When we think of torrents, popular websites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, and others come to mind. In fact, these are the websites that host most torrents and make them available to users.

best torrent search engines

On the other hand, there is a move towards torrent search engines that aggregate torrent results from all torrent websites so that users do not have to navigate between different torrent websites to find the torrent they are looking for.

In this article, we will present the best torrent search engines that you can use to access all types of torrent files, including games, movies, and software, in a compiled result format from all known torrent websites.

Be aware that TechPP or its authors neither support nor endorse the use of torrents for illegal purposes, and this article is for educational purposes only.

What is Torrent Search Engine?

Most people aren’t familiar with the term “torrent search engines,” which is different from “torrent sites” because most torrent search engines don’t host torrents.

Torrent search engines allow you to search and access different types of torrent files by indexing torrents from multiple torrent sites and giving you the flexibility to choose from the available options.

Simply put, a torrent search engine is something like Google for torrents. However, since they collect torrent results from other search engines, we sometimes refer to them as meta-search engines.

What Are the Best Torrent Search Engines 2023?

There are many torrent search engines, but if you want to choose one that provides results for any torrent you’re looking for, you should consider the following ones, as we have personally tested them and verified that they’re the best among the others:

  1. Snowfl
  2. Torrentz
  3. Torrentzeta
  4. TorrentSeeker
  5. Veoble
  6. iDope
  7. SolidTorrent
  8. AIO Search


Snowfl stands out as one of the best torrent search engines and effectively helps users find torrent files from popular torrent platforms like RARBG, 1337x, The Pirate Bay, and others.
snowfl: best torrent search engines

Its user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to use, and it presents a large number of torrent results for each search and allows you to sort the result the way you want.

Using the Google Custom Search API, this platform compiles torrent results that are relevant to your search and presents extensive information about each torrent result, including details like file size, type, seed, leech, and the torrent’s source website.

You can click the torrent website link to go to the torrent download page, or you can use magnet links to quickly download your torrents with torrent clients.

It’s also one of the most widely used torrent search engines that aren’t blocked, so you don’t have to worry about it being down.

Best Features:

  • Uncomplicated UI
  • Provide information such as age, size, seed, and leech for each torrent result

Visit Snowfl


Torrentz is an option you will not regret if you are looking for the best torrent search engine. When it comes to torrent search engines, it is the most widely used solution since it has an extensive torrent index database.


Apart from the fact that you can use this website to search for any torrent file you need and get a decent number of results to choose from, it also lists some recent torrents on its website.

When you search for a torrent on this website, you’ll be redirected to the results page, where you can access the magnet link of any torrent result you want to use, so you will not have to be redirected to another website.

However, if you prefer to download the torrent instead of using the magnet link, you can click on the result to go to the main page for downloading the torrent.

Although the main page was blocked some time ago, there are already several proxies and other ways to access it.

Best Features:

  • Extensive torrent results
  • Neat interface
  • Indication of age, size, and number of seeds and leeches for each torrent result

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Torrentzeta is another torrent search engine that lets you search torrents and shows you a list of websites from which the search engine retrieves results, including 1337x, Bittorrent, YTS, and others.


The website has a simple interface and is ad-free so no unnecessary content will affect your usage. We have noticed that the search engine returns fewer and sometimes irrelevant results, but it might still be useful to help you find some torrents.

Best Features:

  • Access to torrents from various torrent websites
  • Simple and well-organized interface

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TorrentSeeker, similar to other torrent metasearch engines mentioned here, is a powerful torrent search engine that offers a user-friendly experience.

best torrent search engines: torrentseeker

The website has a simple design with only a search bar and a short website summary. When you enter the search term you’re looking for on the website; possible torrent search terms are suggested so that you can easily choose the right one.

TorrentSeeker allows users to easily access torrents from reliable sources such as 1337x, YTZ, RARBG, The Pirate Bay, and numerous torrent proxy sites. Besides, you can sort the torrent results by relevance and date so that you can download the most accurate and reliable torrent.

