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Megavideo is one of the most popular video sharing websites on the web currently. The basic service is free but comes with a catch. If you watch video for more than 72 minutes, you will be shown this message –

You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait 54 minutes or Click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo


ARGH! How can you watch an episode of anything or a movie when this annoying popup keeps appearing? Below are few ways to bypass megavideo 72 minutes limitation

Megavideo Hack 1

Step 1: Click PLAY button of Megavideo episode, click PAUSE and wait for the video to buffer to 100%.
Step 2: After the video is done buffering, go to your menu bar on your browser, and click on File > Work Offline.
Step 3: Watch the episode.
Step 4: Unclick the “Work Offline” button and do the same with other episodes.

Megavideo Hack 2 – Download Megavideo Videos

In both IE and Firefox, videos are stored in Temporary Internet Files Folder and so you can hack from there by copying the file and renaming the extension to FLV. Load up the video so its 100% buffered. In Internet Explorer click Tools –> Settings (under the “Browsing History”) then “View Files“. Sort the folder by file size. Your video should be the largest file in that folder and named something like “73efd837a90c290b80aa0f55b82455j8”. Copy and Paste the file onto the desktop and rename the file extension to .flv. You can now watch it on your FLV player or in VLC.

Megavideo Hack 3

Simply add +++ at the end of the megavideo url and type enter. Many users have complained that this hack doesn’t work always. So use it with discretion.

Megavideo Hack 4

If you have dynamic IP, block all cookies from Megavideo and disconnect your modem from your line and reconnect it!

Megavideo Hack 5

Use any of the Free VPN services and follow the below steps –

Step 1: Before video start: Right click > settings > local storage > set to: 0
Step 2: Clear browser’s cookies
Step 3: Run VPN > click disconnect & connect to get a new ip
Step 4: If still not working, restart your computer then run the Free VPN.

Enjoy watching unlimited online TV episodes and movies on Megavideo!

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53 thoughts on “5 Hacks to Bypass Megavideo 72 minutes Limitation

  1. Hey, i found a website that removes the time limit automaticly, lyke.co.cc, worked great for me. The offline thing deos not work for me so i say lyke.co.cc is the best to use.

  2. i cant get the second method to work for windows vista…i cant find the file in the temporary internet folder. any ideas of why this is and what i can do to get around it?

  3. im not sure if it did this because of it but i put a question mark after the url when the time limit thing appeared and refreshed the page then went back and the time limit was only 9 min

  4. another way to do it is to get the Firefox add-on called illimitux, then once a megavideo thing pops up, in the bottem right corner a box will come up and itll say remove limitation click that then it will open a new page with the video but itll be threw illimitux….

    heres a link to a site were u can get it
    just click download (dont worry theres no viruses or any thing.)

  5. Okay this is the real way to do it. You watch your 72 min of what ever movie you’re watching. Then select ‘work offline’. Then refresh your webpage, and go to internet options. Delete everything. Connect back online, and refresh back to your movie.

  6. “Okay this is the real way to do it. You watch your 72 min of what ever movie you’re watching. Then select ‘work offline’. Then refresh your webpage, and go to internet options. Delete everything. Connect back online, and refresh back to your movie.”

    Reply: I did everything you said in that sentences and it still didn’t work.. Does it work if you have two Firefox program on at the same time?

  7. Does the second option allow you to download full length movies?

    I’ve tried using various FLV downloaders, but it always times out. I’m assuming that either most FLV downloaders aren’t made to download videos longer then 56 minutes, or that MEGAVIDEO’s time limit is also a method to deter people from downloading the films without being a member (since I can only get between 30 – 56 minutes each time I try, and thats pretty much half a movie only)

  8. ”’Guys Megavideo is working on a fix to sort out all the bugs….:)”’

    i bet tey search for the same thing we search for then find work arounds to our work arounds and they are probably continually making it so.

  9. and the work arounds only work for an episode that is the length of the time limit doesnt work very good for a full movie sure you might be able to ‘avoid’ hence reset the time and flip the hour glass but it still only is with in the time range allowed and watch another episode and keep doing it that way but i figure give mega video enough time and we wont even be able to do that no more.

  10. This is a detailed sharing of information. However, some of the tips maybe conditional and some are not too effective. I have been doing some of them in the past. BUT, as long as the delivery of goods is considered, this is a good post to read. Perhaps, you can also add more tips later.

  11. I think the best way at the moment to bypass megavideo limits is with cacaoweb.
    I’ve tried all other methods and they are not very reliable (to say the least).
    cacaoweb always work and removes all ads as well, so it’s really the best bypasser at the moment
    there is also a firefox addon

  12. I think the easiest and most reliable way to bypass megavideo is to use cacaoweb.
    Not sure why you don’t mention this method on your website

  13. Hey, found a good site to remove megavideo time limit.
    As you may know lyke.co.cc has been down for many days! now we have found a new site to remove the time limit
    check it out at lyke.mikaviva.tk
    enjoy 😀

  14. The +++ thing might be the best hack to unlimited megavideo! I think that you can even just type 1 + and it will work lol

  15. I tried the FLV hack and it didn’t work the only big file i could find was a “http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/9/1/391EA365-B399-4C0B-9757-D1262C7BD5CE/obsidianapp.cab?r=df0b186e-5c47-4a52-b79b-e6f8e872aed8” Filename obsidnapp{1}.cab file size 2,263KB….. is this what im looking for i saved it to the desktop and changed the ext to .flv and downloaded the FLV player shown at the top of this page but nothing happened when i tried to play it….am i doing something wrong or is this not the file????

  16. Run IP switches if you’re going through a network. Use DHCP with a manual address and change it once you run out of credit.

  17. now megavideo has started a new product called megakey when u install megakey you watch megavideo as a premium and also download from megaupload as a premium user.

  18. heres another way for firefox
    watch up to the 72 min limit then click tools>start privite browsing>save tabs
    then exit that browser and click back to the tab
    the limit has been reset and you can fast foward to where you left off

  19. the simplist way to get unlimited megavideo and also video bb is too download cacao webplayer which gives you an unlimited time to watch videos on the mentioned sites.

  20. just disable the option to save the cookies of the site…..
    n den you would never b hurdled by “ur 72 minutes are over try after 60 minutes”…..
    it will work for sure 100%….
    it worked for me….

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