Raising a child nowadays is much easier than it used to be. Think of how our parents raised us: without diapers and without the help that modern technology gives us. Back then, there were no smartphones with games for kids, not iPads with educational apps, just the story books and the coloring books that we enjoyed so much.

Parenting Now

Nevertheless, today’s parents are much more “connected”, benefiting from all the joys that our gadgets offer. In this age of information, the humble cell phone has risen to new heights. The smartphone is now our top gadget, capable of giving us an enormous amount of information in a few seconds. For modern-day parents, the smartphone can be a great resource, offering lots of information on parenting and lots of great apps that make their lives easier; such apps are our subject for today: Parenting Apps for Android.

Top 10 Android parenting apps

10. S.O.S. by American Red Cross

s.o.s. by american red cross

It’s never a bad thing to be prepared for the worse, and this app, although not necessarily an Android parenting app, and I hope none will ever have to use it, gives you crucial information about first intervention, easy access to 911 and all the information you need to know when in a crisis.

9. Baby Monitor & Alarm

baby monitor & alarm

As far as baby monitors get, this Android parenting app is one of the best. It’s packed full of features, and it helps you get a good night’s sleep by playing the mother’s voice whenever he gets noisy or sending you a notification when the baby wakes up. Baby Monitor & Alarm is an app that should not be missing from your Android smartphone!

8. Baby Connect (activity logger)

baby connect (activity logger)

Keep track of your baby’s everyday needs and all his activity with Baby Connect, an Android parenting app that allows you to see well-designed charts of your baby’s activity and also remind you of his vaccines or medication. A must-have for any parent who wants his baby to have the best possible care!

7. Baby Monitor

baby monitor

Keep track of your baby’s sleep with this wonderful Android parenting app that turns your phone into a state-of-the-art baby monitor. The app will notify you via SMS when your baby is crying or it can send you pictures of your baby to know that he is fine. A great app that relieves you from worrying every night when you go to sleep.

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6. Baby ESP

baby esp

All parents know that a baby has a tighter schedule than an airport, so this Android parenting app helps them keep track of all the baths, meals, and everything else for the baby. Forget those old notebooks where you would keep count; now, in the digital age, use this great parenting app for Android!

5. Life360 Family Locator

life360 family locator

See where your family is at any time with this Android parenting app! Besides being able to see where your kids are, you can send quick messages and see whatever is in their area, from emergency rooms to recorded sex offenders. All the information a caring parent needs to know how safe their child is at all times.

4. Parenting Ages & Stages

parenting ages & stages

Enjoy one of the best-known magazines for parents via this great Android parenting app. Get all the latest information tips and talk to other parents around the world in a few seconds. With an easy and intuitive interface, this app lets you search for whatever you are interested in and find the answer in no time!

3. BabyBump Pregnancy Free

babybump pregnancy free

A complete tool for pregnant women who want all the information about their pregnancy: BabyBump Pregnancy Free is one of the best Android parenting apps that gives very detailed information about the development of the baby on a weekly schedule. Also, users of this app can get in contact with other parents around the world and get all the information they need about the pregnancy.

2. Happy Pregnancy Ticker

happy pregnancy ticker

A great Android parenting app that helps you keep track of your pregnancy with information and detailed statistics regarding your body and that of your child. Happy Pregnancy Ticker gives you an array of tools useful for soon-to-be mothers, as well as a forum where you can exchange experiences and receive tips on what to expect.

1. My Pregnancy Today

my pregnancy today

If you are on track to having a baby, then what you need is an Android parenting app that gives you all the information you need about the development of your baby and the changes that occur in your body on a daily basis. This android parenting app comes in the form of My Pregnancy Today. An app that all future mothers have to use!

Now, armed with these great android parenting apps, all of you young parents can make the raising of your kids easier and until the Smart House of the future will come with robot nannies, these apps will be very useful for keeping track of your kids or getting great information at a moment’s notice. Also, you might want to use some medical apps that will come in handy when the little one catches a cold.

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