podcasts. I tried to get more detailed information about specific podcasts by asking for the latest episodes, but I didn’t get an answer.

I also tried to find podcasts on specific topics, such as “Google Bard vs. ChatGPT,” and the plugin couldn’t find any podcasts. I wish the plugin had this feature, but right now, it can only find popular podcasts based on the topic.

Comic Finder

A special ChatGPT plugin that finds comics for you. You can simply enter the description of the comic, and the plugin will immediately find a suitable comic for you. At the time of writing, Comic Finder only supports XKCD and SMBC comics.

Yay! Forms

The first thing I tried after upgrading to ChatGPT Plus was to create an automated Google form to collect data from students in our college. Unfortunately, I found out later that Google Forms does not support API, and you can not create Google Forms with ChatGPT.

I searched for an alternative and found Yay! Forms. With Yay! Forms, you can create AI-powered forms, surveys, and quizzes with simple text forms. You can enter details like the name of the form, input details, and more. The Yay! Form generates a form for you, but you still need to add the custom fields manually, which can be quite useful when they are also automatically generated by AI with simple text inputs.

If you want to use ChatGPT to create forms and surveys, Yay! Forms will be a great tool for you.

How To Install and Use the ChatGPT Plugins

Currently, ChatGPT plugins are available for CHATGPT plus users only. You can upgrade to GPT Plus and get access to ChatGPT plugins immediately.

How to install a ChatGPT Plugin

We have a separate article with detailed instructions on how to install and use the ChatGPT plugin, to get an idea, you can follow these steps:

  • Open and click on the ChatGPT-4
  • Select the Plugin option
  • Now click on the dropdown menu and click on the plugin store
  • From here, you can search for the plugin and click the Install button to add the plugin. Unfortunately, there is. It has the option to search, yet you can use the filter option to filter the plugin.
  • You should activate the plugin before you use it. For example, if you want to convert text to speech, you should enable the Speechki plugin on the Plugins tab, which you can access by clicking on the plugin at the top.

How To Uninstall and Remove ChatGPT Plugins

  • Open and click on the ChatGPT-4
  • Select the Plugin option
  • Now click on the dropdown menu and click on the plugin store
  • Now click on the Installed tab. Now you will see the list of all plugins installed on your account. Now select the plugin and click on Uninstall to remove the plugin.

Discover the Best Chat GPT Plugins

So, those are a list of the best ChatGPT plugins you can use to expand the functionality of ChatGPT. As of now, Plugins are only available for GPT plus users in the beta. Most of them are very useful, and you can easily install them and complete specific tasks with just simple text prompts.

The plugins listed on this site are just a drop in the ocean. Every day I keep seeing new plugins in the store. Hope you find this Guide this list helpful. if you have any suggestions, you can suggest them in the comments download and also let us know which plugin you like the most.

FAQs on Best ChatGPT Plugins

loader image

Yes, most of the plugins on ChatGPT are free to use. However, some plugins that redirect users to their websites require a subscription to access the content and complete the task.

Yes, you can develop your own ChatGPT plugins. OpenAI provides documentation and resources to help developers create their own plugins and extend the functionality of ChatGPT.

Although most ChatGPT plugins are designed with security measures in mind, it's important to review and confirm the security practices of each plugin before installation.

The terms of use and license for ChatGPT plugins depend on the particular plugin and its developer. Some plugins may have restrictions for commercial use, while others allow you to use them for commercial purposes.

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