Notion, a popular productivity workspace known for its note-taking, task management, knowledge management, and collaboration capabilities, has undergone several changes and feature updates since its inception. Of these, one notable update, which arrived back in 2019, introduced the Notion Web Clipper that offered a seamless and convenient way for Notion users to save pages from the web into their Notion workspace.

notion web clipper

Since then, Web Clipper has proven to be a valuable addition to Notion and has managed to amass a large number of users who use it to capture web clippings into their workspace.

In this guide, we will explain what Notion Web Clipper is and what you can do with it, along with the steps to use it effectively.

What Is Notion Web Clipper?

Notion Web Clipper is an extension to Notion that allows you to save any page on the web to your Notion workspace. It is offered as a free browser extension on the desktop for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Brave browsers. Mobile devices, on the other hand, have a built-in Web Clipper, which lets you save web pages just as quickly without requiring any additional tools.

As of writing this, Notion Web Clipper is compatible with a number of websites, such as Wikipedia, the New York Times, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. So you can save all the different kinds of media like PDF, text, image, and video from such websites to your Notion workspace.

What Can You Do With Notion Web Clipper?

Aside from its elemental use case, which is to save pages from the web to your Notion workspace, Notion Web Clipper also allows you to turn its links into actionable elements on the page. So rather than having a vanilla page link coupled with plain text, you can transform it and add notes to bring some context, convert it into a task, add tags to club it together with other similar items in your workspace, or assign it as a task to your teammates.

notion web clipper

For instance, if you’re building a resonance calendar or reading list in Notion to organize information, you can use Notion Web Clipper to add content from the web to your Notion page. That way, you can avoid the tedious process of copy-pasting the page URL between your browser and Notion.

Notion Web Clipper works with templates as well, so if you use Notion templates, you can utilize the Web Clipper to clip web content into your template.

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How to Use Notion Web Clipper?

Depending on what platform you’re using Notion on, there are different steps you need to follow to use Web Clipper on your device. Following are the steps on how to use Web Clipper on desktop and mobile.

I. Using Notion Web Clipper on Desktop

To use Notion Web Clipper on a Desktop, you need the Web Clipper extension installed on your browser. You can download Web Clipper for Firefox from here and for Brave and Google Chrome from here. Once downloaded and installed, make sure the extension is enabled and follow the steps below to save a web page to your workspace using Notion Web Clipper.

notion web clipper browser extension

  1. Go to Notion on your web browser and log in to your account.
  2. Open the website/page you want to save to Notion.
  3. Click on the Notion extension button next to the search bar.
  4. In the Web Clipper extension window, add a title to the link you’re saving.
  5. Click on Workspace to select the workspace that you want to add this page to, and similarly, click on Add to to pick the page or database that this link should go into.
  6. Hit the Save page button to save the page.

II. Using Notion Web Clipper on Mobile (Android and iOS)

As we have mentioned earlier, you don’t need an extension to save pages to your Notion workspace on a mobile device. And hence, the approach is rather straightforward to follow on your Android or iOS device.

notion web clipper on mobile
IMAGE: Notion
  1. Open Notion and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the mobile browser/app/blog post that has the content you wish to save to your Notion workspace.
  3. Click on the share menu button and select Notion from the share options.
  4. Give a title to the link in the Title field.
  5. Click on Workspace and select the workspace you want to add this page in, and likewise, click on Add to to select where you want to put this link in your workspace.
  6. Click Save.

Saving Web Clippings to Notion Workspace

By incorporating web references into your Notion workspace, not only do you make your Notion pages more dynamic, but you also provide additional context to your entries. And in the process, create more comprehensible notes, task lists, databases, and wikis.

In this regard, Notion’s ability to help you capture any page from the internet into your workspace using Web Clipper is a pretty nifty feature, especially if you use the platform for anything and everything. Since now, you don’t have to juggle between apps to copy-paste items from the web to your Notion workspace.

So no matter what you use Notion for, we recommend including Web Clipper as part of your workflow to add web clippings to your Notion pages from the web.

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