You want to set a reminder. Great. Which app you’d go to first? Your to-do manager of choice? Or your calendar? Or create an alarm? I agree; there are a lot of ways. Being one of the essential tasks anyone does on their phones and in their lives, developers and companies have come up with a myriad of solutions. But if you ask me, the easiest and the most convenient method for setting a new reminder is just to Google it.

the easiest way to set reminders is to just google it - google set reminders

No, I’m not kidding. Google has a surprisingly straightforward and hassle-free feature for reminders which is available across its mobile apps and the web. All you need to do is type in, for instance, “remind me to buy milk at 7 PM”, and hit enter. Before this, however, do make sure you’re logged in with the same Google account as the one on your phone. Once you’ve searched that phrase, you’ll be greeted with a neat little interface for adding the reminder. In addition to the time, you can also configure the location and have it appear on your phone whenever you are in the vicinity of those coordinates. Click the “Remind me on Google Now” after editing the fields.

Now, as per the time or location, Google will remind you through a notification on your phone. That was the creative part. So how do you access these reminders if you’d like to edit or delete them?

The answer is already installed on your phone unless you are an iOS user. The Google app. Actually, there are three answers. One of the other two is to search on Google like “my reminders simply.” And the last one is Google Calendar. However, you can modify them only on the Google and Google Calendar apps.

the easiest way to set reminders is to just google it - google set reminders 2

On the Calendar, Google will have automatically added entries for your reminders. You can tap them to view more and hit the pencil icon for editing. If you’d like to mark them as done, there’s an option for that, too, on the bottom. To add a new one, you need to go back and hit the plus floating icon.

The process is a little long on the Google app, though. For starters, fire up the application on your phone. Tap the three-line icon at the extreme bottom right. There, you’ll find “Reminders.” Here, you will have a standard list with all your recent reminders. Tap the pencil icon to add new, and pressing any of the existing ones will let you edit or delete it.

the easiest way to set reminders is to just google it - google set reminders 3

If none of these float your boat, there’s one more option. You can just ask Google Assistant. For viewing the forthcoming alerts, say, “show my next reminders.” The Assistant pulls up the details, and if you tap the entry, you can modify its details as well. To add a new reminder, you can say, “remind me to buy groceries at 7 PM tomorrow”. Google Assistant is smart enough to figure out most of the phrases. Hence you don’t necessarily have to speak in that format. On iOS, of course, you will have to install applications from the store for these.

I certainly hope, though, that in the future, Google will come up with a new platform that will bring together all of its productivity suites. There are rumors that it is working on a redesign for Google Tasks. We might get an early glimpse of it next month at the company’s annual developer conference.

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