The default font used by GMail sucks, at-least for me, it looks really bad. They use San-Serif font which must be one of the most boring, dull and unprofessional fonts available anywhere.


Every time I compose a mail, I have to change the font type and font size. I personally prefer black colored fonts without bolding or italicizing the text. But many would surely like the text color to be different. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward way to set the default font and color in Google Mail as we have in Microsoft Outlook.

How to Change Default Font and Color in GMail?

Previously, people used to take a longer workaround for this problem by turning on the canned responses and setting the default font and color over there and everytime they had to click on canned responses and select the previously stored font. Luckily, Google has provided a much simpler option to change the default font type, size and color. Follow these simple steps to achieve the desired solution

1. Enable Default Text Styling in GMail. In order to do this,
a) Go to Settings –> Labs
b) Look for Default Text Styling and select Enable
c) Click Save Changes.


2. Once you have enabled Default Text Styling, go to Settings –> General.

3. You can now see Default Text Styling option. Use the Bold, Italic, Font, Size and Text Color buttons to specify the desired formatting.


4. That’s it! When you go back and compose a new mail, you will now see your preferred styling as the default!

Just in case you want to get back the default GMail text styling (can’t think of any reason), go back to Default Text Styling and click on Remove Text Formatting icon to reset.

Hope you find this tip useful!

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