BlackBerry seems to be caught between going the all touchscreen way and using its iconic QWERTY keyboard. As the company shows off its KEYone device with both touch and type at MWC, Nimish Dubey thinks the brand finds itself in a quandary worthy of a Hamlet-ian speech. And having played the confused Prince of Denmark (quite horribly), he conjures a speech for the confused brand!

to b or not to b, to touch or to type is the question: hamlet on blackberry - blackberry hamlet

To touch or to Type
That is the question
Whether it is nobler for the hand
To suffer the trips and typos
Of erratic touchscreen
Or to take up a real keyboard
Against a sea of misspellings and swipes
And by hitting real keys
End them?
To type, to err no more
And by typing to say we end
The headache, and the thousand textual shocks
That touchscreen typing is heir to.
To type, to write
To write, perhaps even long articles
Aye, that’s the problem
For in the typing on touch
What errors might come
When we have sent off that mortal e-mail or text
Which will make us pause.
There’s the aspect
That makes a calamity
Of writing long mails and messages
For who would bear the Whips and scorns
Of swipes and autocorrects
The dictionary’s wrongs
The grammar getting unseemly
The pangs of despised prose
The unspeakable delays
The insolence of grammar nazis
When oneself quietly might make
Do with a real keyboard
Aye, with real keys too
To B or not to B…
What will it be
Or type
Or both

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