Microsoft has duly treated the Surface Book to another upgrade and this time around the company prefers to call the device Surface Book 2. Yes, the name can be quiet misleading since the original Surface had already got an update last year. The Surface Book was first released in 2015 and ever since it has been one of the innovative lineups among the surface series.

The new Surface Book 2 comes with a Nvidia GeForce GPU update and a battery of increased capacity. The Surface Book 2 is rated to offer 17 hours of battery life with the 15-inch variant and the processing is taken care by choice of 8th Gen Intel dual and quad-core processors.

The Surface Book 2 looks pretty much identical to its predecessor but Microsoft claims that they have improvised a great deal on the backlit keyboard and the singular flexible hinge. Connectivity ports include a set of standard USB ports and a USB-C. That apart, Microsoft also claims that the Surface Book 2 offers “five-times” better graphics performance as opposed to its predecessor and claims that it offers double the power of MacBook Pro. While the claims cannot be verified at this point, the Surface Book has always been the most powerful portable offering from the Microsoft’s stable and the Surface Book 2 is no different.

Microsoft has equipped the Surface Book 2 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB of memory for the top end variant. The laptop has been designed to handle graphics intensive game like GoW 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 at FHD 60FPS. That apart Microsoft seems to have retained the focus on creators and is thus releasing the laptop with a new version of the Windows 10 Creators update.

In a nutshell, the Surface Book 2 is one of the most powerful convertible laptops. The 15-inch touchscreen offers a resolution of 3240 x 2160 and will also support Microsoft’s Mixed Reality endeavors. The Surface Book 2 will be available starting from November 16, and the base price is $1,499.

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