Hello and welcome to TechPP’s very own “Cook The Tech” show. Today we will be showing you how to cook up the perfect pair of true wireless earphones. Many brands have tried creating these but we think there is always something missing in each one of them. There are either too many buttons, too odd dimensions or just completely out of balance functionality. So what is the solution? Today, we will be taking ingredients that we like from different wireless earbuds and creating a pair of buds that we think will be as close to perfect as we can get. Hopefully, this will get some brands a hint of what they have to make in the future and get them into Master Chef mode too.

“cooking the tech”: the recipe for perfect true wireless earphones - true wireless headphones
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Ingredients you can consider using include:

  • Bose SoundSport Free
  • Apple AirPods
  • Bragi Dash Pro
  • Jabra Elite 65t

Of course, geography limits us to trying locally available ingredients, but we think these are the best that one can get at the time of writing.

Starting with…well, sound!

Cooking the perfect pair of true wireless earphones is basically like making one-pot meals. You need to take all your ingredients and mix them up, blend them well, till the time they all get infused in each other well. This concoction then needs to boil down well and result in the perfect wireless earphones.

“cooking the tech”: the recipe for perfect true wireless earphones - bose soundsport free review 4

So, let’s get started.

One of the most key ingredients to any earphone recipe is well duh, the sound. While there were some really good options to pick out sound from, for our ideal earphones, we are taking sound from the Bose SoundSport Free earphones. The true wireless buds offer the most balanced sound in our experience. The SoundSport Free delivers the kind of sound Bose is popular for – not blow-your-mind loud but a good level of bass, treble combined with incredible clarity, which we missed in many other truly wireless earphones. Another great thing about the sound of Bose SoundSport Free was the consistency of the earphones. The earbuds performed well in different genres as well which was a struggle for others, whereas the sound seemed very flat and one dimensional when we switched genres. And while not many true wireless earphones come with active noise cancellation, because the Bose SoundSport Free fit snugly, they offer very good noise isolation, taking the audio experience up another notch.

…add a dash of connectivity

Now take Apple’s AirPods and take their connectivity and blend the sound of Bose SoundSport Free well with it. Connectivity is what makes the wireless earphone experience either a pain or a pleasure and the only true wireless earphones that have been a complete pleasure when it comes to sheer connectivity are the AirPods. The fact that you just need to flip open that tiny case, press on a little button on the case to pair your earphones with your device, makes our heart sing. And once paired, the process is even more simple, just flip the case open and voila! your AirPods will get paired. Freedom from teensie-weensie buttons and apps.

Garnish with shapes and colors

“cooking the tech”: the recipe for perfect true wireless earphones - bragi dash pro

In this mix, you need to add Bragi Dash Pro’s looks because we want your earphones to look all dash-ing (Pun? Really?) and the curved light on the Dash Pro adds just that element to your earphones. Plus, unlike many other true wireless earphones that poke out of ears and make the users look like Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bragi Dash Pro are stylish and are not as standout-ish (no, not an intended pun, perhaps!), in the best way possible. While Bragi Dash Pro is the best looking of the lot, we like the color options we get from Bose SoundSport Free. Unlike other brands that make these true wireless earphones in one color and do not even put other colors into consideration, we think, the SoundSport Free brings that range in contention.

Stuff with battery

We now have to add the battery of Bose SoundSport Free to the pan of ingredients as the battery performance of the earphones is easily the best of the lot that we have used so far. The earbuds can last up to 6 hours on a single charge which is not too far away from the battery life of they AirPods, the Bragi Dash Pro or the Jabra 65t wireless that offer about 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, but is definitely a step ahead of the lot.

Sprinkle ease of use at random

“cooking the tech”: the recipe for perfect true wireless earphones - apple airpods live listen mode 1

Grab another set of AirPods and take the ease of use out of the tiny buds because if there is one thing Apple has perfected in making the AirPods it is the ease of use. Most truly wireless earphones are tiny, obviously and brands have often put even more so tiny buttons on these earphones, making even the smallest, thinnest fingers look stubby. And do not even get us started on what a pain it can be trying to find these buttons and pressing them down. Now, the Bragi Dash Pro offer gesture controls but those have kinda made it a little too complicated to be actually put to use. Therefore, we take the ease of use out of the AirPods. You can simply double tap on the earbuds to summon Siri, Play/Pause track, change to next track or previous track, making the audio experience pretty smooth.

Stabilize the mix, now

“cooking the tech”: the recipe for perfect true wireless earphones - bose soundsport free review 1

One of the major problems that we have often faced with true wireless earphones and a problem that even users tend to not admit to facing, is stability. We have lost count of people who claim that their truly wireless earphones stay in their ears, but believe us, they pop out, easily. And the one pair which came close to actually staying in our ears, even through strenuous workout was the Bose SoundSport Free. Thanks to the variable ear tips size and the silicon arc inside that just latch on to the innards of your ears, the SoundSport Free is easily the best wireless earphones when it comes to stability. So, take that out of the Bose and add it to the mix.

Add features to taste, and attend some calls too

Many might think that a earphones’ only job is to play music in our ears. While that is the most obvious job of these buds, the potential in these little earbuds is actually much more. And this potential has been only actually explored by one true wireless earphones in the market, the Bragi Dash Pro. The earphones have BOS, which is Bragi’s OS, that brings features like real-time language translation, step count feature, auto tracking, 4D menu, Alexa Support, Google Fit Support, Touch to Lock and many more to the table. Making the Bragi Dash Pro, the ultimate earbud-dies when it comes to features.

Now you have to take a pair of AirPods and extract the phone call ability out them and put it in our perfect earphone pot. The AirPods come with two mics at the tips of both buds. These mics make the AirPods perfect for calling purposes. And if you are sharing your Pods with someone, you can easily turn off a mic in one of the AirPods in the settings and go solo in the conversation.

Take out the water and dust, put in case

Bring another Bose SoundSport Free to the chopping block and chop the IPX4 rating out to add to our concoction. Bose SoundSport Free are one of the few earphones that come with water and sweat resistant capabilities and it is not just some layer but an actual IP rating which is kind of important for wireless earphones in this day age.

Now that we are reaching the end stage of cooking up the perfect earphones, we can actually smell how amazing they are going to turn out. For the next step, we need to take another AirPods. Actually, we will not need AirPods but just the case. We love the squ-oval (majorly square and oval around the edges) shaped case that is so tiny and handy, unlike many other truly wire-free earphones cases that claim that they are pocketable but actually are rather uncomfortable to carry around. But that is not the case with the AirPods. Their case can fit in the tiniest of pockets and the fact that it is light, charges the AirPods, and also functions as a connector, makes us want it even more.

A great dish…with a great price

“cooking the tech”: the recipe for perfect true wireless earphones - xiaomi mi airdots

The last ingredient in this recipe is the price. It has been noted that most of these truly wireless earphones come with a hefty price tag. So, to lift this weight off your pockets, we take the final ingredient, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro’s price. Now we have not used these true wireless earphones as they are not available in the country but are launched at about $59 in China which is roughly Rs. 4,000. Pretty great right? Yes, we know that all the ingredients we used are pretty pricey, but this is the sort of “honest pricing” that we like.

Now all you have to is take this perfect true wireless earphone dish off the heat and serve it hot in great packaging and we can assure you it will make every audiophile on the block drool. And make wires go into exile!

Bon appetit.

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