Instagram’s logos over the years have been as iconic as the platform itself. Those who have seen the social media network evolve know that it has not just been a journey about what the app offers but a journey of its icon as well. The tiny instant camera-like icon has undergone some serious glow-up.

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - instagram app icon change

But if you are one of those who thinks that the logo’s looks peaked back in the day and want to go back to one of the classic icons on your phone, Instagram will now allow you to do so. As a gift to its users on its 10th birthday, Instagram has now added a special setting which allows you to change its icon to one of the older ones. Finding the setting, however, can be quite a task, as Instagram has not made it easy to find. It is not your regular feature that you would discover in your app by merely visiting Settings-ville. Fear not, we are here to simplify matters.

Steps to change the Instagram app icon

If you want to switch your Instagram icon, just follow these simple (yet secret) steps and make your Instagram more classic or a little fresh, depending on which logo-route you take:

Step 1: Update and open Instagram on your Android/ iOS device

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - step1 1

In order to get a number of logo options to choose from, you have to make sure that the app on your device is up to date. You need the latest Instagram app version which you can easily download from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. Once you have the updated app on your phone, you need to open it.

Step 2: Go to your profile

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - step2
Getting on the app will open your feed page directly. Select the tiny round icon that has your display picture in it, present on the bottom right side of the screen.

Step 3: Tap that hamburger icon

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - step3 1
Tapping on the tiny display picture icon will take you to your posts and pictures.From here you have to select the hamburger icon (the three hyphens-like line arranged horizontally) present on the top right side of the screen.

Step 4: Tap on Settings

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - step4
Once you click on the hamburger menu, you will get a handful options out of which you have to select Settings – yes, Settings did come into the picture after all. But wait this is where it gets interesting. As Instagram likes to play a little hide and seek, the icon changing game is not as obviously out there. Skim through all the items on this page, and you will still not find a way to change the Insta icon. I guess they felt that as it is not a regular feature, it will not be found by going through regular settings.

Step 5: Pull down (yes!) to get to the secret feature

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - step5 1
To get into the logo zone you have to pull Instagram into birthday mode. Yes, you have to pull the menu down. Literally. Place your finger on the upper part of the options on the screen and drag out dow. As you pull down, a ‘series of emojis will become visible. Keep pulling. As you pull down, you will find a pair of eyes, followed by a thinking emoji, then a hand emoji pointing upwards and finally a gift,. Which when you have pulled all the way down will turn into a party emoji with a burst of virtual confetti on the screen (a touch that never gets old).

Step 6: Select the logo of your choice

how to change the instagram app icon on your device - step6 1
After all the celebratory pulling, you will reach a new page with a little cupcake and thank-you note on top. And below it, at long last, you will find a number of Instagram logo options that you can switch to, In the options you will not only find the older versions of the app’s logos but even the prelaunch one– Code name and a few others in different colour schemes like Pride, Gold, Dark, Very Dark.

Pick the one you like the best, confirm that you want to use it and go ahead, take your Gram vibe up a notch!

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