Best Features:

  • Clean and well-organized user interface
  • Prompt updating of torrent indexes
  • Auto-suggestion for torrent keywords
  • No ads


Veoble Torrent Search Engine

Veoble is a renowned torrent metasearch engine that works with the support of Google. It is one of the best torrent search engines around and primarily shows torrent results from 1337x, a very reputable torrent website, but it also includes results from YTS and EZTV.


When you click on a torrent result on Veoble, you are immediately redirected to the corresponding download page on 1337x or other websites. Thus, you can download movies, games, or software with a BitTorrent client via a torrent file or magnet link.

Veoble also lets you sort your torrent results by date and relevance to get a personalized result that matches your preferences.

Best Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Dark theme
  • Prompt torrent results

Visit Veoble


This list of the best torrent search engines is incomplete without iDope. This reliable torrent meta-search engine has a simple interface with some ads that are not intrusive. Unlike some other options on this list, iDope does host some torrents.

8 best torrent search engines working in 2023 [hidden gems] - idope

Modeled after Kickass Torrent, iDope only provides magnet links for torrents you want to download with a torrent client. Besides, you can get the age, size, number of seeds, and leech counts for each torrent result on iDope. This information can help you choose the torrent you want to download.

One of iDope’s outstanding features is the creative categorization of torrent search results, which makes it easy to find the content you want. Besides, you can sort the search results by seeder, file size, and age in ascending or descending order.

Best Features:

  • Torrent result categories
  • Providing torrent size, age, leach, and seed.
  • Well-organized interface

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SolidTorrents is one of the top torrent search engines and a website where you can easily download torrents via magnet links or torrent files.

8 best torrent search engines working in 2023 [hidden gems] - solidtorrents

This website makes it easy to find what you’re looking for by offering a variety of torrent categories, including movies, games, anime, TV shows, software and much more.

You can use the site’s search function to search for any torrent file and download the results via a magnet or torrent link.

Moreover, the website claims to index over 38 million torrents at the time of writing, and it’s clear that some of the torrent search engines we have covered in this article include torrents from this website in their indexes. Therefore, you’ll probably find the torrent you’re looking for on the website.

Best Features:

  • Indexing a large number of torrents
  • Uncomplicated torrent download link
  • Includes details about each torrent result it offers

Visit SolidTorrents

AIO Search

The last torrent search engine we recommend in this article is AIO Search, a powerful BitTorrent search engine that lets you get search results from over 129 torrent sites on one page.

aio search

We found this site very handy since it not only collects torrent results from all sites but also lets you choose the torrent site you want to get the result from.

Best Features:

  • Torrent results from a selected torrent site
  • Well-organized torrent results

Visit AIO Search

How to choose the best torrent search engines?

The torrent search engines we’ve covered in this post are the best for finding any torrent you’re looking for, but before you use one, keep the following in mind:

  • Ease of use
  • The number of torrents that are indexed on the site
  • The user interface of the site
  • Absence of Ads

Final Words

We have talked about the best torrent search engines that you can use to find torrent files of movies, games, TV shows, software, and other types of material. You might have to try different options, as some websites index more torrents than others. However, since these two are very trustworthy and index many torrents, we recommend using Torrentz2 or Snowfl.

FAQs about Best Torrent Search Engines

loader image

To download movies from torrent search engines, visit your favorite torrent search engine that we cover in this article, search for the title of the torrent you want to download, and choose a preferred result. It is best to choose the result with the highest number of seeders.

When you are redirected to the torrent website, you can now download the movie torrent or copy the magnet link. After that, open your torrent client on your device, such as uTorrent, Vuze, or another client, and add the previously downloaded torrent file or magnet link to start downloading the movie.

It’s best to install a VPN on your device and launch it before following the instructions above to hide your IP address and location

There are numerous torrent clients or apps that you can use to download torrents on any of your devices, but some of the better choices are qBittorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze.

While it's common for ISPs to block torrent websites and search engines, the latter are less frequently blocked. One of the most widely used search engines, Torrentz2, has just been banned, but there are now a number of proxy and mirror sites that can be used instead.

It used to be thought that torrents can only be downloaded on a computer, but this isn't true. Torrents can always be downloaded on cell phones as long as you can access a torrent website and client.

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