Without an iota of doubt, the iPhone 5 is the most hyped Apple product ever. Ever since the Cupertino based company has somewhat delayed the product by introducing the iPhone 4S back in the days of Steve Jobs, users have eagerly waited for what they hoped to be, a totally revamped product. To some people’s disappointment, Apple has failed to live up to their expectations, and although the design and the final piece is more than catchy in theory, the end product comes with a collection of issues.

Today we are going to present the growing list of iPhone 5 problems, and solutions wherever possible. This list refers not only to the hardware part of the product, but also to iOS 6 and other software components of the platform. Hopefully, those reading this advice will make a general idea of what’s happening and most of all, what needs to be done in order to enjoy a quality experience, for which they have paid in full.

unboxing iphone 5

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 problems

The iPhone 5 has some serious issues. Besides the casual iOS 6 glitches, mostly related to its software components like the Apple Maps service, Siri, SIM recognition errors and other stuff like that, the device itself confronts with battery problems, broken or weak Wi-Fi connections and even design flaws.

Camera – purple lens kryptonite

iphone 5 vs 4 camera
As Superman has a vicious element of which he is afraid of, so does the iPhone 5 camera. Many users have reported that pictures containing a bright source of light, aimed directly towards the device, have been taken with a purple haze around the margins. To highlight this problem, some users have even taken the same pictures using the past three generations of Apple’s mobile line, the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, where the last one was tagged as the less compatible.

Although we can blame the software for the purple pictures, it may be related to the sapphire crystal lens, in which case a fix could only be done by returning the product. More evidence to sustain this possibility is the report of the same problem appearing even when taking videos or, in outdoor premises where the source of light is not so strong.

Just yesterday, Apple has finally responded to a customer complaint and as always, blamed the capturer, instead of acknowledging their own mistakes.

Design flaws

As you are going to discover, the camera is not the only flaw of the iPhone 5. In matters of pure design, the device has some small, but sensible issues which hurt the user experience. Here is what we’ve found:

  • Vulnerable to scratches and others: Firstly, some reports say that the iPhone 5 came damaged right out of the box. Small chips were present usually in the corners and users were left with no choice than to replace it. Others have found that Apple’s move of replacing the glass back with an aluminum cover has it downsides, because the lightweight material can be scratched easily. Although the same material is used in MacBooks and the iPad, only the iPhone deals heavily with damaging materials usually found in pockets and it’s more susceptible to scratches. Solution: Use a case.
  • Light Leakage: Light leakage cases seem to only happen on the white iPhone 5, and it’s usually happening from in-between the glass panel and the frame structure, just right under the lock button. Although it’s not a major flaw, some customers have gone to Apple and got their device replaced, for free. iphone5-light-leak.jpg – dreapta
  • Screen Glitching: Another minor software problem causes the iPhone 5 screen to show horizontal lines across the keyboard, mostly seen when entering the Apple ID password. Just like in the video:
  • Screw loose: According to posts on Apple’s official forum, some claim that the iPhone 5 is making a rattle noise when the device is shaken. Those who contacted Apple officials state that this noise is normal and made by camera components, while others affirm it could be an unglued battery. Solution: A trip to Apple’s Store.

SIM errors

The SIM error is often encountered on the first day, when the iPhone 5 receives its first SIM card. The actual error text displayed by the phone is “No SIM CardInstalled” and describes the situation where the terminal does not acknowledge the card, whatsoever. Thus, the latest iPhone cannot be used to make a call or transfer data.

Solution: Restart the mobile by pressing down the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously and if it still fails, take it back to the Apple Store.

Wi-Fi issues

iphone 5 wi-fi

Due to protocol modifications introduced in iOS 6, iPhone 5 users and even owners of older generations or iPads have been confronting with Wi-Fi issues. As we’ve detailed in our previous article, this little addition causes some devices to lose the wireless connection entirely or have a flapping stream. Also, the Wi-Fi protocol interferes with a small range of apps that can cause it to misbehave.

Solutions: In most cases the simplest of solutions is to switch the encryption protocol from WPA2 to WPA, a less advanced algorithm. Also, downgrading the router firmware to an older version or the Modem Version of the device itself has worked, but these are a bit tedious procedures.

Battery issues

One of the most annoying problems with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 is by far, the battery consumption rate. This mean machine cuts through the 1440 mAh capacity like a hot knife through butter, with the most awkward situations describing an average usage time of five hours and a half (on a regular use). Some cases even speak of the device loosing 60% of its power juice in stand-by mode over the night, while others claim even worse.


  • Reset – a casual reset can solve many problems if it hasn’t been done in a while, mostly because some rogue processes may consume battery life more than a usual one.
  • Restore As New – in many cases the root of the problem was that owners used an iPhone 4 backup ported onto the new device, instead of starting from scratch. Sadly, this is a last resort option, as it erases every single bit of data from the mobile including contacts, pictures, and apps. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the matter.
  • Check for bad signal – if the area you are mostly active in does not have a strong connection, this is most likely the problem. When the signal is weak, the antenna struggles to stay connected and eats up the battery fast. To solve this you should disable LTE or even 3G if the area is not covered.
  • Turn off unnecessary features– by default, the iPhone 5 uses some features that are not required in the every-day-life. Browse through the list below and check what can you shut down, and what not:
    1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Siri and disable Raise to Speak.
    2. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and turn off tracking for the apps that do not need it.
    3. From Settings -> Notifications turn off notifications for any unnecessary app. Also from this menu, turn off the Notification Center for any widgets.
    4. Kill any power hungry apps like Skype, Pandora or TomTom, by double-tapping the Home Button to enter the multitasking menu and selecting the apps which seem unnecessary.
    5. Also helpful is turning off some services like LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when not used, while tuning down the screen brightness and disabling keyboard clicks, iPod EQ, media downloads, cellular apps.

Apple Maps

ios 6 maps

The recently developed Apple Maps have been forced so early into devices that the service is behaving strangely, at best. The situation can be seen in every single device and even Tim Cook, Apple’s own CEO, has apologized for the fault. Supposedly, Apple still needs time and data to properly configure the service, and until then, users are urged to rely on alternatives, such as:

To properly add one of these services, simply navigate to the official website do the followings:

  1. Tap the Safari Share button, located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the “Add to Home Screen” icon from the middle.
  3. Now go for the upper-right “Add” button, after you’ve given a name to the shortcut.
  4. Use the icon to launch the service, right from the Home screen.


Alongside Apple’s own mapping segment, Siri has also become confused. Whenever the personal assistant is asked a question regarding location, like how the weather is in a certain city, it might show results from a city with the same name, but within a totally different state. For example, a temperature query for New York City will display results for New York, and so on.

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