Have you ever forgot to lock the house, or simply did not have room for a key on the way out? Well, with Lockitron, all these stressing matters will fade away. Introduced as a future wireless locking system for most doors, Lockitron can be installed inside houses, garages, and allows the user to remotely lock/unlock the door from a simple mobile application. The service works with legacy phones as well, and besides offering a keyless access path into the premises, it also comes with a wide range of notifications, sharing possibilities and other interesting features.

Built using the Arduino system, Lockitron is still at its early stages and can be customized or amplified by developers until its official release, in March next year. At the moment, makers are trying to raise funds for at least one thousand devices for the first batch, but considering how wonderful and simple is their project, we have no fears they will make it. This application is a worthy component of your home’s security system. Here’s why you should back them up too:


How Lockitron works?

First of all, the assembly is made from a plastic shell available in three colors, which attaches to most key-locks without much fuss. The installation process is so easily that it takes only seconds, can be performed by anyone and it’s suited for renters as well. Once attached, the Arduino system with an Atmel built microcontroller will lock and unlock the door for the owner, just like it had done it itself.

The second component of the Lockitron is a smartphone application with only two buttons, used for switching the door lock when needed. Those with older devices need not to fear, because Arduino systems can be highly customized and developers have implemented an algorithm which does the job just as well, by using text messages. For example, to unlock the door the person will have to either tap an app button, or send a SMS with the text “unlock”. Quite simple, right?

Speaking of customizations, the Lockitron system can also perform some interesting tricks:lockitron app

  • Sense: using the Bluetooth 4 technology embedded, the device can sense when the owner is near the door and automatically unlock it, without having to rely on any action whatsoever – just like Ford did with their cars. When the owner strays more than 10 meters away, the system senses its departure and closes the door.
  • Shared access: the account set as admin for the Lockitron application can also share door access to various users, all of them having to rely on the same client app. This system is highly likely to be used in families or in business environments, without having to purchase expensive door systems and carry an extra badge for activation.
  • Activity sensors: whenever someone uses the door, certain accounts can receive notifications for the matter. Thus, a parent can know when its kid has left the house and if the door was closed or not. Also, a knocking sensor has been embedded, so whenever someone will knock on the door a notification will also be sent.
  • Others: the system is highly customizable and can embed specific options, with only ideas being required. It has Wi-Fi access besides the cellular and Bluetooth 4.0 connection and on top of all, the battery lasts around a year. When most of its energy is depleted, the system will send notifications letting owners know.

How to purchase and attach Lockitron

Attaching Lockitron is very simple, all the owner needs to do is to loosen up the screws of the door lock and place the system on top. As for purchasing, the first batch should arrive in March 2013 and it will cost around $149 – orders can be taken here. Those that want their homes to be as smart as possible will appreciate this product and we say it’s worth it.

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