For a lot of people, shopping is the ultimate form of relaxation, while for others is a task of inconvenience. Even though the persons who love shopping usually prefer to do it the old-fashion way, by going from store to store until they find what they are looking for, nowadays, shopping has gone that extra mile by becoming online, which is something of a big help for both shopping lovers and haters.

Online Shopping: How Good Can It Be?


Considering the fact that people today depend on man-made objects (clothes, electrics, electronics, mechanic equipments), there is no surprise that the shopping industry is the biggest in the history of mankind. And how can’t it be, when every single object on the planet is a potential new article for selling and buying? Because that is what shopping means after all: buying an object from someone who is selling it.

And since the moment in which shopping has gone online, the industry has gone even more wild, gaining more influence than ever before. Probably billions of people around the world make online shopping at any given moment, and each of them is on one of the millions of shopping websites that are available on the world-wide-web.

Top 10 Websites To Compare Products

But how do you know which is the best place to buy? Simple. I have to look first for the websites with the biggest name in the industry. The best ones are usually not the ones who offer a big range of products at an incredible price. But in order to have the maximum amount of security and still find the best offers for the products that you’re looking for, it is best to visit a website that gives you the pro’s and con’s for products, as well as the best places to buy.

So this being said, here are some of the best online places where you can find which is the best product that suits your needs, as well as the best places from which you can buy it.

10. Buzzillions

With over 17 million reviews from tens of categories, this website is one accurate shopping tool. Based on feedback from customers, allows you to use a lot of tools in order to find the best products for you.

9. Epinions

Part of one of the leading provider of comparison shopping services, this website allows you to find the products that you want based on how other people around the globe have found that product. So, with accurate information for millions of products from over 30 different categories, this is one great place to check it out.

8. Bizrate

As one of the oldest price comparison websites out there, it is certain that Bizrate has really made a name for itself. And that is no surprise, considering the fact that it allows users to evaluate prices, quality and customer service of thousands of retailers.

7. ConsumerSearch

A little different from the rest of the websites, this product comparison service not only allows you to see customer reviews. It also analyzes all the reviews and lets you know what would be the best solution for you.

6. Alatest

With a great, user-friendly main page, this website uses a search suggestion engine that really comes in handy. Allowing users to compare one product prices in different stores is a great thing to do, but what’s even greater is the fact that you are able to make an overall comparison of the product, including user ratings, reviews and prices, of course.

5. PriceRunner

A great website that gives you not only user reviews, but also expert reviews over products. With a great interface, one with the “side-by-side” option included, this product comparison service allows you to check for everything there is to know about a product before making the choice.

4. NexTag

This is one place you definitely want to be on. Due to its great search option, you can narrow down your search by using a lot of criterias. Even more, you can set a price alert so you’ll receive notifications, add items to shopping list and compiling the wish list.

3. PriceGrabber

Allowing users to add and see reviews and ratings, this is one of the best product comparison websites out there. With the option of sorting the results based on different criterias, and with a sidebar that allows you to refine the results even further, you can be sure that you’ll make the best choice.

2. Cnet Reviews

One of the most reliable websites out there, with both users and experts reviews. With their own testing lab in which they have hands-on experience with products, and with years of experience behind them, there is no surprise that this is one of the most popular product comparison websites out there.

1. Pronto

Kiplinger named it the “Best Online Price Comparison Website”. And this is certainly not an overstatement considering the fact that Pronto’s index has over 70 million products and services offered by over 250,000 online sellers. This is all for you to make sure that you receive the cheapest prices for each products and services each time you access the website.

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