Having to manage our busy life may seem the hardest thing to do these days. Regardless if it’s about work, school, family, friends, assignments, chores, or whatever goes through your mind, staying organized is one of the single ways to remain stress-free and a healthier person.

It’s rare to find somebody who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the endless paperwork or because of other important things that he unfortunately forgets. The good news is that if you own a smartphone or a tablet, your problems can disappear because there are tons of applications that help you to keep a more organized life.

Best 6 Apps To Help Organize Your Life


Here are six amazing applications that are doing a great job in helping users to remember different things like passwords or to-do lists, day-to-day tasks or to keep documents, bills, and other stuff in a safe place where they cannot be lost. Time is very important, and it passes away rapidly, so let’s maximize it as much as we can in order to have a more simple and productive life.

Cozi Calendar and Lists


Cozi Calendar and Lists is an award-winning application that permits users to organize their family’s life. It includes a shared calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, a family journal, and more, and it only needs an account for the whole family. Everyone accesses the application with their own e-mail and with the shared password.

The family calendar is very easy to use, and every family member can upload tasks to their own calendar or to the one that is shared with the whole family. One can add or edit tasks that everyone can see and set reminders so that nobody misses an important family event. Even more, the application automatically sends an e-mail to every family member with upcoming weekly events.

Shopping lists represent another service that simplifies your life. How many times did you forget to buy milk? With this feature, users can share grocery lists with family, and they even update in real-time if somebody adds something else to the list. Furthermore, you can cross off the items that are already bought and focus on the others.

All in all, this helpful application is used by millions of people, and it’s free for download for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. Also, it’s available in a Gold version as an in-app purchase which will add additional features and remove ads. For more portability, developers created a way to access all the Cozi Calendar, and Lists features from a computer through their official site.



Evernote is a worldwide-known application used by families, students, businessmen, and everybody who wants to maximize their spare time. Basically, it’s a place where you can put all your thoughts, important documents, pictures taken through the app, and more. It has three main tools (a tool to record voice, one to take pictures, and another to edit text) and a lot of features.

To begin, the web clipper is one of the most important features of Evernote. It’s a plug-in that can be used with Opera, Chrome, and Safari browsers to save particular content from pages, such as a paragraph or a picture. Furthermore, if you are in a rush, you can continue reading on your mobile devices from wherever you want.

Another innovative feature is that this application can recognize text from pictures. How does it do it? Through complex algorithms that are capable of searching through pictures and highlighting with yellow the handwritten words. With this, you can create an agenda with visiting cards or make a recipe book.

The application is available for free on Android, iOS, Nook or BlackBerry devices and it can be accessed even through the browser or from the Mac or Windows application. To learn more about Evernote, you can also read this article that presents some tips and tricks to maximize its potential.

Grocery IQ


Grocery IQ is an application designed to be an intuitive shopping list that helps users not to forget to buy something when they are doing the shopping. It’s very simple to do this, all the more so because it has features like predictive search and barcode scanning. It also permits to customize the arrangement of the products in categories so that it would be simpler to find them.

To start creating a list, users can type, speak or scan products to the grocery list, which will automatically sort them through categories depending on the place that they usually occupy in stores. Once an item is bought, just cross it off, and it will move to the bottom of the list to not bother you anymore. Another nice thing is that it shows the price of products so that you’ll have an idea about the amount of money that is needed before actually entering the store.

Grocery IQ is partner with Coupons.com, the famous site that offers discounts for different items from particular stores. When a coupon is available for one product that is placed on your list, it will automatically send an e-mail with it, or it will even send it to your printer for printing.

Grocery IQ it’s available for free for Android, iOS devices and for browsers. It syncs the information in real time so that if your wife has a last-minute item to add, the application will update your list if your device is connected to the Internet.



Springpad is one of the best applications for managing information with a number of users. It’s a big contender for Evernote because it also allows users to do a lot of things, such as create notes, save ideas, projects, and films from the Internet, and so forth. It’s like a personal assistant for its users.

One of the most interesting features that are implemented in this application is the capability of creating a grocery list with the ingredients of your favorite recipe. Also, if you have a movie which you are waiting for, add it to Springpad and it will announce you when it’s available on Netflix or it will show other suggestions instead of it.

Furthermore, users can plan their holidays, create to-do lists, follow experts and read their useful tips, show pictures and videos and the list may go on. The application is very easy to use, and thanks to its user-friendly and smooth interface, users can enjoy Springpad’s revolutionary features. To sum up, whatever you choose to save, Springpad will make it better.

The application can be accessed either from mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) or directly from browsers.

Check – Bills & Money


Check – Bills & Money is the formerly known Pageonce, and it’s an award-winning application that manages your credit card, accounts, passwords, purchases, and financial history. Transactions are very secure thanks to its 256-bit data encryption, and 128-bit encrypted SSL. In addition, Trust-e, VeriSign, and Norton are regularly checking their privacy system and security, which is certified as they meet their standards.

Basically, it’s like a vault where users store their money and make payments. It’s very easy to begin; just add the credit card information and the due date for your bills. The application will automatically alert when bills are due so that users don’t have to worry about not paying on time. Also the payment can also be scheduled to be done at a specific date.

The most useful thing about this application is that it offers the possibility to have all your worries related to money, such as credit cards, bank accounts, and bills, in the same place. With this, users can get a complete financial overview and spare a lot of time.

The app is also used and recommended by big enterprises like PepsiCo, and it’s available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

Timr – Time and Mileage Tracker


You should also take a look at Timr, which is an application especially designed to track time and to reduce its consumption. It contains three different services: work time, project time, and mileage tracking applications which will save money and time for you and your business.

The application is very easy to use, and in only minutes it can be set up. At the end of the day, all data is analyzed and interpreted in order to see where the time has gone and to efficiently maximize it for the next day. The work time feature permits tracking the weekly hours of work, holiday, while the project time feature tracks the time when working on a certain task.

To sum up, this application allows structuring tasks, adding comments, or authorizing employees to work on a particular project. It’s available on all major platforms and syncs the data through them in just seconds. So, if you’re interested in it, download it for free on your Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone device.

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