As more and more businesses and consumers go online, companies are vying for the best spots online to increase their visibility, whether in search engines or on social media platforms. As a result, many companies are beginning to invest in online marketing to achieve this goal and, in turn, grow their business in the online space.

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Online marketing, also known as internet marketing, is vital to the growth of businesses online. It involves using various online channels to help you communicate your brand story to the masses and target the right audience for your product so that both your business and customers can benefit.

However, the traditional approach of hiring a digital marketing agency to market your business online isn’t practical for most businesses, especially if you’re a startup or don’t have enough cash flow. An alternative to this is to use marketing tools yourself.

However, despite the countless marketing tools available on the Internet, many tools lack functionality, while others overwhelm you with tons of options.

This is where Simplified comes in. It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that includes all the essential tools for running a successful marketing campaign while being cost-effective and user-friendly.

Let’s explore Simplified and all its features.

What is Simplified?

Simplified is an online tool that amalgamates all the essential content creation tools in one place to help you run a successful marketing campaign and promote your business online.

It includes thousands of professionally designed templates for all types of needs, from logos and stories to banners, posts, and headers, just to name a few. Moreover, Simplified also supports collaboration and integrates various social media channels to simplify your workflow even more.

So now you can do everything from designing and creating campaign content to collaborating with team members and publishing to various social media platforms all in one place. Best of all, all of this is easy to do with Simplified, so you do not have to learn the ropes.

What Features Does Simplified Offer?

Being an all-in-one marketing tool, Simplified offers you the following features:

  • Powerful editor (background remover, magic eraser, etc.)
  • Animation maker
  • Logo maker
  • Content rewriter
  • Long-form writer
  • Link shortener
  • Posts scheduler
  • Access to various assets in one tab
  • Free and customizable templates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Social media integration

What Can You Do With Simplified?

By putting the features listed above to use, here’s everything Simplified can help you do:

1. Design Marketing Content

simplified marketing campaign tool
IMAGE: Simplified

Simplified makes it really easy to create designs for your online marketing campaign. It takes a no-code approach that lets you design invitations, ads, social media posts, and much more with a few simple clicks. Moreover, the tool includes hundreds of customizable design templates for everything from stories and banners to logos, posts, headers, etc., so you can design creatives even without any design experience.

To top it all off, Simplified also lets you collaborate with your teammates on your ideas. This way, you can share ideas with your teammates and create more promising marketing content for your campaign.

2. Write More Engaging Copy

simplified ai copywriter
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One of the more challenging tasks in designing a marketing campaign is copywriting. However, it is an integral part of marketing where you need to write engaging content to promote your product and attract attention.

Simplified simplifies copywriting for your business with its AI-driven copywriter. First, you need to choose a template based on your product. After that, Simplified takes a few inputs from you and delivers a suitable text for it in a few seconds.

With this copywriter, you can create a text for an event promotion email, a Facebook ad, a Google ad, and an Amazon product listing, among others.

3. Create Videos for Your Product

simplified ai copywriter
IMAGE: Simplified

Since videos are an important part of the marketing strategy, Simplified ensures that your video needs are met on the platform. For instance, Simplified has an easy-to-use video creation tool onboard that offers a number of templates for different requirements, allowing you to either create a video yourself or generate one from existing footage.

Thus, you can simply choose a template from the collection and start working on your video right away without worrying about resizing or changing the video format.

Editing other aspects of the video is also easy. Most actions are displayed directly in the tool, so you don’t have to search for them first, and you can just tap on them to see the changes made to your video live.

4. Manage Your Social Media Accounts

simplified schedule calendar
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As an all-in-one marketing solution, Simplified lets you connect all your social media accounts. This way, you can post your content to different platforms right after you create it and never miss an opportunity to post.

Moreover, Simplified also lets you schedule content for the coming days in advance to avoid losing sight of your goals.

Simplified Pricing

simplified pricing
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As mentioned earlier, Simplified is one of the most affordable content marketing platforms currently available on the internet. It’s free to use for individuals looking for graphic design and video editing and offers 5 GB of total storage space.

However, if you’re a small team, Simplified offers you a small team plan that costs $12 per month and removes the limitations of the free plan with some additional features.

Larger companies can subscribe to the business plan for more storage and plans, which costs $24 per month. And for access to the full feature catalog, there’s the Growth plan, which costs $99 per month and has 500 GB of storage.

Run a Marketing Campaign Effortlessly With Simplified

A good marketing tool can help you create and manage a successful marketing campaign for your company’s product/service. It plays an important role in ensuring that your content reaches the desired audience and leaves an impression that leads to a conversion, thus contributing to the growth of your business.

While there are several tools that can help you with most of the tasks involved in managing a campaign, very few offer a complete solution – and the ones that do offer them in one place are either expensive or too complex, to begin with.

Simplified ensures that this is not the case with its tool. Many of the content creation features are free, and there is a paid plan that is not overly expensive. The best part is that it’s very user-friendly, so anyone – even with no design experience – can use it to create high-quality content, and there are tutorials all over the site showing how to do various things.

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