Update: 3 Easy Methods to Install Android on PC

The folks at How-to-geek have managed to run Android OS on PC! Would you also like to try out the Google’s Android OS on your netbook or desktop? Here’s how you can run Android from a flash drive!


1. Download Android from here

2. Download UNetBootin

3. Run UNetbootin and use it to prepare your usb flash drive. Once finished, reboot with USB set to highest precedence in BIOS boot preferences.


4. Now reboot your computer with the USB drive, select “Live CD” which runs Android-x86 without installation.

5. Soon you will see the Android desktop on your netbook or computer! You can quickly access one of the apps on the home screen, or open the menu to see more options.

Note: You might have problems connecting to the internet. In that case, put your phone in USB tethering mode and plug into your PC.

Check out the working video demo

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